The TRUTH About Election Fraud | Texas AG Ken Paxton at #Heritage50

The TRUTH About Election Fraud | Texas AG Ken Paxton at #Heritage50

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Well it's great to be here this is the Second time this has happened to me And what do I mean by that about five Years ago I was asked to speak at Padre Island in South Texas for those who Don't know who what Padre Island is it's A barrier Island in Texas beautiful beaches and I Stood up to speak and be behind me I had The audience in front of me behind me Was the ocean and I realized that nobody Was listening to me they were they were Looking at the water so this is a very Similar feeling to that So I just want you to know I'm going to Be looking at your eyes I'm going to see If a little contact here Um So Kevin Roberts what a great guy you've Gotten from Texas public policy Foundation did such great work in Texas So you guys are very blessed to have him He did great work in Texas and we Certainly miss them but we also know He's doing fantastic work here they've Asked me today to talk about A very controversial topic I'm actually Going to say these words you're not Really supposed to same in American Politics anymore you can get sensor you Can be criticized by the media the word Is the words are election fraud And I'm just going to say them out loud Because it's happening not just in my

State but all over the country And I only have a few minutes to talk About it I could talk about it for a Very long time and I don't think that Would be productive but I can tell Really one quick story That will sum up the issues that we are Struggling with as it relates to Election fraud in my state and I believe Across the country So in Texas we have very specific laws About how you could do mail-in ballots And I can talk about voting machines all Kinds of different ways that election Fraud occurs but the one that I know Happens very significantly at least in My state I think across the country is Mail-in ballots and our legislature Passed when I was in the Texas house we Passed a photo ID law it's been very Effective because when you have to show Up with a photo ID it works pretty darn Well as opposed to showing up at the Utility bill And it's interesting because the Argument has been that that that that's Discriminatory now as we all know to Check into this hotel you had to show a Photo ID to get here on a plane you had To shoot a photo ID pretty much Everything you do and no one looks at it As discriminatory or illegitimate except When you vote for some reason the Argument is that's discriminatory even

Though we all have to provide the same Thing well fortunately in Texas we Passed it and it it has been it's been Over a decade it's been very successful And despite the claims that that voter Participation would go down voter Participation has gone up because people Trust the system they're more likely to Go vote seemed very reasonable and it's Actually worked very well it works very Well in states that require photo ID if You do not have that in your state you Have a high risk of voter fraud so in Texas they're very specific and I think This is true in other states now I'm not Talking about California or Oregon I'm Talking about states that actually care About election Integrity like Utah Senator We require that you can only mail-in Ballot for certain reasons you have to Be disabled you have to prove that You're out of town you have to have over 65 or you are in prison but you're not a Felon only reasons you can know those Are still pretty broad reasons for for Voting by mail So when you vote by mail and I want to Explain to some of you might know this But it's really important to understand This because the argument is you guys Can't proof fraud and guess what the Other side because of the way they do This is absolutely correct

Because when you Typically mail out of mail-in ballot you Have to you have to request by Application you sign that mailing Bill And say I need this mail-in ballot Because I'm over 65 or I'm going to be Out of town and you send it in and they Send you a ballot you you vote you stick Your ballot into an envelope you sign That envelope and you send it back in And they don't have a photo ID but they Can compare signatures that's what they Do it's called signature verification it Is not ideal it is not the most safe Process but it is something and it it it It works okay Well what happened during covid and it Happened in my state and I want to tell You that story because I think it I I Think we were able to stop what other States didn't see or didn't try to stop We ended up having Judges in about 12 different counties Basically ignore our state law and say No because of coven we're not going to Follow state law and by the way these Were all very liberal counties this was Travis County which is Austin Harris County which is Houston Bexar County Which is San Antonio they decided they Would just mail out ballots to everyone Well that means in Harris County we're Talking about close to two and a half Million ballots in Travis County over a

Million ballots in Bexar County over a Million ballots Donald Trump won our State by 620 000 votes And so we realized that we had a huge Issue we had 12 lawsuits all in the Worst counties all with judges that were Going to rule against us including the Court of appeals in each area and I all I could do was say wow what a genius Strategy by whoever put this together Whether it was George Soros or somebody Else somebody thought this up because it Was too well organized and it was it was A drain on our resources because we were Having to fight in all of these Different counties and I had to go to my Team my legal team very good and by the Way the the win wasn't 75 percent Against the federal government was more Like 80. I just want to correct that Um so I have a very good legal team and I said look we cannot Lose a single case we have 12 cases if We lose one case they win I said it's a Genius strategy we are in Liberal courts Where we're going to lose we're in Courts of appeals where we are going to Lose it doesn't matter what the law says And if we lose if we can't figure out How to win all of those cases We're going to lose the state And so we we went after it and we had to Maneuver around our courts of appeals Who were trying to hold up Travis County

