The fight in Israel ‘is our fight’: Nikki Haley

The fight in Israel ‘is our fight’: Nikki Haley

2024 GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley tells ‘The Story’ that the ‘unholy alliance’ of Russia, Iran and China makes Israel’s fight ‘personal’ to America. #foxnews

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So these decisions thank you these Decisions that we're talking about many Of them can only be made by a president In terms of our involvement right now That is obviously Joe Biden but Republican presidential candidate and Former un Ambassador Nikki Haley hopes That she will be in those shoes come 2025 and she joins me now Governor good To have you with us good to have you Here today thanks so much Martha for Having me thank you so this is obviously A very difficult situation this is what The American people elect presidents to Decide because these decisions are so Difficult you have hundreds of Americans Who are currently trapped in Gaza and You have hostages over 240 of them Including somewhere around 10 Americans Who are down there as well so how would You negotiate this with Israel in terms Of the pauses that might be required in Order to to manage that situation what Would you Do I think this is incredibly personal And should be personal for for America I Me we've got you know you had 33 Americans Liv lost you lives lost you've Got almost 20 hostages there you've got Other people that were trying to get out Of Gaza look it's Precision um that We're trying to do I know Israel well Enough I dealt with them for two years Every day and they want to save every

Single life they want to bring every Hostage home and so America should be Working with them on how to do that but You don't do that with a pause you do That by understanding what is the threat To the hostages and what is the threat To America the threat to all of them is Iran Iran is waving you know their flag Telling Hamas what to do they told Hamas To go and kill 1400 Jewish people They're the ones telling Hamas what to Do we have to make sure Iran knows there Will be hell to pay if they hurt any of Our people but I've also been there and I've seen those tunnels and Martha what Makes this difficult is they could have Those hostages in the tunnels they could Have the hostages somewhere else but These tunnels are underneath Schools They're underneath hospitals they're Underneath civilian sites and they do That because Hamas doesn't value life And they know that America and Israel do Value life so I don't think we need to Tell Israel to take a pause we need to Let Israel do what Israel needs to do Which is defeat and eliminate Hamas Because Hamas is going to come after us Too Iran is going to come after us Because don't forget when they were Dragging those naked bodies in the Streets of Gaza they were saying death To Israel death to America so how do you Resp on cuz this is what the president

Is hearing as well and seeing when you See body bags in the Palestinian Territory some of these are very small These bags they have children in them What would you say to the American People as president when they push back And say this is not our fight and there Are children being killed on both sides What would you say to Them this is our fight it became our Fight when we had you know 33 Americans Die there on that day October 7th it is Our fight because they took hostages but This is what I'll tell you you know Whether you see in these pramas rallies Around the country which makes me sick To my stomach because you are really Focusing rallying and supporting a group That says death to America so first of All we don't support um any violence Whatsoever and the fact that they're Doing this on campuses is is one thing But the second thing is understand that Iran is doing this in conjunction with Russia and China see this holy Alliance For What it is you've got China sending Iran billions of dollars by importing All of their oil you've got Russia Basically what did they do Russia's First call wasn't to to Netanyahu when This happened in Israel who did he call He called Hamas and told them to come to Russia and in turn Hamas said that Russia was their greatest friend so you

Have an Unholy Alliance of Russia China And Iran all agreeing on the fact that They they don't want freedom anywhere And they hate America So we have to see this as personal we Have to understand that eliminating Hamas is a way to kick the knees out From Iran and we've got to do that Before they get to us because we're Acting like it's September 10th and I'm Telling you America better remember what September 12th felt like because we've Got an open border and we've got Terrorists that want to kill us and we Need to start acting like it well we Heard that directly from the FBI Director yesterday he said that the Threat Level to these United States is At quote a whole another level and that That's a Chilling reality that I think Americans Have to accept right now so a number of Middle East experts are are advising the President right now to hit strategic Targets in Iran to send the message There to let Israel in effect handle the Situation in Gaza and the United States Hit these very clear Targets in Iran That will send a very clear message Would you do that as President first first of all it's Irresponsible that we've had almost a Hundred strikes during the Biden Presidency on our military bases as a

Wife of a combat veteran one who is Currently deployed and is very close to That area right now um and dealing with Some of those issues what I'll tell you Is this Tit for Tat is not what you want To do when these strikes happen the First thing you do is you go and you Take out wherever it was that the strike Happened you take out their supplies you Take out their infrastructure you take Out whatever allowed them the ability to Strike the military base in the first Place that's what he should be doing not Just being reactionary he needs to lead You hit him once that's what makes a Difference thank you so much Governor I Hope we can have a longer conversation Very soon hey everyone I'm Emily compano Catch me and my co-hosts Harris vulner And Kaye mechineni on outnumbered every Weekday at 12: pm. Eastern or set your DVR also don't forget to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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