The Bidens were basically laundering money: Comer

The Bidens were basically laundering money: Comer

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., on the concerns with the Trump case and former Biden aide questioned in a classified document probe. #FoxNews

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Let's bring in James Comer of the house Oversight and accountability committee He is the chairman he joins us right now Live via Skype hey Congressman good Morning to you Good morning well the problem with uh What Alvin Bragg did yesterday and it 34 count indictment uh of filing false Business records it qualifies if it's a As a felony if there's a second crime he Doesn't say what the second crime is He's busy and essentially to most of the Country right now Congressman it looks Like this particular indictment Is just a hit job a political hit job It's a political scam I've said that for Weeks now if filing false business Documents is as serious as the media and The prosecutors are claiming over the Past 24 hours then they better have a Seat and and about a pallet of Kentucky Bourbon when they see what all the Biden Family has done over the past decade I Mean it's ridiculous every day we find Another LLC affiliated with the bidens That they were using to launder money From our adversaries around the world And I am not exaggerating about that I Mean the the fact that I'm sitting here Watching what all happened to Donald Trump yesterday knowing what all the Bidens have been engaged in and the Shenanigans and and the the the bank Violations that we're privy to right now

At the treasury cabinet uh where the Banks pointed out all of the potential Money laundering and they the banks Couldn't explain all the different Transfers and all the different llc's That this family had to try to to Basically launder money from our Advertise it's just breathtaking so I Hope the media is as serious about the Evidence that we'll be we'll continue to Be bringing forward about the Biden Family as they have been about this Ridiculous political stunt that happened In New York yesterday with Donald Trump I wonder how this will affect the next Election because you're watching those Images of his motorcade driving down the FDR yesterday we're watching images of Him in a courtroom we never thought that Would ever happen it's never happened Before and then Kevin McCarthy is saying He's going to hold Alvin Bragg Accountable he tweeted this out Alvin Bragg is attempting to interfere in our Democratic process by invoking federal Law to bring politicized charges against President Trump admittingly using Federal funds while at the same time Arguing that the people's Representatives in Congress lack Jurisdiction to investigate this farce Not so Bragg's weaponization of the Federal Justice process us will be held Accountable by Congress how do you plan

To do that Well we're going to be having a call With McCarthy later this week Jim Jordan And myself and we're going to try to Figure out a path moving forward this is Very serious uh Alvin Bragg doesn't even Know where his funding comes from but he Gets Federal funding and that's where it Falls into the jurisdiction of the house Oversight committee the weaponization of His office is how it falls into both the Judiciary Committee and the the select Committee on the weaponization of the Department of Justice so uh we're we're Not going to stop on this nothing Changed we believe that he's overstepped And I'll tell you one of the things that I don't think has been picked up a lot That that's going to be a problem and I Had two calls yesterday one from a County attorney in Kentucky and one from A county attorney in Tennessee they were They were Republican obviously that both States are heavily Republican they want To know if there are ways they can go After the bidens now and they've opened Up a can of worms they've sent Precedents now that we can't go back on And now we're going to see a Judicial System that's already bogged down with With doing what they're supposed to do And that's going after real criminals uh People that are committing real crime Burglaries of rape uh robberies things

Like that and now you're going to start Seeing ambitious political people like Alvin Bragg try to make a name for Themselves and go after a big Pie in the Sky Federal cases and it's just not a Good path that we need to to go forward On in our Judiciary Congressman Yesterday you talked to President Biden's former executive assistant with Links to uh with links to Hunter about Uh how those documents got into the Penn Center and others you know who was Picking up stuff and who wasn't what did You find out Well I appreciate Miss Chung for coming Forward and uh answering all of our Questions for four hours during a Transcribed interview what we learned Was that uh these documents were were Transported from the vice presidency From his office to the private sector in In private cars they went to at least Three different locations initially one Of which was in Chinatown the other Which was in the Penn Biden Center which We're finding more and more evidence That it was almost exclusively funded by China and there was no lock on the door All the things that Jack that the Special prosecutors apparently going to Try to indict Trump on on mishandling Classified documents Biden did and he Did it about 10 times worse so you know This was very valuable information we

Learned yesterday we still don't know What those classified documents were and We're still concerned about one document In particular that was found on the Laptop that Hunter Biden had sent to his Uh cronies on Baris in Ukraine so uh This is another details story that's not Going going away okay well can you tell Us about that tell us about that Document Well we know and we've heard Ted Cruz Talk about there's one particular email From Hunter Biden that he sent to his People at Barista was the you know Corrupt Ukrainian Energy company that he Was getting paid in excessive salary for Uh that was it was a government document It was it was written like a government Document uh it could very well have been A classified document but we don't know Yet exactly how he obtained that Document keep us posted uh Congressman Thank you very much for joining us live Thanks for having me remember I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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