‘The Five’: Get ready for Biden’s 2024 campaign

‘The Five’: Get ready for Biden’s 2024 campaign

‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss President Joe Biden gearing up for his expected re-election campaign announcement and new polls showing that a majority of Democrats don’t want him to run again. #foxnews #fox #thefive

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[Music] So I get to answer your questions [Music] Stay tuned Can You Feel the excitement America President Biden teasing that you'll know Quote real soon about his 2024 plans Even though he's completely bombing in The polls the big guy is expected to Officially kick off his bid for Re-election tomorrow with a low-key Video announcement he apparently filmed It at his beach house after getting back From his Ireland trip and while Biden Pushes ahead more than half the country Is saying no thanks a whopping 70 Percent say Biden should not run again And even the media has serious doubts About Joe The American people want that do they Want four more years for this president In my own sense is that most Americans Don't want to vote for an 81 year old Man for president I Are the ones that I really worry about Right now they have got to get on it What their message is going to be and What they're going to do to build the Enthusiasm for their candidate president Is facing serious headwinds when it Comes to the public perception about Whether or not he should run and chief Among those concerns are the president's 80 year old age there's a majority of

Democrats who don't want to see Biden Run again it's not because of his Policies it's simply because of Questions about his physical ability to Do it in his current age And while Americans have worries about a Second Biden term top Democrats are Trying to reassure them He is going to have an incredibly strong Record to run on should President Biden Be doing more to show Americans that he's up to the job I think his schedule reflects an active Person mentally and physically who is Engaging with the American people on a Regular basis it's about 19 months Before there's an election most people Make their decision on the candidate 19 Days before the election so we're far in Advance of any decision making Okay Greg I'm going to start with you All right so what we've got is the Media's questioning Biden 70 of Americans don't want them to run and the Truth is that when everyone is starting To question them including the Democrat Media or the mainstream media it's not a Good sign for this guy it's a pretty Staggering number I mean it's hard to Get 70 of anybody to believe in one Thing it's hard to get 70 percent I mean To agree what a woman is uh what about The remaining 30 percent I mean can you Do polling in psychiatric hospitals

Whenever they describe somebody is Active that means they're really old Right oh he's so active yeah it's like a 13 year old dog trying to go up the Stairs uh but it is kind of funny when You think about Joe we were having this Conversation in 2019 and everybody said He was already past his prime shout out To Don Lemon uh but who would think we Would have the same I know big Media News today I've seen that coming anyway uh but uh We're having the same conversation again At 2024. you know for 2020 it's like It's like booking a second trip on the Titanic and now we're in this era of Deep fakes and artificial intelligence And where you're going to have a video Tomorrow I mean he's going to be as real As Max Headroom you're going to be Moving around like this it'll be Clips There'll be edits because you can't just You can't just run it because it's not Going to work in his defense because Harold is here and he needs all the help He can get uh the generic candidate Always does better right than that Because the unknown is always preferable To The Familiar you know every time we Fall in love it's before familiarity Kicks in and you have this person that You admire and you love and then over Time you know you start to get tired of Them and it may not be their fault but

You know maybe it's because you're tired Of hearing the same thing and or maybe They piss you off and then sooner or Later then it's just over and then Everybody's shocked Thank you you're welcome all right Dana The Wall Street Journal says that Biden Is being selfish by saying that he's the Only guy for the job and possibly Leaving us stuck with Kamala Harris Um and especially now with the the fact That it appears at this campaign Whenever it gets started is going to be A very low-key campaign with a low key Announcement so do you guys remember in One of the first Democratic primary Debates in back in 2019 it was um one it Was one of the Castro brothers that was Running for president and on stage During the debate he brought up Cognitive decline yes yes and he was Almost run out of town he basically Dropped out a day or two later because Everyone said you can't say that well Now the New York Times editorial Pages Actually saying I'm not saying to drop Out but they are saying there is an Issue here and they're saying the President needs to address it I I Remember when President Trump took Office the first day he announced that Day that he would be running for Reelection so there was never any Question but Biden has done for the past

