Socialist Bernie Sanders On Rashida Tlaib’s Call For Genocide Against Israel: “Very Complex Issue”

Socialist Bernie Sanders On Rashida Tlaib's Call For Genocide Against Israel: "Very Complex Issue"

Comments made on 11/5/23

I also understand and I know you know That words matter and I want to ask About what she said look no words matter But what matters more Donna is you have A horrible humanitarian disaster that Has to be dealt with right now you call Whatever you want to call it it has to Be dealt with women and children cannot Be bombed with 2,000 pound bombs and we Need the entire world she says from The River To The Sea when she says from The River To The Sea which the ADL says is Anti-Semitic she says it's aspirational But the ADL says it is anti-Semitic do You want her to stop using terms like That others and others oh you know not What I want on anything else this is What you got President Obama just said The other day I think quite correctly And we all got to deal with it this Enormously complex issue and slogans Like The River To The Sea if if that Means the destruction of Israel that's Not going to work people who saying Israel right or wrong where for you all The way that's not going to work This is a horrendously conflict say you Got a right-wing government in Israel Which is racist and the People by the Way the good news is last poll I saw Only 18% of the people of Israel want Netanyahu to stay in office I hope they Get rid of him I hope they put in a Government which understands the

Severity of the crisis and can help us Move to the two-tier state senator and On the other hand in terms of Hamas you Got a terrorist organization that cannot Be trusted for a minute this is as President Obama said a very complex Issue

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