Shocking new details emerge on Chinese spy flight

Shocking new details emerge on Chinese spy flight

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his concern surrounding Trump’s upcoming arraignment in NYC and new details regarding the Chinese spy flight. #FoxNews

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More in today's top story live look at Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan where President Trump will stay tonight ahead Of his arraignment tomorrow GOP Senator Marco Rubio warns this sets A dangerous precedent and he joins us Now good morning senator Hey good morning why do you say that Tell us explain that I watch it happen all the time in the Third world and in developing countries That you they use prosecutors to go After candidates we're talking about a Prosecutor who before he was elected Promised to indict Donald Trump who was Basically using the testimony of a Convicted liar to charge the leading Candidate for president against the President of his own party on the basis Of a state misdemeanor okay that has Already passed a two-year statute of Limitation and the way he does it is by Linking it to an alleged federal Election violation that the justice Department looked at and decided not to Prosecute and of course this is not in Isolation this comes after the first Impeachment ever of a sitting president Over a phone call the second impeachment Which is of a private citizen after he Was out of office an FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago an FBI director in the early Days of the Trump Administration that Leaked private conversations with the

President in order to get a special Prosecutor appointed I mean this is not One thing this is comes after a string Of things so I think he you look at that And you say this is being weaponized It's being used and now the precedent is Set now every state and local prosecutor In America who wants to make a name for Themselves is going to go out there and Say well who can I Target can I go after George W bush can I go after Barack Obama can I go after Joe Biden one day Can I who can I go after to get famous And I'll just make something up because All the partisans on my side will rally Behind me and it'll make me famous That's what this sets up Well let's see what the charges are We'll know tomorrow afternoon uh Senator Have you spoken to the former president Since the indictment was announced No I have not what uh a number of Republicans have and and have Reluctantly revealed a little bit about It do you think if if this does wind up Going to trial do you think the former President should uh testify in his own Behalf because Bill Barr's yesterday Said no Yeah I'm not yeah I'm not going to give Legal advice to the president of the United States uh like I said I'm not in A position to do that I would just say to you that you know my

Concerns go back to what I've said Before and that is the precedent that Sets for the country it was take first Side for a moment and I would be Uncomfortable if the the situation were Reversed and this was a conservative or A republican prosecutor going after some Political figure on the other side Because it doesn't just smell political It looks and look even Democrats are are Clearly some anyway are clearly Uncomfortable with this so some are Uncomfortable with it because they think It helps Trump others are uncomfortable With it because they understand that Once you cross these lines you know the Other side is going to respond these are Two-way streets in politics how many Norms in American politics okay have Been broken just over the last 10 years And every time one of those are broken You can't go back it now becomes normal For the and it becomes destructive and Poisonous Senator this way you're wrong You can smash you can clean out your Server you can smash your blackberry you Could do whatever you want if that's not Obstruction Hillary Clinton's got a Hundred and ten thousand dollar fine for The dossier never got any retribution or There was no hell to pay for her but I Want to bring it to another breaking News story as projected as you projected That spy blue and that flew across our

Country was an active spy balloon that The Chinese were getting real-time Intelligence from uh were able to Repeatedly go over our some of our sites Three officials says that there were Over our military sites we didn't shoot It down and they were going over it Would have been where had we not gone Out of our way to obstruct some of its View what could you tell us about the Spy balloon that we mysteriously allowed Across our country before shooting it Down Well look I can tell you without getting Into trouble by revealing classified Information I can tell you what common Sense already tells all of us and that Is you don't spend all this money and do Something as daring as that these spy Balloons you know I don't know what People thought these things were this is Not for some aerial America episode of The Smithsonian you know taking pictures Of the Heartland there's a reason why These things fly they fly over the Country to collect signals intelligence Part of it is a test to see whether they Can penetrate our airspace part of it is Frankly collecting uh intelligence in Real time video signals intelligence Still pictures fed back in real time and So forth that's what this was Listen to this Senator this is what Drives me nuts listen to Jenner because

Senator Kirby excuse me Admiral Kirby Listen We have no specific reason to suspect That they were conducting surveillance Of any kind the leading intelligence Community assessment is that they were Probably for benign purposes whether It's whether a commercial scientific Research does he really mean what he's Saying does he not think I don't know Why did he say that When when is that second comment from Because that second comment is a blatant Outright lie Yeah well he's that's a lie it was a lie In February it's a lie today in April That's just not true everybody knows That this was done for Espionage no one Believed I mean I don't know I've never Heard from anyone in the intelligence Community that this was for benign Purposes this if it was for benign Purposes then why don't we see more of Them flying around why if they were for Benign purposes there would have been no Reason for them ahead of time to notify Us hey this is happening you know that's Just a lie it's just not true I don't Understand how he could apologize They think we're all idiots Well I think this is a problem when Politics infuses National Security and Domestic politics infuses National Security again perhaps since that

February statement he's gone back and Retracted it or changed this point of View but the bottom line is it was a spy Balloon period end of story you can Argue well we spy on them you can argue Whatever you want but you cannot argue That this was anything other than a spy Balloon that is what it was you stood on The Senate Intel committee you are the Vice chair you're also an author you Have a new book coming out June 13th It's called Decades of decadence how our Spoiled Elites blew America's Inheritance of Liberty security and Prosperity tell us more about it Well basically if you look at where the World was after the end of the Cold War The United States was the world's sole Uh superpower that's probably Unsustainable but we had all kinds of Things going in our Direction and then We became complacent primarily because People forgot the source of our Greatness and we started sort of Abandoning these things and over time Our position in the world has continued To retreat the bottom line is this when You've had it so good for so long you Start to think it's all automatic you Start to think that it's all just going To self-sustain it and you don't have to Do anything and you forget how you got There in the first place meanwhile we Now have for the first time in 30 years

A near peer adversary in China that Intends to overtake us and not overtake Us by matching us overtaking us by Diminishing us even as they rise and we Continue to see it to this day in our Trade policy and our national security Policy and the way we're talking about The Spy balloon it's time to wake up We're in an era of conflict well Senator Thank you very much for allowing us to Reveal the cover of your new book Officially goes on sale June 13th I bet Folks could pre-order right about now They Thank you thank you so much for having Me on this morning I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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