Taliban kills ISIS leader responsible for deadly Kabul airport bombing

Taliban kills ISIS leader responsible for deadly Kabul airport bombing

The Pentagon confirmed the U.S. was not involved in an operation that killed the ISIS-K leader responsible for murdering 13 U.S. service members in a blast during the Afghanistan withdrawal. #FoxNews

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Also breaking this morning the Taliban Killing the suspected Isis Mastermind Behind the Kabul Airport attack that Left 13 U.S service members dead during The Biden administration's withdrawal From Afghanistan in August of 2021. the Pentagon saying quote the United States Was not involved in this operation our Thoughts and prayers remain with the Families of our 13 service members lost At Abby gate whose courageous service And sacrifice for our nation will always Be remembered Do you sleep easier at night knowing That the Biden Administration for all Intents and purposes is relying on the Taliban to fight the war on terror think About the statement that I just said Think about the statement that I just Read With that statement even be conceivable In the days weeks and months following 9 11. think about that for a moment how Far has our country gone on the International stage that we're taking a Victory lap and by we of course I mean The Biden Administration I'm not of Course talking about the families of These service members I'm not talking About the majority of Americans I'm Talking about the Biden Administration Taking a Victory lap for the Taliban Killing an Isis leader basically saying Hey look it looks like we were right for

Leaving Afghanistan you were not right The way that you handled it that led the Taliban which is still our enemy don't Let them fool you which let the Taliban Take control of this country you're Taking credit for this because they Killed an Isis leader this whole thing Is sickening and it should sicken every Single American yeah and I I hear this It makes me sick to my stomach but then You got to refer back to that 12-page Report that gives what three four course Of a page to each of those service Members killed they they clearly didn't Care then they didn't care when this Happened and they don't care now we have Those pictures of those service men and Women right in front of us let's Remember and never forget their Sacrifice these are kids and they went Out there to defend their Nation to Honor their nation and they were killed Because of a horrific policy that the Bite Administration is now trying to Take credit for let that sink in

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