Ted Cruz: Democrats are ‘laying out the red carpet’ for terrorists

Ted Cruz: Democrats are 'laying out the red carpet' for terrorists

Texas Senator Ted Cruz joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss authorities arresting eight suspected illegal immigrants with possible ties to ISIS amid growing concerns of national security threats.

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Here with more Texas Senator Ted Cruz I Don't know with the Inspector General Everything in between what frustrates me Senator is they have known this the Entire time they have lied to us the Entire time now they try to create a False image that the in 153 days that Was the date Joe Biden decided to move Forward with an executive order in January he said he had no power to go Forward with and uh along with that you Have a Department of Homeland Security Secretary who lies with him Vice President Who Lies with him and then you Have an attorney general that allows Joe Biden to Aid in a bet in the law Breaking not enforce the law uh on top Of everything else it's like one big Conspiracy to basically allow the United States to get attacked and it's going to Happen Senator it's not if Sean that is Exactly right every word you said in the Opening monologue is exactly accurate we Are today at a greater Risk for a major terrorist attack Than at any time since September 11th And and we have seen for three and a Half years a wide openen border Effectively an invitation from Joe Biden And the Democrats for terrorists to come Into this country we have seen Customs And Border Patrol instructed to be on The lookout for Hamas terrorists be on The lookout for Hezbollah terrorists be

On the lookout for Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists all of them have called For Jihad against America Iran has Called for Jihad against America and and And you look at these eight tajik Terrorists that came in they came in From T Tajikistan that they have ties to Isis K the the the radical terrorist Group they crossed the border illegally At the southern border they were Apprehended Joe Biden had them the Democrats had them all he had to do was Put the terrorists on a plane and send Them home but they didn't they quote Vetted them which means he patted them On the back of the head and said I guess We need more terrorists and they let him Go and understand the news you just Broke everyone needs to understand what What what this is the FBI caught them in A sting for terrorism across three Cities New York LA and Philadelphia Isis K the the tajiks and Isis K are the same People that carried out the terror Attack in Moscow Russia that killed 145 People at an opera house and sadly Sean We're living on borrowed time because The Democrats are are opening the door And laying out the red carpet for Terrorists to come and and and threaten The lives of Americans I don't even know And and there was a poll that recently Came out and I know the media mob was Shocked by the poll 62% of Americans

Actually believe that if you're going to Come into our country you got to come in Legally respect our laws our borders our Sovereignty it's really that simple and 62% of Americans think that if you enter This country illegally you should be Sent home now Australia does is that uh I don't see Australia get criticized Very often if you try to make it to the Shores of Australia they will meet you If you need medical attention it will be Provided but you'll never put foot on Australian soil uh they will give you Food and water and supplies to turn Around and go home now why don't we do That Here because Joe Biden and the Democrats Put politics above our national security They put it above the lives of Americans We have seen it's amazing how people's Views change when we have a criminal Invasion of the United States with 11 Million people crossing illegally every Single day Joe Biden and the Democrats Are releasing gang members they're Releasing murderers they're releasing Child rapists we see week after week After week and other American killed Another child raped by illegal Immigrants that Joe Biden and the Democrats have released and when it Comes to terrorists we have seen Hundreds you know you put up the stats a Minute ago about China and Russia if I'd

Have told you 30,000 Chinese are going To invade this country I've been down at The border I've seen hundreds of Military AG males from China just lined Up and they keep saying I want to go to This city I want to go to this city Every city in America is a border City If told you 12,000 year and a 56,000 Chinese Nationals now do you think They're coming here Senator because they Want a better life for them themselves And their children uh uh they buying up Our Ranch Land Farmland thousands and Thousands of acres and land near Military installations just because they Like the view or uh is it because They're probably enemies of our state Look I they they are invading this Country and one thing to understand it's Not just Biden every single Democrat in The Senate has voted for these open Borders over and over and over again They go John tester goes to Montana and He tries to pretend he's not for open Borders and then he votes for open Borders over and over and over again Bob Casey in Ohio in Pennsylvania does this The same thing shared Brown In Ohio my opponent in Texas Colin alred Has voted over and over and over again In favor of open borders against Deporting criminal illegal aliens who Physically assault police officers this Is the position of today's Democrat

Party they look at open borders and it Is their policy it's what they want Because they see them all as future Democrat voters and if people have to Die to keep them in power sadly Democrats are willing to do that for the State of Texas honestly it's been you And Governor Greg Abbott on the front Lines fighting for the Safety and Security of the people in your state and What do you get uh as a as a matter of Thanks you get to be the number one Target of Chuck Schumer and you know $200 million are going to be thrown at You in negative ads uh by your far-left Schumer supporting opponent in Texas Great lucky you well they're they're Coming after me with everything they've Got you're right Chuck Schumer and George Soros are spending millions of Dollars to go after me Schumer has said I'm his number one Target in the country Obama has said I'm his number one Target In the country Colin alled is already Spending millions of dollars in TV ads I Haven't run any TV ads because we don't Have the money and so I want to Encourage people go to Ted cru.org Tedcruz.org Ted cru.org make a Contribution right now because we are Getting massively outspent and and the Left wants Texas to be a Haven for Illegal immigrants they want more of This Invasion that's what they're trying

To do this race in Texas and they're Spending that money not only to hurt you But they want Texas flu desperately and They're paying any amount of money they They they have to to try and make that Happen Senator thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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