There’s a lot more to the George Floyd story: Journalist

There’s a lot more to the George Floyd story: Journalist

Journalist Liz Collin tells ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ about a new documentary exploring the death of George Floyd. #foxnews #fox #jessewattersprimetime

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Were you trained in MRT the maximal Restraint technique yes yes yes yes I Was yes we all were yes all the police Officers were trained into MRT your police chief said on the stand That he didn't recognize that technique Mhm I I heard him say that it's tough to Hear people lie just straight lie so These officers are accusing the min Apolis police chief of committing Perjury during the George Floyd trial The officers feel they were sacrificed For Politics everything Changed and it didn't have to had we had Strong leadership right from from the Very Top the governor the mayor our chief of Police City Council of Minneapolis the Assistant chief and the deputy Chiefs This is how you treat your people you Just turn your back on us here now Liz Collin she's an award-winning Investigative reporter and producer of The fall of Minneapolis which is just Breaking today so how badly were the American people lied To gosh it's hard to condense this Jesse In in a short segment to be honest and That was really why we wanted to put out This documentary to to give people a Look um at the lies really from from the Start and we're we're still all paying The the consequences uh of them this is

The very first time the police body Camera footage was withheld from the Public by Minneapolis Police that was For a reason so we start the film right There with here's what you you know you Were not allowed to see that was only Leaked about two and a half months Months later you have George Floyd Complaining that he he can't breathe uh Before Derrick chovin even arrives on Scene you have a black officer who Arrested George Floyd that day and Alex King and we speak to him quite a bit in The film remember this is supposed to be The most racist police interaction in in American history uh but what we talks About the black officer you also have on Film uh the uh officers who are calling For an ambulance 36 seconds after George Floyd himself asked to be laid on the Ground uh that day and people should Should be upset they should they should Wonder why was this kept from them uh For so long I myself was working in Mainstream media at at the time and I Knew there was a lot more to story and Was really disgusted about what the Press knew what they were privy to and They were refusing uh to pass along to Properly inform the public about what Went on Liz tell us a little bit about That 2019 George Floyd arrest that we Didn't Know so again we're told the very next

Day after what transpired in 2020 that The Minneapolis Police Department had Never heard of George Floyd they never Had any interaction with him at all uh But he had been the subject of an Undercover drug investigation that went On for months by by Minneapolis Police Uh and you see the the arrest take place Of George Floyd in 2019 and he is saying Almost exactly the same things uh he's Saying in 2020 um if you play the body Camera footage from both incidents uh Side by side which we do uh a bit in in The film you you can see that this is Clearly someone who's experienced with Police interactions we go into his Background again that was that was uh Held from the public uh as well so you Spoke to the medical expert who said it Was odd to see the FBI meeting with the Medical examiner for a local crime we Reached out to the FBI for comment we Haven't heard back well let's listen to This Quickly the original autopsy was done 12 Hours after he was declared dead the Official report that came out a little Bit later I'm Told was changed what do you think of The federal governments in involvement In this case one of the first questions I asked was was the FBI involved and When I found out the FBI involvement was Within 12 to 24 hours that really raised

A red flag for Me so is that usual for the FBI to get Involved like that for a local Crime you know I'll be honest here uh my Husband was a longtime Minneapolis Police Officer he was the president of Of the police Union at the time and he Talks about this I put out a book it's Called they're lying uh the media the Left and the death of George Floyd that The movie is based on on that book that Came out last year but but he talks About that in his 30 plus years in in Minneapolis Police serving that's never Happened before and everybody involved In the film talks about how they've Never seen a case uh that went to the FBI this quickly that that call was made We know uh by the Minneapolis Police Chief within hours of this incident and And I do believe that you know this is Why much of this evidence was kept from The public because there was so much Involvement from from people that had Never been involved uh before was the Autopsy report Changed so we uh in the book and also in The film we kind of just put it put it Out there for people that we have an Autopsy done within 12 hours of George Floyd So passing away keep in mind this Is long before any buildings are burning In Minneapolis uh but you do see a Narrative uh change a bit over the

Course uh of several days and we and we Go into that quite quite a bit um you Have meetings over and over again with With prosecutors and you also have some Some public documentation that just came To light about the immense pressure uh That prosecutors felt to charge Especially these three other officers That they in in fact uh in court Documents now say they were not Comfortable charging these three other Officers who are serving time in prison With sentences that range from from Three to to 5 years we know of course Derck chovin is behind bars for for more Than than 20 so a lot of this stuff is Is coming to light now uh but people Really should uh question why and and All that medical documentation it's all Public documentation reporters could Have been reporting uh about it for a Very long time and how has your Reporting on George Floyd affected you Professionally well I had uh cancel Culture come after me in in full effect I was a longtime uh news anchor here in The Twin Cities and I was demoted lost My position that I had for nearly a Dozen years I'm a Minnesota native kind Of worked at the station I grew up Watching and and I was canceled had many Uh protests at my home in fact I needed To you know lose my job and in some Cases people wanted to threaten my life

Uh as well but but really what bothered Me most about all of this is that the Truth wasn't being told and uh you know These these men and women um Minneapolis Really lost the the best of the best When it when it came to its police force And we've seen this sadly all across uh The country and they needed their their Voice back and I hope in a way that this Movie can can do that all right the fall Of Minneapolis out now if you're Interested take a look Liz thank you so Much thank you Jesse hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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