Students stage walk-out in this liberal county over bathroom policies

Students stage walk-out in this liberal county over bathroom policies

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin joins ‘FOX & Friends’ to discuss the Loudoun County School District’s liberal gender policies that prompted student protests and state Republicans’ efforts to secure House and Senate. #FoxNews

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Listen to this there's growing backlash Over school bathrooms once again down in Lowden County Virginia as students Staged a walk out in protest against the District's Progressive policy that Allows non-binary gender fluid and Transgender children to use bathrooms or Locker rooms based on their chosen Gender they can go anywhere they want uh Students call that policy some students Call it a massive safety risk but They're being they say they're being Completely ignored by school officials Well let's talk to the governor of the Great state the Commonwealth of Virginia Glenn yunan joins us right now Governor Good morning to You good morning thank you for having me And I appreciate you covering this this Is the exact same School Division that Covered up two sexual assaults of young Women by the same perpetrator to the Point where the school superintendent Was not only indicted but also fired This is the same school system that just Recently did not disclose for 20 days Nine fentanyl overdoses in one high School and it's the same school system That has failed to adopt by law our Model policies which make it very clear That locker rooms should be uh Determined to buy one's biological sex Sport should be determined by one's Biological sex and now they have

Students staging a walk out they're not Listening to students they're not Listening to parents and I have I have a Real sense that they don't listen to Anybody other than their Progressive Right friend Progressive left friends Indeed and you know it was just uh it Was two years ago when the whole country Started listenting to Virginia and you Famously became governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia running on Education and uh people should be able To listen to their to their parents uh They should have an input into the kids We did Reach Out Governor to the lden County Public Schools we haven't heard Back yet is there anything you can do at The at the state Level Well for first of all we we we issued Model policies across the entire Commonwealth that outline very clearly That all students all students must be Ensured dignity respect safety and Privacy and in this case we have a large Group of students who are standing up Saying you are not respecting our Privacy and our safety and again this is A school system that has demonstrated That they are willing to hide things When bad things happen and that is just Unacceptable and therefore I expect the Same kinds of results that we've seen in Counties all over Virginia where in fact

They have to comply with our model Policies there isn't a choice here we Have issued them in accordance with our Code they have to adopt them and I fully Expect Lowden County will hold a will Hold a board meeting and adopt them and Let's just be clear elections are on Tuesday right and the entire lden County School Board is up for election on Tuesday and I encourage the lden County Voters get out and make your voice heard Because it's time to elect a new school Board in Lowden County you know and it Was just 24 months ago Governor that uh The Commonwealth of Virginia was run by Democrats State House the governor's Mansion the house the Senate Republicans You you are now a republican governor For the state Republicans run the house And now your big charge is trying to Flip the Senate as well how how good are The chances that you can actually pull That off Well we have a ton of momentum going Into the final day of voting on Tuesday And you're exactly right just 24 months Ago Virginia was totally controlled by The progressive left and the state was Was lost and in 24 short months I Believe Common Sense conservative Policies have allowed it to be found uh We have record job growth uh 230,000 More Virginia working today than just 22 Months ago we've backed the blue we

Stood up for parents and and and Reestablished excellence and education We've reduced taxes with tax relief of5 Billion doar which is a record level for The Commonwealth of Virginia we've gone To work implementing what we promised And that's why I feel very strongly that As we head into the final day of voting On Tuesday November 7th uh we are going To hold our house and flip our Senate But these races are incredibly tight and We need to get everybody out to vote and That's why we've been working so hard on Early voting I think we need to make Sure that Republicans get off the side Lines we had 500,000 people that voted For me and and Jason Miis and winom Sears our great general attorney general And lieutenant governor in 2021 that Didn't turn up and vote in the midterms In 2022 so we got to make sure Everybody's gotten off the sidelines We've had really good take up on early Voting and now we have to get everybody Out on Election Day Tuesday November 7th And let's hold our house and flip our Senate and finish the work because what Happens in Virginia will have Repercussions across the country and That is why I am going to join you at The Jukebox Diner in Manasses on Election day I'll see you then Governor I really look forward to it and Everybody in Virginia get out and

Vote there you go all right Governor Thank you very much see you Tuesday I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Airhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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