‘THIS COULD BACKFIRE’: Democrat voters rip Trump indictment

'THIS COULD BACKFIRE': Democrat voters rip Trump indictment

A bipartisan panel of voters joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss their reaction to the charges against former President Donald Trump. #FoxNews

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Fox News Alert back to our top story the Trump arrest an indictment yesterday and With an election on the horizon Inflation out of control in China's Constant provocation is this really what Voters want our elected officials to Focus on right now our great channel uh Joins us live you guys have been good Sports you've been here three hours You've been watching us thank you very Much all right uh let's start audience Question first of all We've been watching the polls on the Republican side it seems like every time There's news about this indictment and Yesterday we saw it Donald Trump's poll Ratings go up if the primary were held Today who thinks Donald Trump would win The Republican primary Okay Now Fast forward to the general election how Many of you think that Donald Trump Would then win the general election Let's see the hands all right Sammy You're in the back you're a Democrat why Do you think that Donald Trump would win The general after this well if you see What's happening in our country where You know abroad they're not respecting Us you know Saudi Arabia already said That they're not going to follow what we Say the dollar is in shambles right now Overseas we see also how you know here

People their their buying power their Disposable income is shrinking you know That's a lot of concern for us to be Worried about Finance laws uh on the Former president I think we're Concentrating on the wrong thing and it This may backfire okay uh speaking of Backfire so yesterday we were assuming There would be more meat on the bones Who was surprised that there was no Felony listed Marissa once again you're a Democrat as Well welcome back I am you know I was Just surprised they were building this And building this I mean this is there's Got to be something there has to be Something big and quite frankly look I'm Not a fan of Donald Trump but I was Expecting more I mean this is nothing New every president everybody who gets Ascended to political power has some Sort of skeleton in their closet right So I frankly wasn't that surprised yeah But well this is new porn star payoff is Kind of new presidential politics we're Talking about falsifying business Documents I feel like that happens Samantha you're you're smiling back There Because I think it's a joke how can we How are we in in our country our the Greatest country in the world in this Position and we're going after Trump When we had Hillary that deleted 33 000

Emails and broke servers and there was No indictment on that and we had Bill Clinton what he did with Paula Jones and There was no indictment on that and we Have Biden with his uh you know Classified documents and what's going on With that oh it's just hush hush and We're going to focus on things that Sorry but man you know this is this goes On sure Um after he was arrested yesterday Apparently today Donald Trump has uh Called for America to defund the police Particularly the FBI the Department of Justice uh because the Democrats have Weaponized law enforcement all right he Who in this panel raise your hand who Thinks that's a good idea All right nobody but Madeline you have a Very special story because you wound up Having a family member murdered and so The cops are on your side yes Or so you would think that they are Um We need the police in our communities All right I speak directly To the black and brown Community where All of the crime is happening all of the Crime that's being ignored And swept under the rug that Alvin Bragg Is refusing to prosecute We need the police if we don't have any Other defense or deterrent for The Runaway crime that's happening at least

Let us continue to have our NYPD When they are arrested they're Immediately immediately released right From the precinct To a community-based organization That they never show up at yeah Um what he apparently posted was Republicans in Congress should defund The doj and FBI until they come to their Senses he wrote Democrats have totally Weaponized law enforcement as I just Said in our country and are viciously Using this abuse of power to interfere With our already Under Siege elections Dominic uh we haven't heard from you yet What do you make of what happened so I Think um it's clearly a political stun Um I think there are much bigger cases To chase after or we still haven't heard Of the Jeffrey Epstein case no arrests Have been made about that we know dozens And dozens of uh you know high-profile Political people who are involved in in That Scandal or in in that case I'd be Much more interested to hear about you Know what happened on those islands and And Um what happened in those cases much More before I hear about Trump and uh His business dealings Frank uh the Former president does face other legal Peril with the Georgia case uh with the So-called DACA Lago the doc it's down at Mar-A-Lago and stuff like that are you

Worried about that stuff or do you think That that will be much like this was I I think am I worried about it No one wants to see crime committed in The country so do I mind it being Investigated no but investigated fairly I mean President Biden has more documents for More years than we can add up all of Trump's documents so let's at least have The appearance that the investigations Are nonpartisan that's the problem you Know Dominic's point it's not it's the Most partisan defund the police no but De-weaponize The doj 100 and I should point out Dominic's an independent uh Frank is a Republican uh can I see the hands of People who think that yesterday's Indictment was political Okay Unanimous we're out thank you very much For joining us I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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