This is ‘offensive!’: Vivek battles Kilmeade over Ukraine

This is 'offensive!': Vivek battles Kilmeade over Ukraine

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy responds to heated moments during the debate and defends his foreign policy stances

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Well he had the most speaking time at That debate stage last night Vic RIS Swami spent much of it in those scathing Attacks against Nikki Haley V RMA Swami Is with Lawrence he is live in Tuscaloosa Alabama good Morning hey good morning family V Ras Swami is here with us uh any supporters Of the vacon Here okay uh big debate last night I Think I would call it vintage debate you Went after everyone on the stage what Was the goal of last night's performance Was it to win people over or were you Trying to expose each individual Candidate well look I would say neither Of the above for an individual debate The the goal of the debate is to speak The truth in an unvarnished way my whole Political strategy in this campaign of How we're going to win in the end is Speak the hard truths especially those That the media is unwilling to confront And so I'm the only candidate on that Stage who's really able to speak without That special interest corporate filter That's what I continued to do last night I think a lot of what we exposed were a Lot of the hypocrisies and double Standards apply to different candidates But I think the people at home deserve To see every candidate for who they are This is an important process and you Know what I'm not going to be playing

With kid gloves with xiin pping when I'm Dealing with him we're not going to do The same thing in an election either so That's what the debates are about and Then we're going to Iowa later today Where we're going to have I think more Grassroots different kind of context and So there's a time and place for Everything but the debate is for drawing Contrast and that's what I did what is Going on between you and Ambassador Haley it see it seems a little personal Well I would say that I would say that There's a deep ideological divide in the GOP there's an older generation that Believes in funding Foreign Wars and I Think doubly it's even worse when people Are making money off those Foreign Wars I was a skeptic and critic of the Iraq War back when and she was a supporter of It and it's continued all the way Through this agenda but I think it takes A very dark turn when people are making Money off of our foreign policy I've Been as vocal as anybody criticizing Joe Biden for the fact that his son gained $5 million in a bribe for what I believe Is influencing their decisions to send Our taxpayer money to Ukraine but I Can't criticize Biden credibly for that When Republicans are equally guilty of The same thing or worse in her case After stepping down from the UN becoming A military contractor joining the board

Of Boeing whose back she scratched for Years as governor of South Carolina and Then now after Hillary Clinton gave Speeches we criticized her for that now Speeches to foreign actors making Millions I apply the same standard as What I say I follow you you've been Attacking her for a while on that and She's surging in the polls polls that You cited before of the vacas Coming Out Swinging you were positioned on the Stage it doesn't look like that line of Attack is working with the supporters That you're trying to gain do you Believe that you may have come off too Strong even though there may be some Policy differences Donald the but do you think you're Gaining ground besides voters which is a Critical uh uh elector right now so I'll Say three things to that Lawrence first Of all I think I exposed the media's Double standards on that in each of the Last two debates she's called me Four-letter words one of them was Dumb And then scum last night's debate I Reveal that she doesn't know the first Thing about foreign policy that she Touts and the thing they criticize me For already the mainstream media is Daring to criticize intelligence I'm ask Say the quiet part out loud ISX Chromosomes app different standards in The media I'm talking about my strategy

Asking you going to get the support of The people because that's what matters None of us matters so I think these Polls are way off and I'll tell you why Many of the people come into our events On the ground and Iowa I mean if you Come to Iowa where I'm heading now see Our crowd sizes versus the mainstream Media narrative it's a little bit like Trump in 2016 it's off and many of the People coming are not traditionally ped Caucus goinging candidates so if those People come out we are going to deliver A major surprise on January 15th in Iowa I have full confidence in that but the Other thing is what I told you at the Beginning Lawrence is I'm not in this to Play some political calculus I will Speak my convictions I will speak them Honestly sometimes that's difficult to Hear but if you want a candidate who's Going to get in there and take down the Deep State somebody who's going to speak Truth to power then vote for somebody Who is going to speak the truth to you And sometimes the truth is uncomfortable Sometimes that's a journey and I don't Think that that's going to be an Immediate political calculus and if I Was listening to my political Consultants I'd be doing things Differently but I'm not and I think People in this country are hungry for Somebody who speaks the unvarnished

