The media ‘protects’ Biden’s blunders from being seen: Raymond Arroyo

The media ‘protects’ Biden’s blunders from being seen: Raymond Arroyo

Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo discusses how Nancy Pelosi is trying to say former President Trump is experiencing cognitive decline on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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It's time for seen and unseen where we Reveal the stories behind the headlines For that we turn to Fox News contributor Raymond aroyo all right Raymond good to See you tonight the biggest cultural Story of the week I think is how the Democrats are they're trying to Reframe old Joe yeah well you know it's sort of Fascinating to watch Lura you have an 81-year-old cognitively challenged President and all across the media the New argument is Donald Trump is the one With cognitive problems pay no attention To the mental acuity of those making the Argument well let me just say I'm not Going to spend too much time on Donald Trump's uh cognitive disorders he tried To say that Nikki Haley did not allow The National Guard to come but it was Nancy Pelosi it was NE nobody it was Joe It was Donald Trump I think when you see Donald Trump in the spotlight every day Doing things like confusing Nikki Haley Who he's running against with Nancy Pelosi and uttering sort of nonsensical Sentences that don't make sense yes I Think that is going to raise concerns For people you Might Laura this kind of commentary Takes real Stones I mean Pelosi still Think she's the speaker but look this is Joe Biden today and yesterday I'm going To let people decide for themselves here

He is speaking to his supporters and Protesters we'll teach Donald Trump an Valuable lesson don't mess with a women America unless you want to get the Benefit any product that in fact Congress any money that Congress gives The president to spend to build a prod Whether it's an aircraft carrier an Automobile a tank or a staircase no Matter what that was it should be [Applause] Built Because of You Toyota Volkswagen Nissan Tulsa all gave their workers Double digit raises because of you Tulsa that's a new car manufacturer La At Tulsa look if Trump said this it Would be wall-to-wall coverage but with Biden there's no coverage at all Apparently the UAW and its endorsement Of Biden today is just decided it wants To get out of the automobile industry Altogether because there will be no Americanmade cars by the end of the uh Biden Administration well Laura earlier You mentioned the Network's curtailing Coverage of trump they just cut him off With Biden they cut him off as well to Protect his blunders from being seen and Now whatever people want to say voters Are not blind I mean when you see these Two men side by side a simple question Emerges who would you rather represent The United States of America at say a Confrontation with Putin or X that's the

Question Americans have to figure up That gate always gives it away Ray the Gate all right the amazing thing though Is is that along with the Democrats Nikki Haley is now making an age an Issue as well using a Democrat talking Point I've long called for mental Competency tests for politicians over The age of 75 most Americans do not want a rematch between Biden and Trump the first party to retire its 80-year-old candidate is going to be the Party that wins this election H i I think I figured it out Laura I Guess now it's okay for candidates to Talk about age unless you're Don Lemon She says people you know politicians or Something are not in their Prime Nikki Haley isn't in her prime sorry when a Woman is considered to being in her Prime in her 20s and 30s and maybe 40s remember that routine Nikki Haley You know she blew her top over this and Look Don Lemon made a stupid comment Nikki Haley's making a stupid comment Today a person person is in their Prime When they realize their purpose no Matter their age it isn't it isn't Dictated by how many years you've racked Up you know Raymond I always say I like To hang around with old people and the Young people it's the people in the

Middle who are the problem that's I like The old and young they're fine okay Finally there probably won't be a new Barbie Academy Award play set Laura the Barbie movie received eight Academy Award nominations just Ken got a Best Supporting Actor nod but Ryan Gosling Who played Ken says he's disappointed That the director Greta Gerwig and Actress Margo Robbie were snubbed Oscar Winner whoopy Goldberg is having none of It get everything that you want to get They're not snubs and that's what I want To sort of point out not everybody gets Surpris and it is subjective movies are Subjective the movies you love may not Be loved by the people who are Voting you know Laura I love when Elites Complain go talk to your people in the Industry who vote on the awards if Anybody was sned it was sound of Freedom Which was the number one independent Movie of the year and the top 10 top Earner they got no nominations at stop Complaining this is makes me want to Throw pink Ray isn't goling just trying To Virtue signal that I'm for the I'm For the gals you can't call them gals I'm for the ladies I can't call I'm for The women that that's what he's doing Right it's all kind of virt signaling While he takes home his Golden Globes And Oscars yeah I have not seen And I don't feel like I'm neglecting

Myed intellectual theatrical Understanding Raymond thank you all Right don't forget to set your DVR and Remember Jesse is next hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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