This has never happened in the history of our country: GOP lawmaker

This has never happened in the history of our country: GOP lawmaker

Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Mo., accuses Democrats of being complicit in the ‘invasion’ of America on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Joining us now Missouri Senator Eric Schmidt Senator why is the Biden Administration Fine with migrants from places like Syria Iran China but not Russia well they have a long-term play Here as you noted um because you don't Need to be a citizen to be counted in The census that's step one and then if You give amnesty allowing to vote they Believe that's their path to more power More control and if you needed any Further evidence that number one Joe Biden's a liar and two um that they're The open borders crowd U this is exhibit 5,438 right it's in plain view now this Memo only confirms what everybody feared That this was just window dressing they Know exactly what they're doing and for As you mentioned only six countries are Noted in the Eastern hemisphere that Means if you're from China if you're a Spy from China you can get here for $5 To $10,000 and you'll be in the interior Of the United States through catching Release if you're a terrorist from Iran Same deal people this is um this is Never happened in the history of our Country or anywhere in the world Laura Where an Administration NE this has Never happened no one's ever done this Willingly allowed and actually been Complicit with an invasion of our Country they don't believe in real

Borders and sadly now Americans Literally are dying and I fear it could Be worse I mean there are terrorists Here who are operating in the United States and again the bid Administration Is willing to trade all of that for some Sort of electoral Advantage they think The the media seem to not really Comprehend I mean we saw what happened In Europe on the European elections EU Elections over the weekend populist came In the globalists for the most part are On the run people are tired of the mass Migration um but the media are still Clinging to this notion of globalism They don't understand Americans feelings On this watch this 62% of Americans Favor deporting all Undocumented immigrants so Homeland Security says that President Biden has Already deported or repatriated more People in the past year than any year Since 2010 some of what Mr Trump talks About could be illegal it doesn't seem Practical in some sense to round up Children oh my God they're still doing The Roundup children I I mean Senator The the American people have seen how This is already changed their Communities their schools uh compromised Our health care uh emergency rooms and Of course the huge budgetary problems um Along with all the other problems that We have but but the the media are so

Like oh but what about the families what About the American Families yeah well get ready for uh Spaceball style ludicrous speed Fearmongering in October that's what They're all the Democrats are left with Um you know and they they conveniently Sort of misreport a lot of this stuff is That the threat to democracy I guess is People actually voting right because That's what's going that's what happened In Europe yesterday and what's happening And here in the United States another Tsunami is coming because people don't Understand if they would get outside of Their Coastal bubbles Laura and come to Real America and actually talk to people Real people don't understand how the President of the United States is Willingly opening up the border for the Fentanyl that's P killing people in Their communities the crime that you see Every day the terrorism they don't Understand it and they're it's all Politics but November is our our shot Here all right Senator thank you

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