Truth that's who I think will be Rewarded in the long run and I would Rather speak the truth and even lose an Election than to win by playing some Political Snakes and Ladders but my Longrun bet is that's what's going to be Most successful V ramaswami thanks so Much for being here thank you thank you Guys I'm going to send it back to you guys in New York Steve Ang Brown yeah Unfortunately we didn't have FB to to to Question could ask him any question but Yeah but the problem I just like to know When his policy is just ridiculous on on Russia and Ukraine he says tell Russia Basically they can have Ukraine if they Promise not to have an alliance with China I mean if there's uh us hey can he Are you comfortable are you comfortable With Russia taking as much as Ukraine as They want are you comfortable pulling All our Aid out and do you really Believe that Vladimir Putin will agree Not to have an alliance with China I think we have to be play hard Ball there and make a hard deal that Requires any renigging on that deal to Have major Consequences sanctions like we have Right Now well look I think that we have to be Able to have real consequences maximum Pressure campaign we have sanctions we

Don't have a maximum pressure campaign And I can go into the details of that And I have at the Nixon library and Elsewhere but what I'm saying Brian is The clear principle are this war doesn't Advance us interests Russia China All up Eastern Europe if I ask your Question if you as the question I want To Make detailed Contours of a deal I think It is not in our interest to strengthen The Russia China Alliance and I think Our policy right now is driving Russia Further into China's arms disree with You I respect disagree with you on keep Russia from China I think Russia is Going I think the answer is we are Driving Russia into China's hands there Are kinks in the armor of that Relationship look at Russia sending Weapons to India and to Vietnam after Other meetings they've had this is our Opportunity Nixon did this in 1972 and Brian respect people like you said the Same thing that Nixon couldn't do it Well outs skeptical of that Establishment that's going to be me I Was seven years old but we students History I trust you to know that are you Comfortable giving up Eastern Europe Because you know they're already taking Mova already making moves on the Baltic Already they're taking more and more Pieces of Georgia and all we've done is

Sit there send blankets and MREs and we Got an invasion so what is going to be Next because we have no idea how Ukraine Has spent $200 billion of our money We're forking over more taxpayer Money can buy these guys are the best Fighters in I'm not going to stand for Ukrainians are probably the best Fighters in the world is not some Democracy Ukraine is fighting for their Sovereignty and they were invading the News reported Ukraine has actually Assassinated a former presidential C 201 Media doesn't like to report that so na You give up Ukraine and then a few years You'll be criticizing Joe Biden for Giving up ukra I respectfully you know We can respectfully now Brian I I think That if if I called Nikki Haley naive You guys would be having a contion let's Be honest about that but you want to Call me naive I actually understand what The heck I'm talking about here nion did This in 72 we can actually we can Actually split up the Russia China Alliance American interest world war is Your better example I think is offensive World War II is your better example Isach is war Germany if you could have Split up Japan and Germany then I do Think that you actually have a good Example World War I you got to convince Hitler not to go with a fascist nation And for the I'm not talking about

Convincing anybody Brian but the fact of The matter is I think it is offensive That people would sooner use $200 Billion of our resources to protect some Other nation's form border that's not a Democracy when in fact we're not even Doing that effectively it's not either We're doing neither it's neither it's Not and that's the fact of the matter Think this neocon wisdom needs to be Related NE wisdom no one buys into that Just give up Eastern Europe just give up Eastern Europe and Afghanistan look at Those results the same people that took It to Iraq and Afghanistan are trying to Do this again in Ukraine and it's Already been a disaster time for the Neoc one soldier is there They have done well just threatened Earlier this week that we are going to Send our troops unless we pass that Aid Package actually so Brian you mark my Words listen to Lloyd Austin who's Advancing the same policies as n saying He's going to send troops they move to a NATO Nation not to Ukraine pay attention He said he expressly said that what's Going to require sending troops if we Don't actually pass the Ukraine A policy and I think that the hard Answer is that we need to protect Americans that's the answer thank you so Much for joining the Program thank you thank you guys

Discussion thank you I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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