This is why antisemitism prevails on college campuses | Will Cain Podcast

This is why antisemitism prevails on college campuses | Will Cain Podcast

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Shocked at the Anti-Semitism on college campuses we Shouldn't be this has been a long time Coming for America two now 75% of the Republican primary is Maga Three hire Johnny Cochran better yet Find Joe J Sue launch a congressional investigation If you have to get on a war posture and Bring back to Houston Oilers it's the Willc podcast on Fox News podcast what's Up and welcome to Monday as always I Hope you will download rate and review This podcast wherever you get your audio Entertainment at Apple Spotify or at Fox News podcast you can watch the willc Podcast on YouTube and follow me on X at Willc I'm basically a sports Ninja a sports Navy SEAL operating a High level of competency despite sleep Deprivation with the Texas Rangers in The World Series I took your advice I Was always going to listen I stayed up For this once in a-lifetime event Despite having to set my alarm for 4:00 A.m. eastern time that meant on Friday Night I stayed up until 12:45 and got up Again at 4 and that meant on Saturday Night that I went to bed roughly at 11:30 and got up again at 4: I am sleep Deprived I'm pretty Pleased but when you combine it with my

Trip back to Dallas I might just be a Sports stoic capable of enduring severe Pain but persevering to stay with my Team man I'm going to tell you Something I can't go as far as to say It's Miserable but it's more like getting Paper cuts for 3 hours to try to stream A football game on YouTube TV while Flying through a metal canister 30,000 Feet in the Air I appreciate where we have arrived At technology that I'm sitting in a Relatively comfortable seat streaming The internet screaming across the sky to Get me home in time for family Dinner But the spoiled children of progress That we are the spoiled child of Progress that I am when I try to buy the Internet for $199 American that's Highway robbery and stream a game on YouTube TV I uh at one point on Sunday Measured it I think I was getting Basically like 101 15 seconds of action With 3 to 5 Second pauses with the old School buffer wheel going around and I Stuck through it baby I mean I was a Warrior I didn't even complain it didn't Toss my hands around didn't let out any Big size I just dug deep and I enjoyed That cowboy game had they been losing it Had been a tight game I can't promise That the attitude would have been the

Same but it was nice I even went for a Little extra cherry on top did some Red Zone at the end of the game continuing To subject myself to paper cuts so when You combine the paper cuts of bad Internet connection with the sleep Deprivation of the World Series I'm not Saying I'm just saying I could be the Sports Navy SEAL Story number One Surprised at the anti-Semitism on American college campuses we should not Be we should not be this has been a long Time coming in America there are disturbing images of Not just anti-Semitism but images Reminiscent of European pgms taking Place across the world now that we have Entered The at least preliminary stages of a Ground invasion in Israel in dagistan Russia extremely disturbing scene where The anticipated arrival of a flight from Tel Aviv I guess presumed to be full of Jews was Met with Russian Dagani riots a mob that infiltrated the Airport looking to and you quote if you Trust the translations in the videos Quote kill Jews I'm talking about it What appears to be hundreds of People in the airport on the runway on The tarmac looking in the plane to see If they can find

Jews Anti-Semitism is undoubtedly on the rise Across the globe and anti-Semitism is Rearing its ugly head on American College campuses London we saw images of Thousands waving Pro Palestinian Flags Grand Central Station in New York City taken over for a pro pro Palestinian rally Brooklyn New York similar Scenes Tain which I did not know was a 44% Jewish student Body the scene of a fight between prop Palestinian protesters and Jewish Students and similar scenes have taken Place across college campuses in America let's start with this I'm Hesitant to declare anything cart blanch Any Without firsthand evidence anything Accept it as fact as on its face Anti-semitic it's part of my Instinct that pushes me away from Knee-jerk reactions to racism look that Word that that concept of racism has Been pulled and stretched and puffed Apart over the past 5 to 10 years in America beyond all semblance of meaning When I read a story and I often will by Somebody like NBC News where the be in Black is capitalized and there's a Declarative in the opening paragraph of An incident described as racist I do not

