Steve Hilton fact-checks Fauci: ‘It all makes sense now’

Steve Hilton fact-checks Fauci: 'It all makes sense now'

‘The Next Revolution’ host calls out Dr. Fauci’s lies after his latest interview with The New York Times. #FoxNews

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So earlier this week the New York Times Ran an interview with whinging Lord Fauci under the headline something Clearly went wrong which believe it or Not is a direct quote from fauci about The handling of the pandemic except According to Saint Tony of the NIH Everything that went wrong was someone Else's fault so let's do a little fouchy Fact check shall we first he blamed Political divisiveness for people Ignoring fundamental Public Health Principles so it's your fault peasants But then almost immediately afterwards He noted that nearly every country did Poorly even those with no political Divisiveness so the great man of science Sorry the man who is science is all over The place right from the start then he Tries to wriggle out of responsibility For shutting down the economy in closing Schools because it wasn't his decision But nearly all the people who did make The decisions hung on his every word Which of course he relentlessly Encouraged look at the self-regarding Relish with which he became the face of The pandemic and listen to what he Actually said Any state that is having a serious Problem that state should seriously look At shutting down so clearly in certain Circumstances particularly in areas Where there's Community spread the

Schools should be closed but if you Physically separate people to the point Of not allowing the virus to transmit And the only way to do that is by Draconian means of essentially shutting Down a country we know that we can do That if we shut down we did not shut Down entirely and that's the reason why When we went up we started to come down And then we plateaued And now in one of the most chilling Remarks of the entire interview fauci Describes arguments about getting Vaccinated or not as extraordinary what They force children to get vaccinated Which for most was totally unnecessary As Dr J battachary amongst others has Argued here many times Dr J also quite Rightly argued against vaccine mandates Because the vaccines don't prevent Infection or transmission yet fauci Calls that argument extraordinary a Remark which Reveals His frighteningly Totalitarian mindset his attempt Enforced by the media and we now know Government-directed big Tech censorship To crush dissent and manufacture fake Consensus it's one of the most appalling Aspects of the entire fauci Fiasco Moving on in this interview fauci makes Another flip-flop on masks he starts off Saying started off the pandemic saying They didn't work so don't wear them then It was all masks all the time now he

Says they're 10 effective but really do Work well if you wear a well-fitted n95 Religiously which is basically Impossible for most people in any case Studies are now showing that religious Masking even in clinical settings like Hospital did little to stop the spread Of covid and actually may have raised The risk of stillbirths testicular Dysfunction and wait for it Cognitive decline but I guess it all Makes sense now doesn't it Fauci was asked if it was a mistake to Prioritize young and relatively healthy Healthcare workers over the elderly come On he says mistake is such a Charged Word yeah it is that's the point you Accept mistakes and learn from them but Fouch you won't he still says his Approach was a sound principle of course It wasn't from the beginning back in March 2020 when nearly everyone else was Running around screaming for lockdowns We said protect the vulnerable and we Were right fouchy was wrong as all the Data shows the elderly were magnitudes More likely to die from the virus than Those who are younger He's an absolutely outrageous Whopper From fauci on the vaccines fauci says we Should have communicated better that Vaccines don't prevent infectional Transmission because quote the trials Were only powered to look at the effect

On symptomatic disease exactly He knew from the start that the vaccines Didn't stop transmission so why on Earth Did he say stuff like this When you get vaccinated you not only Protect your own health that of the Family but also you contribute to the Community Health by preventing the Spread of the virus throughout the Community in other words you become a Dead end to the virus That is not poor communication Dr fauci That's called lying On the origins of the pandemic he says We really should have been much much More attentive to protocols and training And restrictions oh really so why is it That after the HHS inspector General's Report found multiple oversight failures By fault you funded Eco Health Alliance Failures that prevented new biosafety Measures from bringing enacted measures That could have stopped the pandemic Voucher's agency gave them yet another Grant to continue their Reckless virus Research after completely Misrepresenting the findings of the Intelligence agencies and the FBI on Whether the virus was engineered Laughably musing that a lab worker might Have picked up the pandemic virus in the Field a virus that was many magnitudes More infectious than anything previously Seen in nature without she ludicrously

Claims that his virus experiments could Not have possibly turned into covert Because quote the viruses they studied Were evolutionarily so far from SARS Cove too but that contradicts the Already dread bear defense published by His own agency remember this chart we Showed you the other week the Niaid's own document shows that the Wuhan lab was working on the bat virus That's the perfect match for the Pandemic virus they just claim they Didn't pay for it on top of that fauci Preposterously states that anybody who Knows anything about virology would Agree Tell that to Dr Richard ebright from Rutgers one of the world's leading Virologists who has systematically Debunked all of fauci's claims and then Finally fat she goes back to his Original justification anyway saying This research was important to help Prepare for future outbreaks which is Exactly what he said 12 years ago that Generating a potentially dangerous virus In the laboratory is a risk worth taking Well he took the risk and we paid the Price and now instead of even the Tiniest hint of responsibility or Accountability we get this interview a Brazen farago of lies evasions and Distortions stay with us much more up Ahead

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