Should America’s Relationship with China Change Based on Their Human Right Abuses?

Should America’s Relationship with China Change Based on Their Human Right Abuses?

Should America’s economic relationship with China change? Would a President DeSantis change America’s trading relationship with China because of their human rights abuses?

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On the China issue you spent quite a bit Of your speech talking about China it's Very interesting you said we win they Lose that has to be the approach um we Still you mentioned mfn status you we Still have most favored nation status Some people would argue that permanent Normal trade relations with China were One of the biggest uh mistakes or Perhaps World Trade Organization Assession and so forth um traditionally Human rights have been linked to trade Or trade has been linked to Human Rights Would you support that kind of an Approach I mean we have a situation Where the US government says that China Is committing at least one genocide you Know former uh former uh assistant Secretary of state will say there's Three so so how do we deal with this Human rights trade issue well first I Think just identifying what you said um That that those policies were with mfn And WTO those policies failed I mean Let's just be honest if you look at what Was you go read Bill Clinton's speech When he was uh signning the mfn and the WTO stuff and you you read what he said Almost everything he said turned out to Be bogus I mean almost none of it Actually happen and and China's used That wealth that we've basically Bequeathed to them to build up a very Powerful military so and yes I think

Human rights it's something that's good To stand for um you know I what is the Concrete interest I do think it it Informs a concrete interest because this Is one of the great weaknesses of the CCP uh what they're trying to export Around the world ultimately is something That is going to suffocate human Freedom Uh their vision is a dystopian vision And to the extent we're highlighting That not just in the political sphere But economic sphere I think that that's Important make no mistake if they end up The dominant power in this world if they Dominate the Indo Pacific and they Dominate Global Commerce they are going To be conditioning behavior for access To to their markets that they control uh And they and there's going to be a lot Of Americans that will gravel on Wall Street and and Hollywood they will they Already gravel but it will get much Worse and and you will feel this in your In your daily life if it gets to that Point uh in the next decade two decades Three decades

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