There’s no Denying Hamas Atrocities

There's no Denying Hamas Atrocities

Hamas’ attacks on October 7 were not a figment of the imagination. We cannot let their atrocities be minimized, denied, or justified.

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Our concern is that just 10 and some Days after the atrocities of October 7th Yes we are seeing denials and we've Seeing denials across the globe Including unfortunately here in the United States inconceivable in the worst of Ways one of the things that we have done Now that we have not done in the past is Released videos basically a collection Of of videos of evidence of testimonies Of what happened actually on October 7th Of raw footage which some of it is very Difficult to watch we are showing this To very select audiences to remind People what actually happened and to Help educate people of what happened When I walk around with this bracelet Here which says never again means never Again we all remember where the first Never again came from and the idea is That people really do remember and act On it we have this this movie is about 46 47 minutes long of raw footage which Is taken from even from dash cams and Vehicles of the terrorists from CCTV Cameras from body cameras of the Terrorists from cell phones of the Victims I mean there is no way to deny Or to come and say that this is fraud And this is just a fiction of somebody's Imagination

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