Student who escaped Iran disturbed by liberal classmates

Student who escaped Iran disturbed by liberal classmates

Iranian immigrant and GWU law student Tahmineh Dehbozorgi joined ‘FOX & Friends’ to discuss her take on anti-Israel sentiment gaining traction in schools nationwide. #FOXNews

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George Washington University law student And dissident project speaker joins us Now Tamina uh is here with us Tamina Thanks so much for joining the program So you know this all too well I guess What is your message to the college Students out there today that are simply Buy the Propaganda you know being a college Student at George Washington University Is a great privilege it Bears the name Of our first President George Washington No Jewish student should feel unsafe at A campus that bears the name of George Washington as someone who has escaped a Government that supports acts of Violence that you're now seeing right Now being uh poured in Israel uh by Hamas I think it's really disturbing That students at American college Campuses are not only supporting but Also are engaging these anti-semitic Rhetoric their violence against their Classmates they justify killing of their Families in Israel I think that is Really unacceptable however it's not Surprising because in the past decade Academia has been a place where uh these IDE ideas have been uh supported and Endorsed yeah and and we're showing Footage from George Washington where It's saying glory to our moders I mean It's it's using the talking points of a But I want you to dig deeper into what

These professors are doing because There's a lot of parents that are Watching this saying I don't know what Happened to my child I sent them uh away Loving all people and now they hate the Jews we've seen that professors on Campuses like Yale and Harvard they've Been not only complicit but have also Endorsed very similar messages students Uh right now they don't really know who Are the real players in this War uh it's Not Israel versus Palestine this is Really about good versus evil Hamas is a Terrorist Oran organization that has Killed millions of civilians and is Backed by government uh like Islamic Republic of Iran they have no sympathy For the liberal values that we uphold Very dearly in these in this country and We see that in Academia these students Are taught to hate these Western values That we hold really dear so to me that's Not surprising because when you see that That rhetoric is taught and endorsed by Professors and Academia obviously Students are going to be sympathetic to Extremist groups like Hamas someone that knows all about this That is opposing it but you should read Her full opit about this it's really Interesting stuff go to to See that Tamina thanks so much for Getting up early this morning to be with Us thank you so much for having me you


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