‘Swing and a miss’: Even liberal commentators are knocking Trump indictment

'Swing and a miss': Even liberal commentators are knocking Trump indictment

OutKick founder Clay Travis joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss why the indictment is an ‘outrageous embarrassment’ and how the media has reacted to the Trump charges. #FoxNews

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This is a guy who has acted lawlessly His whole life are you guys sick of Talking about this already I mean this Is unprecedented there is something Quite different about him from almost Everyone else over the years in both Parties who's faced these kind of Charges he has been proud of it he talks Like a mob boss this is a man who has Thwarted the law who has polarized the Country and is diminishing our system of Rule of law Members of the media not hiding their Excitement over Trump's arraignment Yesterday even as they admit D.A Bragg's Case has legal challenges Here's where we're going to run into Legal problems because the indictment Does not say what that second crime is Which is completely inexplicable to me There's the facts and the law the the Facts is laid out today could be a Compelling argument but before they even Get there they're going to have to Overcome the legal issues for question One what is the crime if I had to Characterize it it's disappointment I Had hoped that there would be more in The indictment here to react is out kick Founder clay Travis Clay what is your Reaction to that what is the crime that Second crime is not listed You're right it's not in the indictment I think it's an outrageous embarrassment

I think Alvin Bragg should be ashamed of His legal work I think everyone in New York District Attorney's Office should As well and there's several things Ainsley uh that I think are significant Here first of all we've never seen this Happen in 240 years of American History So if you're going to break that Long-standing precedent of not charging Political candidates of not charging Presidents or former presidents or Leading nominees for the presidency you Need it to be a slam dunk case where Everybody looks at it and says okay this Is of such a significant stake that Let's break everything in the Presidential past for 240 years this Case is not that a crime hasn't even Been alleged here and I think this is Important for everybody out there to Understand this is a misdemeanor for Almost all charges that Alvin Bragg is Seeing the majority of them right now in New York City he is lowering felony These two misdemeanors to treat actual Criminals with more leniency than they Deserve hear what he is doing is the Exact opposite he is trying to elevate a Misdemeanor which has a two-year statute Of limitations and has already played Out to a felony that potentially would Have five years now that statute of Limitations might still be in play also Because it's more than five years since

These incidents happen but this is a Sham prosecution this is political Ainsley it feels to me like D.A Bragg is The biggest contributor to Donald Trump's political career in his entire Life because Bragg may be pushing him Right back into the Republican Nomination almost without a challenge And into the White House and one other Thing that I think is significant here Uh Ainsley Bragg even in his defense of These charges to me was incredibly weak Now I hope that Trump can rise to the Level of not Petty grievance and anger And frustration which I think Characterized a lot of what he said last Night but talk about the historical Record here and why what is happening to Him is such an outrageous indictment and Attack upon free and fair elections in America if Trump can make this and I Know this is always a challenge a story About something other than Trump I think He's going to be the next president of The United States really yeah I mean it Appears that the law is being Manipulated to go after a political Opponent but when you watch some other Networks 100 CNN's calling it the Super Bowl Rachel maddowell was on last night She normally just works Monday she came In last night and she did not she didn't Even air Trump's speech at Mar-A-Lago What's your reaction

Well I think that of course MSNBC is a Sham Network that embarrasses its Viewers and is mostly watched and led by Idiots but it's also an outrageous Failure of basic news not to cover Trump's speech when he has been charged With the first felonies in the history Of our Republic for someone in the Presidential race or a former president I think the public deserves to hear what He's going to say even if you don't like It but it's par for the course there and I think frankly Ainsley this is the Biggest story even far left-wing legal Commentators people who have wanted Donald Trump on uh the stand charged With crime since the moment he came down That escalator in 2015 even they looked At this indictment and said this is an Embarrassment Alvin Bragg swung and Missed he came at the king and he missed Which is something you never want to do Clay always good to see you thank you For coming on and you can check out Clay's website outkick.com to see what's Clicking on outkick thank I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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