I do not accept it as face value on one Hand because Racism Is if not completely Overwhelmingly subjective what is what Is not racist what are the facts that Are never shared that lead us to this Conclusion of racism and that's not to Say there aren't incidences of Racism that something can't be racist Quite Clearly and I think we could all find Incidences or facts or evidence or Moments where the overwhelming if not 100% consensus is racist but the way That word has been Tortured our Collective understanding of Racism has been lost it's a knife who's Edge is Dulled it's A Halloween trick that's no longer scary Because it's been Overplayed and with that same Instinct I'm hesitant to accept any Declarative any statement of fact that Something is anti-Semitic and that Happens all the time it happens as well On news agencies including my own where It is as a statement of fact instead of Opinion that something Is Anti-Semitic and again this is something That is at least Overwhelmingly

Subjective that belongs in the realm of Opinion-based columns and not in the First lead of paragraphs of fact-based News Articles but again that's not to say There isn't such a thing as Anti-Semitism but right now the kind of Evidence being used used when you are Forwarded the idea of a fact based or Objective or overwhelming consensus of Anti-Semitism are things like any Opposition to Israel is anti-Semitic any Opposition to Zionism is Anti-Semitic and that type of trick just Like The tool of accusations of racism is Designed to shut down conversations and Critical thinking faculties not to shine Light and understanding on a Situation I say that because when I come Into this conversation I want you to Know I never use that nor do I accept That Terminology literally Liberally but there are things that I Think we can Agree are at least overwhelmingly if not Consensus if not 100% if not Declarative if not statements of fact Meet our common understanding of Something that is Anti-Semitic if you're Waving the flag of

Hamas I think it's fair to say that that Is anti-Semitic the charter of Hamas Calling for the eradication of Jews if you Are following the week of a horrific Terror attack launching on the streets Of America and across the globe protest In support of Palestine when the only Thing possibly to be celebrating at that Moment was the slaughter of 1400 Jews I think it's fair to say that is Anti-Semitic if you're flying that Palestinian flag in that same time Frame I think it is fair to say that's Anti-semitic that's not to say after the War rages on and there's a bombing strip A bomb through the strip of Gaza that Flying that flag remains anti-semitic But everything in life is about timing And context and understanding and if You're doing it after in the moments Directly Preceding a terror attack I think it's Fair to say that's Anti-semitic if you're tearing down Kidnap posters across the streets of New York City which by the way I was in New York this past weekend they're up all Over the Upper West Side they're in Brooklyn they're in all sorts of places And shocking the number of videos that We're seeing of people tearing down These posters Why there are Street lamps with these

Posters now with plastic transparent Tape to prevent people like a Broadway Producer who went around with sets of Scissors tearing down the posters of the Missing why I think if you're doing that What point are you making other than you Are anti-semitic if you refuse to Condemn the terror attacks like several Members of Congress when confronted Directly by a reporter pretty easy Question to answer do you condemn the Terror attacks in southern Israel by Hamas if you refuse to offer that Condemnation I think it's fair to Say you're Anti-semitic but if you're having an Argument over the future or the Past And the politics of the Levant it is not fair to say that Everything every bit of understanding Every bit of History every bit of Disagreement every bit of Debate is Anti-Semitic we have to search for Accuracy and truth I tell you all of That to say I'm not interested in a Discussion or a conversation or a Segment on the will Cane show wherein All we do is sit here and cast Broad ra Dispersions and stones that college kids Have all of a sudden become anti-semitic But we can look with objectivity at some Of what I just laid out and stand there

Mouth a gate at the state of college Campuses in America Cooper Union Jewish students Driven into I cannot remember if it was The school library or the cafeteria with Students on the other end of those Locked doors chanting and threatening Those students inside of Cooper Union Anti-semitic rallies and protests and And and Violence and overwhelming support for Palestine in the wake of that terror Attack that killed 1400 has caused many A billionaire in America many Jewish Billionaires like the Wexler Family not for nothing the primary Family I feel like it goes it should go Mentioned every time this family is Mentioned but the Wexler family the Primary supporter of Jeffrey Epstein but The Wexler family Leon cooperman Bill Amman to say they're going to stop Donating their money to college campuses In the wake of what they see as shocking Eye openening mouth the gate Anti-Semitism but what I would say is While they stand here shocked today they Don't have a Right to their surprise this has been a Long time coming we should have seen I Think many people that listen here would Already Know that we've been leading up to this

