The Senate Is About To Vote To Ignore The Border Crisis

The Senate Is About To Vote To Ignore The Border Crisis

The Senate plans to dismiss the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas this week, the architect of the worst border crisis in American history. Border security is NOT a waste of time. Senators have a duty to hold a real impeachment trial.

Is your security a waste of time our Senators think so some of them are Planning to quickly dismiss the Impeachment of Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandra mayorcas as A waste of time border security is the Number one issue for Americans too many Americans are avoidably killed raped Assaulted and more as a direct result of The open border operations carried out And covered up by secretary mayorcas Take for just one example the direct Flights of inadmissible aliens into US Airports and mass paroling them into the Country just to avoid bad border Crossing statistics Senators have a Constitutional duty to hold a real Impeachment trial publicly examine the Evidence and act in the best interests Of Americans voting to table or dismiss The impeachment is a violation of that Duty an endorsement of the Border crisis Mayorcas has created and would further His cover up members of Congress always Talk about holding government officials Accountable Senators now have the Opportunity to do just that with a real Trial

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