‘The Five’: Liberal media has a field day over Trump indictment

'The Five': Liberal media has a field day over Trump indictment

’The Five’ co-hosts weigh in on the liberal media hyping up former President Donald Trump’s indictment by a New York grand jury.
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Left-wing media is having a field day With former president Trump’s indictment What a time to be alive my friend really What a time to be alive we’re all going To be glued leaning forward to our Television sets on Tuesday of all of This unravels as it looks like it is Before tonight presidents in this Country were Kings I mean I thought Maybe would never come I used to think What does it matter if it came I didn’t Know it would feel this good Michael Who’s more pissed right now Melania or Donald Uh definitively Donald You know uh I am not usually here on a Thursday night but You know things happen deep breath Everybody the Jay and Donald J Trump now Stands for jail Certifiably Giddy and the ladies of the View Greg’s favorite throwing what they Call a celebration of the law watch I called it did you When I feel good So it really is a celebration of the law It’s a celebration of the law and how it Applies to all of us Donald Trump finally won a popular vote Yesterday the judge that that presided Over that case where the Trump family Was found guilty is the same judge Presiding over Donald Trump’s 30 counts Okay but there seems to be a disconnect

With top Democrats the administration That loves to bash Mega Republicans all Of a sudden has very little to say Mr President do you think that the Charges against Trump are politically Motivated What is your comment on former president Donald Trump’s indictment I am not going To comment on an ongoing criminal case As it relates to the former president I’m surprised you didn’t bust out a Venn Diagram now would be the perfect time Greg uh you were you were on a roll Let’s keep on that role well I mean I Don’t honestly I don’t blame them this Is basically this is kind of the the Flip side of the Roe v Wade decision Right the Roe v Wade you saw the kind of The way the the left had said like oh my God I mean you were I mean you predicted It you said it was going to have quite An impact on the on the Red Wave I think This is going to have the reverse it Will have it will destroy any Blue Wave And will probably create a red wave Because it energy this will energize uh The voters the way the Roe v Wade Decision energized the left but I mean I Don’t know uh the the media loves Political theater and incentivized Outrage so you know Nicole Wallace Didn’t wasn’t she involved in weapons of Mass destruction thousands of innocent People murdered more than thousands like

Hundreds of thousands in Iraq why is she Not in jail I mean I don’t I mean maybe She didn’t break any laws but I’m just Assuming as far as horrible people go She’s got blood on her hands that Trump Doesn’t Trump’s always been a pacifist Right has he ever been pro-war no he was Originally for the Iraq War but then he Recanted I think I saw that interview And he said yeah whatever I think it was On Stern because he was like yeah I Guess it was after he had complained About it so I I don’t think he was Really Pro he just wanted he wanted to Dodge the question Jessica Judge yeah when he was president he Wasn’t interested in war yeah and he Wanted to end the war uh in Afghanistan But you know these people as you watch Them on television I mean these are Lawyers I mean Sunny whatever her name Is is a lawyer I mean that that is even Beneath her these people hate him so Much that they literally uh they have This psychological disorder that they’ve Earned you know the trumped Arrangement Syndrome they created it and they earned It and the whole idea that nobody is Above the law yeah Hunter Biden is above The law Hillary Clinton is above the law Joe Biden is above the law he’s got Documents that were never supposed to be Taken out of a skiff he was a Senator He’s got these documents that forget

About you if you’ve got a president That’s one thing I mean at least they Are entitled there is a question as to Whether or not they can have the Documents but Joe Biden is stealing uh Classified documents when he was a Senator from Skiffs look the the the the True truth is here that these people Just hate the left has been they’ve been The haters from the beginning they were The ones who said Donald Trump got Elected unfriend anyone who likes Donald Trump don’t talk to them anymore let’s Break up the families let’s not talk to Them anymore Joe Biden every day does a Dog whistle to the uh to the left with Those Mega Republicans they’re horrible People they create the division and then They they feed on the division and the Hate and this is a product of it Jessica To to Greg’s point doesn’t this make it More likely that Donald Trump is the Nominee I mean there’s a rally around The flag effect that will happen here so Why are they so giddy nominee and President again are two very different Things so but you can’t be the president Without being the nominee 100 first of All he was up 30 points in the Fox News Poll this week and there’s been a lot More chatter about whether DeSantis Should just wait frankly until 2028 that This isn’t his time he’s a young guy you Know how another great term as the

Governor of Florida and enter the race When Donald Trump is out of it because The base loves him and they want to Avenge what happened in 2020 by making Sure that he gets reelected again and I Think that he will be the nominee but to The point about becoming president again I I’m sure there are some examples of it But I would say that certainly a Majority of people who voted in 2016 for Donald Trump and then moved to Biden Those Independents and moderate Republicans are not looking at this and Saying oh this makes me more excited to Vote for him right now you have a Candidate who’s going to have a mug shot Right they wanted things Not just famous but Infamous I mean but That’s not inside of what they will People didn’t want like after living Through bikes I get it but like no one Wanted like Bonnie and Clyde in the White house right they didn’t want like John Dillinger in the White House great It’d be cool Stop it stop it to this whole thing About that we’re the ones that tore Families apart I am old enough to Remember what Donald Trump’s rallies and He just had one last weekend where like The chance of lock her up the talks of Beating up members of the press that he Would pay Um for their legal fees no no just don’t

Ask if Biden talk about taking him out Back and like out teach him Six-year-old man when he did that or 77 Year old man making a joke like that Having uh It’s okay for him listen as he passed His prime Jessica just he I mean That’s a really unfair there are Obviously obviously people who do don’t Want to know people who feel different Differently than them politically but I Know plenty of people would say to me Cry harder live and like you’re a big Libtard and you love Hillary Clinton We’ve all got stories come on yeah For these folks though who are dancing And excited now it’s kind of like the Washington thing you have to be careful What you ask for what you celebrate and The the Traditions that you break or That you set because every time they Change the rules with like how you can Confirm judges or the filibuster or Anything else on the hill you got to Warn the minority party you know like When they come back they’re going to Want Vengeance so you have to remember Now that you’ve said that the state Prosecutors can do these kinds of things You have to know that in some places There may be Republican prosecutors who Will look at Democratic Targets in a Different way and say the door is open Now that’s a great Point Traditions that

You break or precedence that you break I Mean it was the Democrats who lowered The bar for justices which opened up the Opportunity for Trump to include three New justices so when you break it the Other side About it it’s a shot all right hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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