The #firstamendment, #freespeech and AI #artificialintelligence

The #firstamendment, #freespeech and AI #artificialintelligence

Mary Anne Franks of George Washington University Law School speaks on the challenges that #ai brings to #freespeech

But very often we have this tendency to Think of freedom of expression as being Sort of completely covered by the Doctrine of the first amendment when in Fact the first amendment is quite Limited in its scope because it's just About what the government is not allowed To do uh Visa the rights of citizens the Rights of the people to speak and so I Think what we're seeing with this new Evolving landscape and Ai and other Challenges from technology is kind of Interrogation and a kind of highlighting Of all of those limitations that we've Seen the doctrine really have including What does it really mean to speak in the Digital age

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