This is a nail ‘in the coffin’ for Democrats targeting Trump

This is a nail 'in the coffin' for Democrats targeting Trump

Restoring America Editor Kaylee McGhee White joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss what Super Tuesday races she will be watching and her reaction to the Supreme Court’s opinion on Colorado’s decision to remove Trump from the ballot. #FoxNews

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You got it let's bring in Kaye McGee White restoring America editor at the Washington examiner Kaye welcome to Super Tuesday 2024 Edition uh this thing Looks like it's set in stone but you Follow follow politics on a a very deep Level so what will you be watching out For Today well there are several races that You already mentioned down ballot that Are important to keep an eye on I'm Really interested to see what happens in California new's approval ratings just Dropped below 50% to 47% for the first Time since 2019 that's lower than it's Ever been even lower than when he had That recall effort against him so There's clearly a lot of discontent Among Democratic voters in California Against the state's current policies Could that have an effect on the senate Race it probably could and then of Course there's today's big race between Donald Trump and Nicki Haley on the Republican side that also looks set in Stone as you said Nikki Haley is not Predicting victory in any single one of The states that heads to the polls today But she's still insisting that she's Going to stay stay in the race anyway And you know I may be young but I am old Enough to remember the last female Politician who came along who also Belittled her primary opponent by saying

That he couldn't win a general election That no one liked him and that Candidate's name was Hillary Clinton so Nikki Haley has a choice to make here She could end up being just as despised As Hillary Clinton if she continues down This road or she could drop out now and Save some of her save some of her Dignity in the Republican party it Certainly is a question that a lot of us Are asking why is she's still in this Race she's vowed to stay like you said So long as it is competitive she says Today will be competitive but Kaye will It be competitive and and what is Competition looking like to her is it is It the smallest margin of victory that Trump has like I don't know what that Looks like I don't know what competitive Looks like today for Nikki Hy do You well the only person who seems to Not be confused used by Nikki Haley Strategy here is Nikki Haley and even She doesn't really seem to know what She's doing anymore and I think one Thing is clear is she's not trying to Win the Republican primary by ordinary Means she knows that she is not going to Get enough delegates today or any other Day to beat Donald Trump at best she's Hoping that something happens to Donald Trump in the next several months Probably with one of the many court Cases against him that would take him

Out of the race again not by ordinary Means but here's the thing I'm not quite Sure why she thinks that she would just Be the backup candidate if something Were to take Donald Trump out of the Race Republican voters are going to Remember every single thing that she Said about the former president over the Past several months and they're not Going to take too kindly to that uh yeah And then on the Democratic side there's Also this uh effort to vote on committed So that's certainly something to watch Out for tomorrow as well but we want to Talk about the Supreme Court decision That came down yesterday ending Colorado's effort to erase Trump from The Ballad and Colorado Secretary of State Jenna Griswald she led that effort And her reaction after the fact was Hilarious if I might be so bold take a Listen to what she said about Plan B let The voters decide watch this my larger Reaction is Disappointment I do believe That states should be able under our Constitution to Bar Oath breaking Insurrectionists and ultimately this Decision leads open or leaves open the Door for Congress to act to pass Authorizing Legislation uh but we know that Congress Is a nearly nonfunctioning body so Ultimately it will be up to the American Voters to save our democracy in November

Kayy what do you think about That well of course it's up to the Voters to save democracy it was never up To the Colorado Supreme Court it was Never up to the main Secretary of State And that's what the Supreme Court made Clear in its unanimous 90 ruling is that The state officials do not have the con Constitutional right to decide that a Candidate is disqualified just because They want to um only Congress has that Authority and again this is one of Several Nails in the coffin for Democrats lawfare strategy against the Former president this comes last week After the Supreme Court also announced That it was going to take up Trump's Immunity claims which is sure to set Back Jack Smith's timing he was really Hoping to be able to expedite his trial About classified documents before the November election it doesn't look like That's going to be able to happen happen So Democrats strategy at this point is Yes to rely on their own voters and of Course they don't want to do that Because they're stuck with an extremely Weak incumbent in President Joe Biden You wrote an oped calling the ruling yet Another roadblock for the Democrats law Fair strategy Kaylee is the thought Process that you have on law Affair that It's on its last Legs it seems to be on its way out and

Trump is still facing a number of legal Challenges that have yet to be resolved So I don't want to say that he's in the Clear yet but clearly things are not Working out for Democrats as they hope To and I do believe that the only reason That you don't hear more open calls from Top Democratic officials for Biden to Step down in light of his very poor Polling in light of his abysmal showing In Michigan last week is the fact that They've been relying on this lawfare Strategy to take out Trump for them well Now it's not looking like that's going To happen in time before the November Election so it would not surprise me in The slightest if you start to hear more Public calls in the next several weeks Especially heading into the summer Before the Democratic Convention for Biden to step down and get out of the Way yeah it looks like uh Democrats Threw a lot up against the wall and all Of it simultaneously is sliding down Right now check out that Washington Examiner oped kayy great job as always Writing it and joining us this morning We'll see you soon have a great day Thank you guys I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling Analysis

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