The world is on ‘fire’ under Biden: Mollie Hemingway

The world is on ‘fire’ under Biden: Mollie Hemingway

Mollie Hemingway, Byron York and Mark Levine discuss whether the Democratic base is leaving President Biden on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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All right joining me now Molly Hemingway Editor-in chief of the Federalist Fox News contributor Byron York Washington Examiner correspondent Mark Lavine Former Democrat member of the Virginia House of delegates um Mark uh Joe Biden I don't think is going anywhere but can You deny that there is momentum building To push him out because they see the Numbers that the New York Times is Reporting ABC News is reporting Sienna Pretty much every poll out there and it Is a nightmare for Biden Democrats often Get worried about all kinds of things But uh every Democrat I know firmly Supports Joe Biden I I think they Understand that he has the Integrity to Be president he has the Integrity yes he Does I mean Donald Trump today testified About how he and all his kids were Committing fraud we're talking about We're talking about Biden this is the Guy that you say has the Integrity to be President I tell where is he ever Demonstrated Integrity on what on What Form inter invoking his family's tragedy To actually to actually like you know Empathize with someone from a huge National disaster Laura look on the International stage Harry Truman Ronald Reagan Joe Biden no one has stood up Democracy and Ukraine and Israel more Than Joe bid ukra everyone knows Ukraine Has lost Molly the the foreign policy

Angle here is not to be understated even You know even the New York Times they're Reporting on Ukraine even the head of The defense Ministry if Ukraine Basically said we're at a stalemate well And it's worth remembering that when Trump was President the media and before He was president the media said if he Were elected president we would have Nuclear war breakout there would be a Destabilization across the world and Instead what you had was a very strong National interest based foreign policy We went after our enemies but we didn't Get embroiled in various conflicts when President Biden took office he said America is back baby and he said he Would assert this Verys mature foreign policy we have had Nothing but disaster globally the world Is on fire there are we had a stable Situation in the Middle East he decided To prioritize Palestinian interests to Help Iran become a dominant uh become Dominant again in the region and we see How that's going you have the Ukraine War which has devolved into a stalemate You have China continuing to rise that Has actually been one of the worst Problems for his presidency and that's Just one of the problems for the Biden Presidency and Byron what's Wild here is That Biden really is doing his best I Think to put a good face on something

That really isn't resonating watch I Truly believe this country is about to Take off Because For the first time in a long Time we're bringing Pride back to cities And towns all across America been left Behind I can honestly say I've never Been more optimistic about America's Future 76% of Americans saying America Is going in the wrong direction yeah you Know I think uh Biden's age is a huge Problem and it's not going to get any Better but I do think if things were Going well in the country and the world A lot of Voters would say you know he's Really old and he's daughtering but Things are going pretty well it's okay With me uh instead there was a there was A quote in the time story a voter in Pennsylvania who said the world is Falling apart under Biden and Domestically you look at the economy People's standard of living has gone Down their purchasing power has gone Down you look at the the disaster on the Border spreading to Blue cities up north You see crime in many places like here In Washington and then you add to it a Huge war in Ukraine a new war in in Israel and that guy who said the world Is falling apart under Biden that was a Reasonable way to look at things my Mother would say hel in a handbasket she That was one of those sayings back then

The hel in a handbasket Mark um Stacey Abrams polls at about three points Higher right now which is mind-blowing To me but then Joe Biden but um Stacy Abrams thinks kamla Harris is getting um Too much criticism watch do you think She would be receiving these same Critiques if she was a white man no we Cannot ignore that misogyny and racism Remain very prevalent in our politics There's also just the difference our Expectations are set for the traditional White male vice President Mark obviously I was talking About comma PS three points higher uh What is your thought on that do you Think it's racism that is really at the Heart of people's criticism of KLA Harris I think KLA Harris is a an asset That the Democrats should use more Absolutely people need to show that She's there she's a steady leader and And I think she can do the job um you Know when they talk about Biden's age Biden and Trump are four years apart and I'd be willing to bet that Donald Trump Given his health habits is going to die A lot sooner than Joe Biden who's a very Health hoping Trump dies before Biden no The the point is is that his age is not An issue he's very healthy if but There's only be two people running an Election is a choice and of the two Donald Trump is in more danger why are

Black voters moving to uh Trump well You're talk you're talking about whether It goes from 10 to 20% or something like That 80% the vast majority of black Voters will support Joe Biden and I do Believe KLA Harris needs to get out There and help support black votes I I I Mean I Mark I'm not trying to pick pick On you honestly if I were in your Position I'd probably say the same thing But this is the New York Times describes This as an potentially epical shift away From what the Democrats wanted to do on Progressivism and toward a more Multiethnic working class populism That's in the New York Times I mean That's not a conservative rag I do think It's populism I think Donald Trump is The classic populist that's why I want a Steady hand someone who respects Democracy someone who cares about American values I mean 5.6% decline in Real median wages I mean is that real Wages are higher real wages are higher Than they've ever been real income Actually looked at with inflation it's Down that's not my number you see this With Trump dominating here he has Multiple bases of support he has his Enthusiastic Maga supporters he has People who just remember how nice life Was under his presidency he also has People who are extremely worried that Democrats are using law enforcement to

Go after political opponents and try to Imprison political opponents people Worried about that kind of Authoritarianism this gives him three Really strong bases of support and you See it in the numbers reflected that Younger voters are more likely to vote For him black voters are more likely to Vote vron what do you think about that Axus is saying that Democrats are Quietly moving to succeed Biden they're Mentioning Nome Whitmer pritsker uh they All have launched big um packs and They're all kind of interesting you know Characters I'm not sure it would make a Big difference but they're looking at it Well first of all black voters are Moving away from Biden because they go To the grocery store I think that's Pretty clear uh what's going and they go To the gas station too uh you know as Far as any any replacement for Biden It's in extremely hard to blast an Incumbent president president out of his Seat for the party and and if he did I I I don't think there's any way in the World Democrats could pass over vice President Harris I she's the vice President of the United States say let's Just say Okay I I I agree with you the Democratic nomin okay I I I I agree with You it's probably the way it's going to Go but if it wasn't how do they Leap Frog against they're not going can't can

They no she's she's the vice president Of the United States she's the Constitutional successor the woman of Are looking at 2028 Molly is there any Way to get to KLA Harris or get overla Harris she's politically toxic but they Can't get over her now all right panel Great to see you all hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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