Ted Cruz: This is insane

Ted Cruz: This is insane

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, warns of potential Hamas and Hezbollah infiltration of U.S. through the southern border on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin.’

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[Music] Welcome back America we're talking with Senator Ted Cruz his brand new Fantastic Book unwoke how to defeat cultural Marxism in America very pre covers all Really that's going on in this country Today so my question is does this Administration actually demonstrate in Its own actions Even in our own country Concern about Citizens the exact opposite they're Interested in power power and ideology And that's consistent with cultural Marxism is about using culture to Enforce through force and power their Orthodoxy when when it comes to you Asked about the Border what is happening at the southern Border is is a catastrophe that has no Precedent in the history of our nation I Was down at the southern border I went Out on midnight Patrol with the border Patrol agents as always within about an Hour you encounter illegal immigrants it Takes almost no no time at all we Encountered a group of 20 to 25 mostly Women and children there was a 13-year-old girl she was unaccompanied Had no family member with her there was A 15-year-old boy he was unaccompanied No family members with her there was a 16-year-old girl she was unaccompanied They all said they were going to see Their teos Teo Spanish for Uncle now

When we ask them does your tio know You're coming no no I just have a number I'm supposed to call him it was obvious These teos didn't Exist that these kids were being brought In and were being trafficked what was Most haunting there was a little girl a 10-year-old Girl who said she was traveling with her Father and her father was a man who was Like 35 or 40 who was not her father he had his arm Around her but it was not a gentle Caress it was it was almost like a Headlock he was holding her still and Forcefully the little girl was terrible Ified we asked about her mother she just Looked at at the man she was with what Are we supposed to say on this it was Horrifying you know during the Trump Administration they would DNA test when A child arrived with an adult man and They claimed to be father and and child They DNA test of about 30% of them it Was a lie about 30% had no biological Relationship whatsoever Joe Biden came In and ended the DNA testing they don't Want to know and the cartel are Literally renting Children now you ask do they care are They compassionate no I look I was Looking at these kids and I was Physically sick mark because I was Looking at teenagers I have a

13-year-old daughter I was actually Standing there was just past midnight it Was the morning of my daughter's 13th Birthday and I was looking at that 13-year-old girl and thinking my God you Were about to you're going to be trapped In sex slavery and the board of Patrol Agents can't do anything about It because Joe Biden and KLA Harris and Alejandra mayorcas don't want them to do Anything about it it's Evil like the the the argument that the Democrats are compassionate on Immigration is insane and then when you Overlay the war in Israel the risk of a Terror attack today in the United States Of America is greater than it has been Any day since 9/11 and you mention The people that have been apprehended on The terror watch list and more people Were apprehended on the terror watch List than the previous decade combined Just last year but you know that's not The number that worries me the number That worries me is 2 Million we've had 8 million people cross Illegally under Joe Biden two million of Those are what are called Goda ways so 6 Million of them the majority of them Were like this group we encountered that Night they go they look for the border Of Patrol agents they turn themselves in The 2 million Goda ways are people that

They spot that they identify okay we see Them but they get away the Goda ways are Much more likely to be criminals to be Murderers to be rapists to be child Molesters to be gang members to be MS13 Or to be terrorists just a couple of Weeks ago the San Diego Office of the Customs and Border Patrol put out a Written memo saying be on guard for Hamas and Hezbollah Terrorists crossing our Southern border Who will pretend not to be from Hamas And Hezbollah and if you're a Terrorist you're not going to turn Yourself into the border of Patrol You're going to be one of the 2 million Gotway and you know just a week ago the Head of the FBI was testifying in the House and he said he was concerned about The risk of Hamas carrying out a terror Attack here I got to admit that scares The hell out of me why because the FBI And I talk about it in the book on woke The weaponization of the Department of Justice and the FBI the FBI and doj have Been saying for 3 years the greatest Risk of violence in America is homegrown Terrorism and white white Supremacists Now give me a break look Nazis and clansmen are idiots they're Bigots they're morons they're imbeciles And they're e unequivocally evil but It's not like we're seeing a r Rising Surge of Nazis and clansmen across the

Country this is is made up in the fever Dreams of the Left and they utterly ignore Global Jihadists that have declared a mission Of murdering Americans and the fact that The head of the FBI Chris Ray who both You and I Know suddenly said to the house there's A real risk of amas carrying out a Terror attack here it made me think holy Cow what does he know now that we don't Know because something has changed Because 3 weeks ago he wasn't willing to Say that publicly and now he is and and That has me very worried that that that They have information that an attack Could be Imminent and on this point when we come Back the Commander-in-chief the president of the United States doesn't even discuss it Nope doesn't even think about it the Commander-in-chief the president of the United States says he's concerned about Hostages Americans except when they're In Afghanistan we have hundreds of People over there we don't what happened To them that's as a result of his Conduct you never hear about them again He pays $6 billion I'm not going to Engage in idiot talk about whether that Means that Iran gets it or not Iran Wanted it and got it that's the bottom Line just weeks before what took place

With Hamas so he increases the Price and the motivation for hostages Yep and now he's blaming Israel needs to Back off so he can get him out now Hamas Wants money don't forget unwoke how to Defeat culture Marxism in America this Is a big time book ladies and gentlemen I predict it's going to be one of the Big books of the year you ought to grab Your copy this is the first exclusive Interview you can get it on amazon.com Right now and any major bookstore Starting on Tuesday hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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