Son of Hamas leader: US doing this could prevent World War III

Son of Hamas leader: US doing this could prevent World War III

Mosab Hassan Yousef, who is the son of a Hamas founding leader, joined ‘FOX & Friends’ to discuss why it is necessary for the U.S. to pressure Egypt to open the border crossing and the latest on the Israel-Hamas war. #FOXNews

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Let's bring in maab he's the son of Founding member of Hamas and author of Son of Hamas he grew up in that Environment went to prison uh realized That he wanted a different life and is Now here to give us Insight on Hamas and The organization the Israelis hope to Take apart uh first off M great to see You I'm wondering did you know the guy They just uh that we just took out that Israel just took Out I didn't know him Personally how significant is is This uh not a high profile I think he's Important because he was part of the Operation on October 7th but we are Looking for the big names Muhammad uh and other Hamas top leaders When we start and I think soon we are Going to start hearing about uh their Names down well and I hope just like uh Dominoes right well this guy was Important because in addition to one of The directors of the October 7th attack He also was one of the guys in charge of Their uh what they refer to as their Aerial forces he helped develop drones And paragliders which of course famously Were used on October the 7th most Of look I I commend I commend all the Warriors right now on the ground they Are brave they are fighting on our Behalf on my behalf on your behalf on The on behalf of the Free World they are

Courageous uh and we give them all the Support that they need this is good Progress okay we have pause but we have Lots of work to do indeed and uh now uh We need a very strong Siege we need a Siege then we need somehow to put Pressure on the Egyptian government so They can open the border for the gazans To just depart I don't care if they Depart for good they can go for good we Don't need Gaza there you know Gaza is a Big refugee camp that was supposed to be Demolished 70 years ago but they KT at The hope that we're given by the United Nation and the Arab countries and this Is how we have this crisis right now at This moment we have War civilians are There wrong place instead of the United Nation blaming everybody and saying a Humanitarian crisis they should allow The civilians evacuate Egypt have to open the has to open the Borders the United States must put Pressure apply tremendous pressure on The Egyptian government to open the Freaking border you know the United States give Egypt in military aid close To $1.3 billion from the taxpayer money Every year they can put some pressure Israel cannot put pressure on Egypt but I think the United States can let all The Palestinians who are in the Gaza Strip evacuate immediately so Israel can Do the job correctly and eradicate this

Barbaric organization M you you you I I Hear the frustration in your voice and Your point is duly noted because as you Know Hamas is using all the civilians That is there as human Shields but I Want to go back into the organization Because I also heard your frustration There what you're saying is that this Guy will be easily replaced uh most of The leaders don't live on the Goda strip They're not even there so can you Explain to our audience what the Organization structure is of Hamas okay this this guy belongs to the Military Wing but Israel is not only Going against the military military Wing Uh on the Gaza front trust me as we Speak right now we have a dozen of Intelligence services around the globe Including Arab intelligence services That they are on the tail of Hamas Leaders abroad especially the political Wing and sooner or later they are going To be brought to Justice they're not Going to get away with this but the Gaza Front is the most significant front Right now because there are civilians Involved there are hostages involved and We have to move slowly so every day you Are going to hear about those guys we Will eradicate them I'm sure Israel is Determined and it has the power but we Cannot move in very fast we have to Apply

Unbreachable uh Siege and for long Enough to deplete Hamas to deprive them To starve them we have to cut every mean Of life from them then after that we can Move faster but as of now we cannot risk More lives more Israeli soldiers lives By pushing them uh towards suicidal Group you have to move slowly Soab um you're you're for the slow Maneuver not the D-Day type Invasion but A slow Mane maneuver forward yeah They're about 2 miles in and yesterday Uh they freed one hostage I can imagine She's going to talk the other hostages That they release are talking do you Think that the best way to get the Hostages out is to move the IDF In look the best way to do is to work Silently and collect intelligence this Is what we need we need Information the moment we have Information it doesn't matter even if They are 20 miles away there will be a Special force going behind the Enemy Lines it doesn't matter where they are And we will get to the hostages but most Importantly we need intelligence it's Good that we are on the ground because This gets us closer to Target and I hope That within the next days or weeks we Will have good news and I'm sure Israel Doing everything they can to bring those Hostages back to their families you you Mentioned the top commanders you named

Them Where are They well senoir most likely is under Alifa Hospital some 30 m in deep in the Sand which sand is very resilient to Bombing it's not easy to get to him and In order to kill him probably we will Have to uh uh destroy the entire Hospital but he's he's not going to hide Forever you know we're coming after him Uh Army angels of heavens and earth are After those uh uh terrorists and Barbaric uh people we are going to Eradicate them There Is No Escape Right There Is No Escape it doesn't matter Even if he escapes Gaza we are going After him everybody knows mosab uh the IDF says in the last day they struck 300 Targets including anti-tank missile and Rocket launch posts which were below Shafts they say as well as mil military Compounds inside underground tunnels Belonging to the Hamas terrorist Organization so the IDF is down in the Tunnels and apparently it sounds like The militants are responding they're Shooting uh anti-tank missiles and Machine gun fire at the IDF the question for for you regarding This is knowing what you do about Hamas they you know when you're down in The tunnels are those tunnels booby Trapped uh are people wearing belt bombs Like we saw with Al-Qaeda and Isis I

Mean what do IDF soldiers have to worry About when they're down in that Hole well first of all they have uh uh Different types of tels uh the IDF Talking about most likely offensive Tunnels those are the closer tunnels to The Israeli border this type of tunels Hamas use for or uh they uh constructed With the goal to deploy their members Behind the enemy line in case of Israel Invasion so now this is the job of the Idea and this why they have to move Slowly because we need to discover all These tunnels and I think without Revealing so much uh the IDF has Technology they have technology to Detect and be able to at least cut the Snake in small parts if they are not Able to cut the head we can cut the Snake in small parts which will not Allow Hamas to escape those tunnels so We can trap them in those T tunnels not Having to say much about this so now the Target is the offensive tunels later on Is going to be a lot more complicated Which is the defensive tunnels those are The ones under the populated areas hence I say the United States must put Pressure on Egypt to open the Border we Need all the civilians out so we can Have the freedom to eradicate them but Massab is it just getting the civilians Out I mean knowing what you know about The organization knowing what you know

About the tunnel structure knowing that There's going to be a lot of HR H hos Rescu can Israel do it without the United States help on the ground as Well of course not you of course not and The United States whether we like it or Not we are part of this war yeah because If we don't show Power you know we we are going to be Next you in fact this Hamas Iran Russia Is aiming at the United States through Israel so we all realize this problem in Fact I would like to see more presence Of the United States more military Presence I'm not talking about military Action there is a big difference between Having the presence that we are here we Are ready and if you dare to launch a Missile from Iran or from hisbah we are Going to hit you and we're going to hit You very hard so this just waving the Stick I'm not saying to take part uh Could prevent us from original War could Prevent us from World War III yeah but The problem is we're not hitting back at All we've been attacked 23 times in Iraq And in Syria is that a problem in the World that you Left sorry I did not understand the Question we've been hit in our bases in Iraq and in Syria multiple times 23 Times we've only answered back once is That a problem in the land that you left Well for the time being let's stay uh in

The high waters let's stay in the sea I'm not saying ground uh uh bases and Moving on the ground let's say on the High seas show them the American Might yep that would be great masab uh Hassan YF thanks so much for joining us Today uh we'll call on you again Appreciate it

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