Overwhelmingly obvious moment for Decades in America there is a direct Line from Marxism to Black lives matter To Hamas and if you're only feeding on The surface of the news cycle never Understanding the currents that run down Deep you'll never understand why it is That one would float with the current Thing or one would Contin to be Surprised by the state of our country But if you dig deep if you put as we Have encouraged that Rudder down into The waters and understand not Conspiratorial connections but Fact-based history you would Know this was a long time coming in America the opposition to Israel on American college campuses has a lot to Do with the movement of anti antic Colonization that's the narrative bought By American students why it's part and Parcel with the pandemic of victim Mentality in America it is the framework Of what we have discussed it is the Framework of oppressor and oppressed Which is a framework that rests on the Foundation of Marxism let me explain that with a bit More detail in the past several weeks We've talked a lot here on the willc Podcast about the fundamental survival Tool of human nature and that is Tribalism for most of human history Tribalism was defined by commonalities

In race or commonalities in religion or Commonalities in geography a relatively Recent experiment in humanity is the Nation state asking people to set aside Those more obvious connections of Commonality those more obvious tribes For Concepts that are more abstract Ideas buy into my values sign up for my Nation State communism for what it's worth was One of these attempts to get people to Identify with an idea to redefine their Concept of tribe a nation state is not Simply the rallying around of a specific Set of ideas but it also Needs a Outsider it needs an Other any individual any group of people Often have trouble understanding what it Is that makes them them them without Seeing somebody that they are not it's Hard to understand we until we Understand the Other and communism look to sell the Idea within their nation state projects The most notably the Soviet Union I'm buying into the idea of class And the other being the Elite the Bourgeois the Aristocrat communism asked you to see The other as the wealthy as the Capitalist and ask the workers of the World to Unite but communism as an idea or as a

Political project rested on the ideology Of Marxism and Marxism has been baked Into the American not just Collegiate And University system but at lower Levels of Education through American Teachers Colleges been part of our educational Mindset in America For going on almost 100 Years it's been inculcated in Universities it's been taught to Teachers and it's not as though every Teacher that your son or daughter has in E8th grade understands on the Most overt and conscious level they're Buying into communism it is more a Subconscious play on the mentality of Victimhood it is the framework of Oppressor and oppressed it's the world Of the underdog it's taking up for the Little guy it plays upon instincts and By the way it plays upon kernels of Truth in the nature of humanity that There are people that are oppressed that There is victimhood that there is Tragedy but it asks you to accept those Kernels of Truth and see them as the Microscope through which to see humanity And the world and to begin to Define Everything thing our relationships one Another our societies our tribes as Oppressor and Oppress now while it was first brought In

170 years ago into the American Education system through the first Iteration of Communism of Marxism Through the Divide of class that has Evolved over time it's Evolved into race in the 1960s race Began to be the big civil Societal divide movement in America and With black nationalist movements like The Black Panthers taking on overtly Marxist ideologies and positions and Those were not simply the buying of an Idea sold to them through the education System these were these were movements Funded by communist parties backed Directly we can draw direct Lines to the Soviet Union Because of that we don't get to be Shocked or surprised today when the Black lives matter chapter of Chicago in The wake of a terror attack literally Within the 48 Hours following a terror Attack puts out a poster a tweet an Instagram post of a paraglider and says We stand with Palestine it sounds like You stand with paragliders of Hamas who conduct Terror and kill 1400 Jews it moves on from Race by the way it Always adopts the current Thing this framework of oppressor and Oppressed moves into the G movement in The United States of America it's moved On now to the trans movement it's always In search of a victim and again some of

