Speaker Mike Johnson: What you see is a unified team

Speaker Mike Johnson: What you see is a unified team

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss the unity within the GOP House moving forward.

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Here with a sneak peek We Begin tonight With the speaker of the house let's give A warm welcome to your new speaker Mike [Applause] Johnson W well I certainly know my place in the People's house because you got a much Better reception than I did that's not True if they had SE before you you're a Rockar here and welcome back to the House thank you for having us back and Having us back so quickly I I think this Is important for all the reasons I Mentioned before we get to that let's go To the news the evening uh the censuring Of congresswoman TB the expulsion of George Santos those two things did not Happen tonight they didn't it was Resolved on the floor and we allow the Members to vote their conscience on that Um it's it's important for us to beat The Democrats on policy there's a lot of Issues that are before us us right now But um you know there is a view here That if you go down that road and you Begin to censor one another you you kind Of open a Pandora's Box um a lot of Members of Congress say a lot of really Foolish things a lot of talk show Hosting there is well that too that too Not you of course um but but listen we Uh we have very serious business very Serious matters in front of us I Wouldn't change a word of your opening

There you're exactly right on all those Agenda items and what you see right here Is a unified team we are ready to get to Work stick together I hope the the uh Cameras will pan this audience to see The faces of all the leaders here They're ready to work for the American People let me ask you and we can we do Have the ability to pan the audience and Please raise your hands if you if you Want to answer is it possible on these Issues that we're talking about be it Border security or Israel or we're Talking about energy Independence or Law And Order I mean can you all unite Together do you all agree that you'll Succeed together or fail Together all agree Now with a slim majority that is going To be a a really difficult challenge it Is but we're building this on teamwork And trust and that's what this group has In common here they're ready to get to Work I tell you what we all went home For the weekend well I didn't but some Did they got to go home for the weekend To to be in their districts and you if You talk to people individually they'll Tell you there's a real sense of Excitement in the base uh people are Believing again they they're hopeful About the future and the people in this Room Are We Believe America's best days Are ahead of us we're going to get

Through these Biden Years and we're Going to turn this country around and That work begins right now we're ready To do it Mr Speaker let me go to the FBI Director Ry yesterday and a very dire Warning about National Security and Threats to our homeland let's play that Tape the ongoing war in the Middle East Has raised the threat of an attack Against Americans in the United States To a whole another level we assess that The actions of Hamas and its allies will Will serve as an inspiration the likes Of which we haven't seen since Isis Launched its so-called caliphate several Years ago in just the past few weeks Multiple foreign terrorist organizations Have called for attacks against Americans and the West here in the United States our most immediate concern Is that violent extremists individuals Or small groups will draw inspiration From the events in the Middle East to Carry out attacks against Americans Going about about their daily Lives now that's the FBI director Ray And then he was asked the question if Our country is safer under President Biden we call it in television and radio Dead air yeah he didn't answer for Nearly 10 seconds it's a long period of Time I think that was very revealing What do you make of that answer um what He just described there is completely

Foreseeable it's related exactly to our Border I mean it's an abject failure the Biden Administration the most glaring Example of its failures uh the failures Of the whole Administration and what's Happening at the border and so we've had It open for almost three years now we've Had millions and millions of people come In and also known terrorists and so it Would not be surprising to us if Terrorist cells are setting up shop Around the country we have been everyone In this room has been jumping up and Down saying everything that we can to We're blue in the face secure the Border That's what the American people want It's a top priority of ours but it has Not been for the White House well then Let me play tape and this would be Joe Biden and kamla Harris and Karine Jean Pierre and circleback Jens Saki and Secretary mayorcas they have been Telling us for three long years that the Border is secure and the border is Closed now we have an estimated 8 Million illegal immigrants that I would Argue Joe Biden not only didn't enforce A law but he was aiding in a betting and Allowing this all to happen and and Anyway so this is them for the last Three years they've been telling the American people This sounds to most folks like a crisis Well look it's way down now we've now

Got in control precisely that the border Is closed nor could I have been clear And continue to be so which is the Border is closed the United States will Continue to enforce our laws and secure Our border the Border um we are working To make the Border more secure you're Confident this Border's secure We Have a secure Border in that that is a Priority for Any Nation including ours And our Administration we agree that uh The border is Secure all right have they been lying to Us for three years they have everyone in The country knows that that's not true They can see it with their own two eyes Thankfully fox has had correspondents Down there on that border since all this Began and we've seen it with our own two Eyes all of us in this room have been to The border we've seen it ourselves the The human tragedy that has become the Border and I told mayorcas when he was In the house Judiciary Committee many Months back I said I'm not sure what You've done at that department other Than great harm I mean it's inexcusable What he's done I believe he's committed Impeachable offenses but we only have so Much time and resources to go after that All right well you're going to stay with Us for the full hour let's invite hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to

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