The Democrats are going to replace Biden: Tomi Lahren

The Democrats are going to replace Biden: Tomi Lahren

‘Hannity’ panelists Tomi Lahren and Mark Penn react to rumors the DNC will switch out President Biden ahead of the 2024 election.

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Here with reaction Harris pole chair Mark Penn the host of Tommy Len is Fearless there's no such thing as a Fearful Tommy Laren anyway on outkick Tommy lren uh Tommy let's get your Take it's a long list of people now it's James Carville I won't speak for Mark Penn I'll let him speak for himself but It's van Jones it's David axod it's Moren Dow Nate silver now joining the Chorus you have been saying do you still Believe 40 days out you think they're Going to replace Biden I absolutely believe they're going To replace Biden I believe it's going to Happen either at the convention or Shortly thereafter I think the Democrats Are far too strategic and they're far Too used to winning and they enjoy Winning far too much to take a risk with Joe Biden and I know they took a risk in 2020 but when we look back at the Debates in 2020 and we look at when he Was newly elected he was in far better Shape then than he is is now and he was Slipping then so I don't think they can Possibly take that risk I do believe They're going to swap him out I also Think that when it comes to this first Debate we need to actually raise our Expectations of Joe because us counting It as a win if he's able to sit upright And complete a sentence is giving him Far too much credit because then he'll

Claim a victory just like he did after The State of the Union because he was Able to get through it in one piece so We have to raise our expectations of Biden and we also have to put the onus On the Democrat agenda and not just the The messenger but the actual message Because if and when they do swap out Biden we have to be ready on the Republican side and we cannot be caught Flat-footed if they bring Gavin new in And he's a shiny new toy we can't let That happen the strategy of the Democrats is unmatched never forget that I think it would more likely be Whitmer If they have the ability to bypass uh Vice president Harris um Mark can Anybody really conclude anything else That smart Democrats like yourself you Really don't want Biden do you Well I think I'll I'll defer that one Per se but look I didn't think he was Going to run he decided to run and you Know what he swept the Democratic Primaries these are his delegates it's His convention the idea that he's not Going to be the nominee I think is a Fantasy I think the party is around him I don't know why James said what he said It's not really particularly useful at This point the only thing I'll say is This debate Mark you know why before the Convention's a little Risky you know why he said it well

What's the point of saying That it's obvious this guy is a mumbling Bumbling stumbling fumbling you know got He could barely string sentences Together however I do take Tommy's Admonition really seriously I think We'll see The Return of jacked up Joe Whatever Joe drank ate took before for The State of the Union maybe it was just Red Bull and and caffeine pills I don't Know whatever it was that was not the Normal Joe we never saw it before and we Haven't seen it since but we will see it For the debate now there are some even Saying Mark that Donald Trump might be Wise to just pass on the first debate Wait till he's nominated then debate him What would you say to That oh I'd say he accepted it he Accepted it in the Lions then I if I Were Donald Trump I would have done some Better negotiating here but I don't Think he can back out now without really Looking uh cowardly and and I think Biden has uh you know said he's going to Meet the challenge I think it's a big Test whether he's whether you think he's Jacked up or not if he can get through That debate he'll lift his campaign and If he can't I suspect it it might Actually be in some Jeopardy they might Have actually Joe might have done Donald Trump a favor and I say this AFF L Tommy By insisting that when it's not his turn

To speak that they mute his microphone Because I think that was a mistake in The first debate in 2020 your Reaction well I would hope a lot of Things for that first debate obviously It's stacked against Donald Trump and we Know that but I think Donald Trump has An incredible opportunity in this first Debate to act more presidential than He's ever acted in his entire life push Everything on Joe and Joe's failing Agenda and his failed policies which is The Democrat failed policies and agenda If Donald Trump just sits back and he Lets Joe talk himself into a corner then Donald Trump will win that first debate He just has to restrain himself which I Believe he can do pull it in act as Presidential and dignified as possible And he will win against Joe Biden in his Failed policies he simply can't stand on Those and quite frankly he can't stand At All all right let me ask you this if in Fact Joe for whatever reason Mark pen Went out um PM's convinced it would be Gavin Nome I'm not I I don't think it Would be Gavin that's just my guess um I Have no inside knowledge except that he Told me over and over and over and over Again when I interviewed him and in the Debate with Governor D santis that he Wouldn't do it okay so I think the most Likely person if it's not vice president

Harris would be uh Governor Whitmer That's my take uh people have floated The name of Michelle Obama I don't think She's up to the job myself who would be The most likely Democrat who would you Pick if you had to choose Somebody well again you have to go Through the history here these delegates Were nominated for this ticket Harris I Think would be the likely nominee if for Some reason any reason Joe Biden had to Remove himself you could bet on that as Almost a certainty you think it would be Kamla Harris yes Absolutely all right well bet the gate Games on I don't know what you guys want To bet but you know feel free you know Off air thank you both hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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