SQUATTERS STRIKE AGAIN: Landlord shocked after unknown tenants take over home

SQUATTERS STRIKE AGAIN: Landlord shocked after unknown tenants take over home

Toledo landlord Jeff Savage speaks to ‘Fox & Friends’ about his fight to remove squatters from one of his properties. #foxnews

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[Music] Welcome back well squatters strike again This time in Toledo Ohio local landlord Jeff Savage had just finished evicting a Tenant from his property last week and Then he renovated it when he returned to Find another family living inside with The locks changed Jeff Savage joins us Now Jeff I I I saw you say you never Thought this would happen to me yet it Did um a new family just walked in Changed the locks and took over your House Correct I it was normally eviction Court Dat I went to the home two weeks prior Everything was gone I assumed I would Just get to the house you know put put The lock box on the door my crew would Go in turn it over and we'd put the new Renter in I went to the house the locks Had been changed I called our Toledo Police they came out talked to the I Guess you want to call them the the Tenants the new tenants and they came Out to see me at the front curb and told Me that they had squatter's rights which Is the first first for me I've got about 500 rentals in Toledo and this never Happened to me before I never heard of Squatters right so uh I had to drive Home from a property that I own that I Pay property taxes on Wow while the Squatters got to stay there and they're Still there to this day so I'm in

Eviction court again evicting people I Don't even know with no lease no Utilities in their name and and uh here I sit non-paying tenants as you have to Go through the legal process to get them Evicted which I'm told takes 30 to 45 Days hopefully it is Swift for you Jeff We we're really short on time but we're Glad you joined us thank you hopefully You spotlighting this issue prevents Other people from having to go through It uh Jeff Savage thank you for your Time thank you you got it I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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