Sending US troops to Taiwan is ‘on the table,’ says top Republican

Sending US troops to Taiwan is 'on the table,' says top Republican

Fox News’ Aishah Hasnie hosts exclusive interview with House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul and reports on the delegation focused on arming Taiwan. #foxnews

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So speaker McCarthy and yourself have Said that multiple times now that we Need to arm Taiwan now before there's Any sort of invasion what about U.S Troops I think you know then you're Talking about an authorized use of Military force that would come out of my Committee or a declaration of war which We haven't you licensed World War II Would you support that I think if if China communist China invades Taiwan uh I think that is certainly if the American people support this the Congress will follow House Foreign Affairs chairman Michael McCall signaling he is open to sending American troops to fight in Taiwan Asha Hasni has the exclusive report from Taipei good morning Aisha Good morning to you Dana good to see you You know this is very different than What we heard right before the war on Ukraine when lawmakers were very adamant That there would absolutely be no U.S Troops no boots on the ground now we're Learning that this is very much a Possibility when it comes to Taiwan in My exclusive interview with chairman McCall he tells me that sending American Men and women to war is the last resort Conflict is the last resort to Terence Is key here but authorizing War Powers Is not out of the question So you're saying that the option to

Authorize War Powers is on the table if Communist China invaded Taiwan it would Certainly be on the table and something That would be discussed by Congress uh And with the American people are they Prepared to do this is Taiwan worth it I Can argue for a lot of reasons why it is It's been leading a three-day bipartisan Delegation to Taiwan focused on arming Taiwan to deter any moves by Beijing Today he met with taiwan's equivalent of House Speaker who told Fox he would Welcome U.S troops if China were to Invade the group will meet with President Sai later tonight who just met With house Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California and when I asked McCall why The speaker wasn't here in person on the Ground to meet with Zai here in Taiwan He told me that the reasoning behind That was sensitive but he did believe it There were plans in place for a visit in The future Dina Aisha in Taipei for us Thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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