Was trying to hold up Until the ballots got mailed out a Decision on the merits of the case and So if that happened if the if the Ballots go out the Genies out of the Bottle and we lose Game Over Texas Legislature very likely turns Democrat Some of the Supreme Court members four Of them were up we lose four of the nine Were in trouble and very likely Donald Trump loses the election So I called the president in May and I Said hey you need to know this I said I don't have time to deal with Other states but very likely you're You've got a very good chance of losing Texas by mail and Bell because there's No way I lose Texas I won by nine points I said yes but if they have a chance to Mail out all these ballots and I said I've got 12 cases if I don't win every Single one of them I have a feeling you will lose if Harris County can send out two and a half Million ballots they will discount Ballots until they get to the right Number because when those ballots get Mailed out We don't know who sends them in because There's no signature verification Anybody can sign those ballots they can Grab as many of them as they want send Them in claim that they're legitimate And we can't prove that they're not

And so there's nothing we can do So you better hope that I went and I Said the reason I'm calling you is not To tell you about the trouble I have in Texas the reason I'm calling you is Because I'm worried that this is going On in other states and so I can't deal With other states I can't deal with Wherever this is happening but I'm Guessing if it's happening in Texas and It's such a Significant strategy that I can plainly See in front of me it's got to be Happening Nationwide So I went on my business and in the end We fought these people we had some very Creative ways of getting around and we Had to try Maneuvers we'd never tried Before to get to the tech supreme court Because four of them were up and I was Hoping that if we could get to them they Would see that they were in trouble and So we followed this thing called the Mandamus of the Local District clerks Never been tried that I know of and we Man Davis the district clerks in each of Those counties they were where they were Trying to mail out the ballots directly To the Supreme Court saying hey this is An emergency we also found our way to The fifth circuit And fortunately the court took it Totally novel way of getting to them and They ruled in our favor and we one by

One we won all 12 of those lawsuits and So what happened on Election Day I'm sitting there watching the election Results and for the first time in my Life Election counting stopped in numerous States particularly obviously Battleground States And it was very clear to me I knew Immediately what was going on it was Very clear to me that what they were Doing they were figuring out how many Real votes they had just like they would Have done in Texas and they were just Going to count as many mail-in ballots Because you don't know where those Mail-in ballots came from there's no way To prove that they came from the person That supposedly signed it and so when I Saw what happened in all of these states And I'll give you an example Georgia Georgia if you go back four years prior To that election when Trump won the Margin of victory in Georgia was the Same as it was in Texas almost exactly Same demographics This time Trump won by almost nine percent in Texas And he lost Georgia by what whatever it Was 40 000 votes Twelve thousand how did that happen well Guess what they decided to sign a Consent decree that said that they would

Accept Mail-in ballots with no signature Verification mail-in ballots that Weren't following state law And drop boxes I can tell you what's going to happen When that happens you're going to lose Because there's no there's no ballot Security for those for those votes And so I wish I could say this story was over For me in Texas we we just had our Quarter Criminal Appeals which in our in Our state we have a bifurcated system Where the Texas Supreme Court does civil Cases the Court of Criminal Appeals is The final say the Supreme Court so to Speak on criminal matters and they all Republican and by the way these are These are members of the court that no One knows even Republicans And as a setup I should say that Soros Has done a very good job he has elected His DA's in Austin Which is Travis County he's done it in Bexar County which is San Antonio has Done it in Houston and the reason I know Is I used to work with the DA's in these Counties who were Democrats who used to Prosecute cases and now suddenly Soros Went in knocked all of them out put his Own people in so I know that they're not Going to prosecute voter fraud that's What we used to do we did it from 1951

And by the way I was not the AG in 1951 I have not been there that long I mean I've been there a while In 1951 the legislature passed a statute And and by the way my job I have four Jobs and one of them is to do such Things as are required by law well what Things are required by law the things That the legislature passes the Legislature Directed the Attorney General probably Because of political reasons with local DA's not Prosecuting voter fraud to Prosecute voter fraud so we had about 900 cases going at the time and the Quarter Criminal Appeals stepped in a Year and a half ago all all Republicans Ate one and said it's unconstitutional For you to prosecute voter fraud And they said and and maybe Mike Senator Lee can explain this to me he said it's A The Constitutional violation is Separation of powers because I'm in the Executive branch I do not have the Authority to go to court at all Which by the way if that's true no AG in The country be allowed to go to court it Truly is a separation of powers it was The most bizarre finding after 72 years Of precedent and so we're trying to get That fixed but I can tell you if we do Not get that fixed they will accomplish What they were trying to do with mail-in

Ballots and so I'm here to tell you my Time is up my here my I'm here to tell You Lynn Fitch is amazing what she did with The Dobbs case we came in and we wrote The Amicus for that what she did was Save thousands of lives what the Representative was talking about Transgender issue important issues these Are all important issues but if you do Not take care of election Integrity we Do not in our own States focus on Protecting and this is a strategy that Isn't going away for the for the left They're going to continue to try to Steal elections and I know it's Controversial to say it and somehow they Get to cheat and I I'm telling you I had 900 cases in Texas I only have three or Four lawyers that can do them so if we Had more lawyers we'd be doing more Prosecutions of course that's been ended For now I'm just telling you there's lots of Voter fraud going on we have proof of it And don't let people make you feel Stupid for bringing up the obvious which Why can't we if you're so sure there's No voter fraud make sure that you vote With a photo ID that mail-in ballot is More secure why would anybody that cares About fair and free elections in a Democracy actually criticize you for Wanting to protect your elections so God

Bless you all for being here and please Go back to your States and make sure That this issue is a priority because if We don't do it we are going to lose this Country God bless you and thank you for Work foreign

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