This is the most ‘offensive case’ against Trump: Former Trump lawyer

This is the most ‘offensive case’ against Trump: Former Trump lawyer

Former Trump impeachment lawyer David Schoen shares his thoughts on former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Joining me now David shown former Trump Impeachment lawyer David I know you were Covering this and watching this closely And getting reports as it was happening Um I want to remind viewers that this is Not a jury trial for the life of me I Don't understand why they didn't request A jury but in a situation like this when The judge said that he does not want to Hear what Trump has to say what does That signal yeah I mean let's make that Very clear the judge explicitly said I Don't want to hear what he has to say That probably epitomizes the Sham that This whole thing is I think of all of The cases against President Trump and uh They're pretty good candidates for this Uh this one is the most offensive at Least right now to most people this is a Case in which there are no losses no Victims it allows a partisan attorney General who ran on a platform of getting Trump which itself was ethically Problematic um uh it allows now a judge As you say without a jury to determine That he is going to take away try to Take away president Trump business Licenses in New York state take away Valuable properties with again no losses No victims it's a sham but today we Heard it this case seems to be all about This judge we learned today that he has A section in the courtroom reserved for His friends and his law Clerk's friends

To come and watch it's a circus to him Um but you know I would imagine the poll Numbers went way up after today because What president Trump did was stand up to This judge like I think every American Would like to do in a justice system and Usually a lawyer says now listen you Can't talk to a judge that way you know After all this guy's deciding the case But president Trump is very Savvy and he Knows that this judge has already Decided this case and so he said he Called it like it was he didn't ask to Be there he didn't ask for this case to Be brought and if you're going to bring Him there you're not going to bully him And you must listen to what he has to Say or you're making it more of a sham And a horrible reflection on the Integrity of our Judicial System well David speaking of the judge I want to Play um a CNN report from inside the Courtroom watch After Trump testified his lawyer signal To the judge that there are still some Motions that they would like to file They would like to file a motion for a Mistrial and there were also some issues That they want to raise related to the Gag order the judge encouraged them not To file any such motion and then said That he was ordering them not to file That motion she was obviously outside The courthouse but the judge apparently

Backed down from that order David but to Initially deny any motion Just out of hand without even seeing the Motions uh that was risking what a Motion for a mistrial or more mo more You know grounds for the appeal that's Obviously going to come right certainly Grounds for the appeal I mean it's as if He's going out of his way to show the American public that he runs a sham Courtroom it's horrible as a lawyer I Can tell you you know we all have a Vested interest in seeing that the Justice system operates properly he Never should have allowed this attorney General to bring this act action it Should have been dismissed as a matter Of first course the law is Extraordinarily broad this executive law That permits this in this case you know You mentioned earlier about a jury trial It happens that this executive law There's a case construing it that says There's no right to a jury trial in my View his lawyers still should have asked Ran to preserve the record because in This case it goes far beyond injunctive Relief to really uh excessive damages if They really intend to find him $250 Million and take away his business and All of that God forbid that should ever Be upheld by any Court even a court in New York yeah I would have made the Motion as well uh on the jury trial

David great to see you thank you so much Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere Else

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