This is what you get with a weak, failed American president: Sen. Tom Cotton

This is what you get with a weak, failed American president: Sen. Tom Cotton

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton argues the cooperation between Russia and North Korea are a result of President Biden’s ‘weakness.’ #FoxNews

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Today Russia's President Vladimir Putin Is set to visit North Korea yep North Korea two-day visit this week to meet With Kim Jong-un am made International Concerns about their military Cooperation that already made a massive Impact against Ukraine meanwhile a new Report shows China expanding its nuclear Arsenal 22% in 2023 with no signs of Slowing down the fleet of Russian ships Pulled out of Havana air for yesterday After a 5-day stay uh 105 miles off the Coast of Florida and Sweden and Finland Reported reporting that Russian aircraft Entered into their airspace twice last Week he'll react to his AR Arkansa Senator Tom Cotton we got the uh Axis Powers uh reconfiguring themselves Cooperating trying to Rattle our cages Is it working Senator well Bri unfortunately our Adversaries around the world see Weakness in the American President Joe Biden and that's what happens after four Years of a president who's scared of own Shadow who's not confident about American strength and Leadership you get These stream of stories about Adversaries around the world cooperating Advancing their interest over our Interest take North Korea for instance Vladimir Putin is visiting there today That didn't happen uh under President Trump uh you didn't have Russia giving

The kind of diplomatic and political Pressure that now it's going to because It's getting all those artillery shells And missiles in return or consider China's nuclear buildup this has been Happening for years Joe Biden has done Nothing about it he's looked the other Way in fact the first thing he did when He took office was to extend the only Nuclear arms control agreement we have In the world with Russia with no strings Attached um and it's one-sided towards Russia as well president Trump again Didn't do that because he had insisted That China has to enter into any new or Extended agreements but this these are Just all examples of what you get with a Weak failed American president who Emboldens our uh adversaries and worries Our allies around the world I mean right Now we got two new uh members of NATO They're strong countries Finland and Sweden they already feeling a little bit Of the push uh we can see a map right Now of Russia infringing into the NATO Airspace just about everywhere uh we Also could see this push with North Korea now a lot of people say well it's A poor hermit Kingdom what's the big Deal it's a big deal because they have a Lot of weapons they have a lot of cyber Uh cyber capabilities number two and When you go to sanction them and the UN Security Council you no longer have a

Country that will go along with us China And Russia are not going to do it Anymore yeah that's exactly right Brian This is not just about North Korea Helping Russia prosecute its war of Aggression Ukraine but it's a direct Threat to us because of what North Korea Gets in return Russia will not cooperate With us in international forums they Will not enforce sanctions they will not Enforce embargos against a country that Has nuclear weapons that can hit not Just our troops and citizens in places Like Guam or even Hawaii but the Mainland of the United States I want you To hear what Jon stoltenberg this is Good news uh said with President Biden Yesterday Watch together we're deterred further Russian aggression in Europe I think we I know we welcome Finland and Sweden the Alliance and we strengthen NATO's Eastern flank making it clear that we'll Defend every single inch of NATO Territory uh the part where he wasn't Nodding he said that 21 of the 30 Countries are now reaching their 2% Number one if that in fact does weigh Out that a huge Improvement right Senator yeah it's a big improvement from Where we were in the Obama Biden years In part because president Trump came to Office and he got serious and got tough On our friends in now a lot of country

Some some countries were already moving That direction they tended to be the Smaller countries that were more exposed To threat from Russia the bigger Wealthier countries still need to get There Russia's invasion of Ukraine of Course opened the eyes to a lot of European countries on the need to build Their military but this is a point that President Trump has made for years is That we support and defend our allies in Europe but Europe has to care as much if Not more about their security than the United States cares about it we have a Lot of global obligation working for Instance with our friends in places like Israel and Saudi Arabia or trying to Protect our friends in the Western Pacific against Chinese aggression we Need Europe as president Trump says to Take care of European security Senator I Know you and the president have always Hit it off I know he has a lot of Respect for you and you decided not to Run for president you said my family's Too young it' be too much too taxing do You feel that would also hold you back From accepting uh his invitation to join His ticket do you feel as though your Family's still too young for you to to Serve in the executive Branch well Brian they get old fast That's for sure but they're still pretty Young but no running for president in

American politics is a unique uh in Taxing challenge you got to start Building a presidential campaign from Scratch you're on the road six or seven Days a week um nothing else compares to That not running for the senate or Serving in the senate or being the Vice President in a camp in a campaign or in A cabinet position I'm very happy Serving the people of Arkansas trying to Make a difference for them and for our Nation of course any great Patriot if Asked by a president to serve our Beautiful country would have to consider It but right now what I want to focus on Is getting Donald Trump elected to the White House and a republican majority in Congress who can begin to repair the Damage caused by Joe Biden and the Democrats and you do your hits before The go to school so therefore you're Being a good parent too uh Senator Thanks so much appreciate it have a good Day I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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