It is true it finds in Cases accuracy it finds righteous it Finds truthful victims but again it asks You to take those kernels of Truth and Use them as the microscope into seeing The broader project that is America Because the truth that kernel of Truth Is not the point the point is the Objective and whether or not you define It on class or race or Trans the point is to divide and Separate it was not simply an Ideological movement of Communism and Marxism but a nation state project of The Soviet Enterprise to divide and Separate this tribe why because this Tribe had a different set of values this Tribe didn't rally itself around the Nation state Abstractions of Communism and Marxism This tribe rallied itself around the Nation state values enshrined in the United States Constitution developed Over thousands of years through Greek And Roman thought surviving through the Western Enlightenment tried and true and in my Humble estimation the greatest cons Consecration of secular Values in the history of Man but the project was to divide and Conquer it's a project today that Remains it's a project that's been taken Up by the Chinese Communist party let me

Give you an example who runs Tik Tok the Chinese Communist Party what's happening On Tik Tok let me give you an example of the Search results when you hashtag a Certain different set of positions on Tik Tok if you search stand with Palestine you'll get 3.4 billion views On that return if you search hasand Withth Palestine with the Palestinian Flag you get 64.8 million if you search Stand with Palestine drop the e add the Flag and add a rows you get 266.00 again 304 million versus 3.4 Billion if you search stand with Israel With the Star of David and the Israeli Flag you get 16 million Views if you search stand with Israel Underscore between each of the words you Get 31 million views if you search stand With Israel with the Israeli flag you Get 3.2 million views 3.2 million views The lowest going down four separate Searches I gave you a stand with Palestine was 51 million views 50.8 million views that's the position Today of the Marxist communist project That lives in its fullest form the Chinese Communist Party Deploying divide and conquer and I'm Here to tell You it is not great leaps to attempt to Divide and conquer US based upon class

And race then gay then trans then Islamist then Hamas why because the Consistent Thread the consistent threat of this Ideology that again has been taught that Is baked in that is inculcated on the American college campus is Inherently Anti-colonialist and Anti-western it is also Anti-white so what does Israel represent Why would this Movement that has left so many Billionaires and so many on the left and So many progressives shocked at the Anti-Semitism on college Campuses be Anti-israel it's not Complicated Israel is a colonialist Project in the Middle East we've gone Through the history together you and I Together I don't have to rehash it here Yes there have been Jews in the Middle East for thousands of years they were Largely run out of the Middle East some 2,000 odd years ago a colonialist Project named Zionism launched in the 1880s looking For a safe home for Jews when you see The type of videos taking place in Dagistan Russia you're seeing what took Place across centuries in Europe at the Hands of Christians that Inspired the movement we know today as

Zionism which was a colonial project Known and Self-defined it's part of the History and this ideology is inherently Colonial why is it inherently Anti-colonial the university movement Because anti because Colonialism was largely largely not Exclusively but largely a project of the West and this divide and conquer again Straight through line from the Soviet Union communism the Chinese Communist Party American college campuses is Anti-western a rejection of the values That bind together this tribe the United States of America why Else are these college students Anti-israel they've bought into the Decolonization Narrative they assign colonization to Westernism they assign westernism to Whiteness this is all out there for us To read and for us to Connect and Jews are whiter than Arabs So in every step of the way the Anti-colonialist Decolonization black lives matter Marxist ideology asks you to reject the Whiter the Western value colonization Project that project is the project of The oppressor and I told you in every Step of the way you will find your Kernels of truth of course are there gay People that have been victimized in the

United States of America Absolutely are there trans people who Have been victimized yes Absolutely are There are there Muslims who've suffered Under the Patriot Act yes Absolutely but this movement doesn't Care about those kernels of Truth it Used those kernels of Truth and pumps them full of Steroids like the stretched and tortured Meaning and usage of the word racist to Ask you to see the world ask your Children to see the world through that Framework through that Lens ask your children to think of Themselves as the champion of the Oppressed and in so doing reject the Values of westernism Reject the project that is the Foundation of this tribe and these are No small values to reject again in my Mind the greatest secular consecration Of values in the history of man asks you To reject them because on the other end They want to divide and conquer and they Play Upon Our Nativity they play upon Our children's lack of identity they Play Upon Our Own lack of understanding They play Upon Our instinct to move away From tradition in the name of progress They play Upon our Differences to get us to reject our