18 months is let everybody wonder will He will he run again I think something that happened in the Midterms when they when the Democrats Did better than expected it's sort of Saddled the Democrats with Biden because Now he he doesn't think that he's old Okay and I think that it's hard to tell Somebody that and he has his family Around him saying it's all you're good We're good to go and you've accomplished So much you have to finish the job and He believes that and they're going to Keep on trying to to push for that I do Think that they've been pretty open About the fact that Joe Biden They think in their mind is the only Democrat that can beat president Trump In a rematch I don't know if that's true But I do think the last thing I would Say is what you mentioned about the Wall Street Journal editorial board that if The question gets to be well if Biden's In cognitive decline of some rate and Kamala Harris is the option then does That motivate Republicans to vote more As Democrats are less enthusiastic in Which case as kellyanne Conway said on The Big Show over the weekend that Actually could help Republicans no Matter who it is great Point all right I'm going to go to you now Harold you Know he says he needs to finish the job As Dana just mentioned and he can tout

All the great things that he's done like Massive new infrastructure the president Is doing his job well apparently they Say that the economy is humming and that There are so many jobs available do you Think that's selling uh the American People are buying it well first we're Going to be back with you around New York you as well Greg as always the I'd Say a couple things uh the country's Divided uh there seems to be little Enthusiasm for either of the Front Runners I'm 52 I don't recall a time When 70 of the country doesn't want the Incumbent president to run and 60 Percent of the country doesn't want the Front runner and the Republican party to Be denominator seems to be age is the Primary factor with uh President Biden And perhaps some of the noise around Former president Trump as a reason for That wherever you may stand in the race Two Ron DeSantis was leading in some Polling a month and a half ago two Months ago to Greg's point I think Generic polling uh everybody thinks that You can have better and do better and we We believe that we can have someone Personified better what we want politics If we don't know if we don't know a name I do believe that if the two of them are The nominees Donald Trump and Joe Biden I hope they don't do what some think and I think they do very well which is bring

Out the very worst in their supporters And I think bring out the worst Sometimes in the country whether they Intend to or not I hope that they Understand they need to elevate the Campaign Said before and I got criticized a Little bit on the panel and perhaps some Of our viewers I think choice for Democrats is an incredibly important Issue it continues to perform well on The ballot and I think even if it's Joe Biden or someone else that issue will be A defining issue for for Democrats going Forward regardless if it's partly Because there's going to be state Referendums in the key States like in Ohio for example unless the Republicans Can block that well there's no doubt but No six I ran for Senate Republicans led By some in the white house that you Served in Dana put same-sex marriage Referendums on the ballot all in that The try to generate support so these are Time-honored traditions of doing this And it will I think whatever the case it Will benefit Democrats but there's no Doubt we've never seen a moment where 70 Percent of the party the same party Doesn't want their incumbent or the Country to know what that person to run And 60 on what the other side of Everyone we'll see how this plays out You know it's interesting when the

Democrats start pushing they say that You know and I was reading this this Afternoon he can appear above The Fray If he delays the announcement and they They said he had a daring uh Voyage into Kiev he was greeted like a hero in his Motherland Ireland first of all a daring Voyage into Kiev when they had those Fake sirens and nobody even looked to See if there are any bombs coming I mean How much can you Gaslight Well look you you can't go overseas and Then not go to East Palestine people pay Attention to those types of things you Know I was actually there over the Weekend and why didn't they go visit Those people those people vote they care They're Americans look cognitive decline Is palpable I mean everybody notices it And if the Democrats think that more Cowbell more Joe Biden is actually going To solve their problems that's not going To solve their problems they're on the Wrong side of the issues they've got Somebody who can't speak and I don't Think it's a coincidence by the way that Susan Rice departed 24 hours before Joe Biden I wouldn't be surprised what does That tell you because I I think she Actually might be a candidate I don't Think Joe Biden even though he may Announce tomorrow I don't think by the Time you get to the end of the year he's Actually going to run and when they

Switch the calendar so South Carolina Goes before Iowa and all this that was a Move by the Congressional Black Caucus And I think somebody like Susan Rice Who's got strong credentials with Obama And with Biden looks at that and says Why aren't I the president Susan Rice is going to take on Kamala Harris for the nominee I think I think There is a chance I'll watch it I wanna Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a Favor I want you to click to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page this is the Only way that I know for sure that You're not going to miss any great Commentary any great news bites any Great interviews coming your way on Fox You can get it all here on YouTube so Subscribe right now

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