‘Squad’ Democrat Rashida Tlaib defends antisemitic, pro-Palestine ad

'Squad' Democrat Rashida Tlaib defends antisemitic, pro-Palestine ad

‘FOX & Friends’ co-hosts weigh in after far-left Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib highlighted the antisemitic chant ‘from the river to the sea’ in a recent political ad condemning President Biden’s support for Israel. #FoxNews

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But there was one other chant and and This uh this particular chant was heard On the streets of Washington and New York and from a member of Congress the Chant is from The River To The Sea Palestine will be free and it's Anti-semitic because it implies from The River To The Sea it's from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea they Would wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and here's the thing congresswoman Uh TB from the great state of Michigan Used that and got some blowback watch This Mr President the American people Are not with you on this [Music] One we will remember in [Music] 2024 well produce well finan good job uh You're watching a civil war on the left Because Lawrence Bernie Sanders was Asked to condemn this these remarks he Didn't uh we have uh Talib uh say which He's saying and uh Omar did not condemn This and japal did not condemn these Remarks against their own president That's what happens when you weaponize This woke uh victim ideology it blows up In your face doesn't it yeah yeah the Problem is Brian it's just not wokeism Now I mean they're they're advocating For the annihilation of jewels these are Hate crimes The rhetoric are directly from radical

Islam um and pretty soon we're going to Understand exactly what they mean um one Of our producers here was telling me a Story uh he lives about 10 minutes away From the local synagogue it was Surrounded by Pro Palestinian protesters Pro Hamas supporters that are there if It's not about Jews if it's not about The people then why are you surrounding A synagogue please explain to me how That's okay what would happen if you Surrounded a mosque what would be the Reaction toward that pretty soon we have To take all of these folks that are Having the Hamas flag saying to the River from The River To The Sea at their Words they want to an they want to Annihilate Jews that it's just that Plain and simple do you know what was Also in that spot Lawrence there was Also the shot of the hospital which Islamic Jihad blew up it's been debunked That it was the the IDF and she put it In the 3 second spot condemning her Democratic President yeah because we know where she Stands I mean she she's not koi of where She stands I don't think we should be Koi as well another person who wasn't uh Koy was Senator Bernie Sanders and he Refused to condemn her Watch there are credible reports from Agencies across the world and uh you Know the united we are hurdling towards

The towards the genocide of Palestinians That is not an isolated view what's Going on right now is a horror show we Don't have to quibble about words Thousands of men women and children are Being killed it has got to end right now Well somebody on the uh on the left did Uh chastise her and that would be Representative Alisa slotkin she's the Only Jewish member of the delegation From the great state of Michigan she Said regarding the from The River To The Sea she said if I knew that a phrase I Had used had hurt any of my constituents I would apologize retract it no matter Its origin I ask the same of you yeah And a very notable position from Senator Bernie Sanders who is of course a Jewish American himself and at the the last Little bit of what um prela jaul said is That she says we are hurdling towards The genocide of Palestinians I think a Good follow-up question for her there Would be well then how do you explain The fact that Israel has dropped Hundreds of thousands of Flyers sent 6 Million text messages to Palestinians Telling them to leave and if you don't You're taking your own life into and They set up a corridor for them to to Get out and it's up to Egypt to open up The Rafa pass in order to get them Through the gate we've gotten 300 Americans who are in Gaza out there's

More I think at least 100 right right Another 100 one of the problems with uh The situation in Gaza City though is We've heard from the IDF that people who Got the leaflets got the text message Got the phone call they tried to leave And then the Hamas people are shooting At them so they got to stay in their House so right but you know there's some Great video out there there's some great Video out there that shows exactly them Popping up from the tunnels right inside The hospital you see where they've been Targeted right into the tunnel so you Know there is a 2,000 bomb uh bomb that Was dropped I get it it was a bunker Buster because there's a Subterranean Subway down beneath uh down beneath full Of homas killers but for the most part They've been extremely disciplined in Their targeting inde Well also Brian I think it's important To note that some of the people that are There still stand with Hamas as well so I mean we've have reporters on the Ground to get these people and talk to Them and they they're supposed to be Moderns but their rhetoric is not Moderate uh moderated at all that's Important to know when we're talking About these people yeah they don't wear Jerseys uh they just they dress like Civilians but they're really Killers I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme and I'm mey

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