Terror suspects with ISIS ties ‘fully vetted’ before arrests inside US

Terror suspects with ISIS ties 'fully vetted' before arrests inside US

Fox News’ Alexis McAdams reports the latest on the major sting operation and the lingering national security implications. #FoxNews

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Though there's This we've seen the threat from foreign Terrorists rise to a whole another level This is by no means a time to let up or Dial back now on top of that Increasingly concerning is the potential For a coordinated attack here in the Homeland so that was eight days ago and That was Chris Ray head of the FBI Warning us and now what's happened eight Migrants were ties to Isis arrested in a Sting operation all eight of them Crossed the border illegally that's Where we start good morning everybody on This midweek Wednesday I'm Bill Hammer Hello to you good morning it's good to Be here with you I'm Dana Pino and this Is America's Newsroom the migrants came Here from Tajikistan and a source tells Fox they were quote fully vetted at the Southern border and yet nothing was Flagged so ice then later caught up with Them in Philadelphia New York in Los Angeles and that begs the question who Else is coming across that border we Have Team Fox coverage Paul Morrow is Here with us and we want to go first to Alexis McAdams she is on the streets of New York with more hi Alexis Dana Bill good morning right now We know that those eight Taj Nationals Are in ice custody this morning after They were arrested a source telling me That a majority were arrested right here

In New York City exactly where in the City we're still trying to figure that Out this morning a democratic councilman Here says this is another example of a Broken Southern border that he says the President needs to fix quickly because He says he doesn't know what's going to Happen next in New York City listen yeah It's frightening and we're headed for Another 9/11 uh I predicted that um I Think we should have a secure border we Should know who's coming into our Country we don't and millions of uh Migrants and uh illegal aliens have Gotten through so it's a situation that We're just you know really rolling the Dice Here so in just the last few days the Group of tadik Nationals who Investigators tell us have ties to Isis Were taken into custody the eight men All from Tajikistan so how did they Enter the United States in the first Place is the question sources telling Fox they crossed illegally at the Southern border and were quote fully Vetted but listen to this nothing was Flagged somehow it was only after they Were already released into the US that Customs and Border Patrol were notified About these major security concerns so This I sting took place in three major Cities New York Philadelphia and in Los Angeles according to the New York Post

The feds used a wir tap to listen in on These phone calls from these people Hearing one of those arrested talking About bombs former ice director Tom Homman says this is an example of a Dangerous Trend under three and a half years of Biden they've got a historical number of Of Russian Nationals being arrested at Southern border I mean these numbers are Unprecedented and you look at the the People on the terrorist watch stat they Got over 380 on the southern Border so you hear those numbers it's Pretty shocking 380 at the southern Border and Counting the Department of Homeland Security Dana and Bill and the FBI are working this case they know About that heighten threatened Americans Say they're doing everything they can Around the clock to keep Americans safe Back to you all right Alexis thank you I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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