This is the biggest mistake Biden could make: Texas Lt. Gov.

This is the biggest mistake Biden could make: Texas Lt. Gov.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick says Texas will take all the help it can get to secure the southern border on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Governor Um I've already gotten text messages From people who are concerned and Hearing that that this is just what Biden wants he wants something to Trigger something that will end up you Know ending up in some type of violence Involving States versus the federal Government are you concerned about that Given how this is Changing I'm not concerned Laura the big Mistake the Biden Administration could Make would be confronting law Enforcement or our military our National Guard at our border at this park when We're actually doing the job that the American people want so if they come Down and create a situation all of America already knows now they will Clearly see that the Democrats are Willing to take on a state that is Operating ating under the our Constitutional right to protect our People and protect this country I don't Think even Biden will make that mistake We're not looking for a confrontation We're looking for them to do their damn Job and protect the lives of Texans and Americans and protect the borders in This country and for every person that's Died of a fentanyl overdose for every Person that's been murdered by MS-13 for Every Law Enforcement Officers been Killed in the line of duty because these

People across the border that death is On the hands of Joe Biden and this Administration and his policies On the Border they should not come and confront Us they should just let us do our Job do you welcome National Guard Members from other states are you Encouraging them to come join you and if So for what Purpose so Laura we've had cooperation From other states we've had National Guard from other states and Texas will Take all the help we can get it shows a Unified America it shows a unified group Of Republican Governors who want to Protect this country but it has to be Organized it's got to you know we we we Don't want to have thousands of people Show up tomorrow we want to work with Their departments their National Guard But in terms of asking for help we're Glad to have the backing of these Brave Bold Governors and Lieutenant Governors And senators in the Republican party Around this country who realize they're Willing to come to the aid of Texas Because they know we're holding the line Would it would it take the form of of Perhaps confronting border patrol who Are trying to get into certain areas Would it would it be putting up U more Of that uh razor wire or other types of Obstructions at the border what exactly Would they be

Doing um you're talking in terms of the National Guard yeah I'm sorry yeah well We have lots of jobs on the border for People to do we're busy at work every Day remember our border Uh Laura for folks who don't know is Longer than the distance between Atlanta And Portland Main it's 1250 some miles And so we need people everywhere but let Me tell you what we're doing the job if Joe Biden will get out of our way we'll Do the job we'll secure the Border we Don't need them and and also let me say Something about this border patrol Border patrol works with us the rank and File every day we work together like This it's Joe Biden that wants to come In and split us apart he wants this conf For what reason we're doing the job at The state park they have no reason to be There they got 1,200 miles to cover We're doing the job they're try they're Trying to make this a fight we're trying To protect our border we're trying to Protect American lives and Texas lives That's what we're trying to do and he's Trying to turn into a political battle And turn into a fight with our state Well Don't Mess with Texas um Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Thank you as always hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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