Similarity Ities are unique and unifying values These billionaires should have seen this Attack on the tribe of America the Values that unify America decades ago I Understand that now it's Gorly obvious I Understand that Today it's shocking it's eye opening It's mouth Agape but it's been a long Time coming and these Billionaires should have made their move When these universities began to tear Down this tribe the tribe of America Because by tearing down this tribe you Laid the groundwork not just to one Day tear down Israel you have you've laid the Groundwork the to create the only true Existential threat to America we will Never be invaded with two gigantic Oceans not by a military with two Gigantic oceans on either side we will Only existentially cease to exist Internally if someone can divide and Conquer and get us to reject through our Children the values that made us unique In human history the values that made Us America story number two 75% of the Republican primary Maga Mike Pence former vice president Under Donald Trump has dropped out of The race for president he announced that This past weekend he was running out of Money he wasn't polling well and with

That he really left four main candidates For president it's still more people Officially in the race but you're down To essentially four main candidates for President Donald Trump Ronda santz V Ramaswami and Nikki Haley even at that That I'm Probably offering too much generosity in That we are truthfully down to one Candidate as the nominee for Republican for presidency in 2024 Donald Trump but what's interesting if you look At that is there's only one candidate Among those leading four that isn't that Hasn't taken Up the movement that is make America Great again and that is Nikki Haley Nikki Haley has said some terrifying Things in my estimation when it Comes to American foreign policy Nikki H Is not she is seems to be taking the Mantle of the modern day Lindsey Graham She hasn't found a war yet she isn't Ready to embrace Ukraine all in Israel The 51st state an attack on Israel is an Attack on America not only that she Wants to bomb the hell out of Gaza and Then import all the refugees that we Would create in Gaza she's ready to Fight Iran she's ready to war it's the Worst of all Worlds go create Wars you cannot Win never ask yourself or answer to your Constituency whether or not it serves

America first and then import the Refugees of your Bombs this is such a recipe for disaster Take the American taxpayer dollar ship It to the military industrial complex Create weapons of War drop them on foreign Nations provoke Potential war that would ask for the Sacrifice of our children send our Children back home to a country whose Economy is devastated fighting for a job Where hundreds of thousands if not Millions of refugees have been brought In to compete for a declining pool of Skilled labor then when those sons of Ours perhaps injured if still alive from Your War want To go try to get those jobs they will Sit before an HR department in Corporate America who sits there and uses the same Exact mentality that Nikki Haley did When she immediately believed Bubba Wallace in his Infamous noose hoax with NASCAR to ensure that whoever gets the Job will only be the people not most Qualified but that most check the boxes Of your Dei initiatives used to absolve Ourselves of the guilt for the Situations that you have created across The Globe Nikki Haley would ensure that our children are Jobless injured but oh there's some Forever War far across the globe that I

Assure you we do not Win in my mind the absolute worst of all Worlds on the plus side 75% of that Elector the other three candidates Swami Ronda Sanz and Donald Trump have bought Into the movement that I think is the One that reattaches us I truly do I Truly do not just because of populism Not just because of popularity but the Only one that ever truly talks about What are the values of America First will Joe Biden be the nominee for The Democrats that's looking less and Less of a certainty Minnesota Congressman worth $64 million has said He's going to run he's going to put his Name on the ballot in New Hampshire and I for one I'm starting to wonder Starting to realize I I don't know I'm I Go back and forth on this like oh they Can run John fedman they can run Diane Feinstein they can run a Potato but you got to be able to win With that potato and I'm not sure you Can run with the potato that is Joe Biden I don't know which way we're going But I will tell you this and the betting Markets are already reflecting It greater chance now head-to-head for Him for Donald Trump an even better Chance for make America great again Story number Three Notes From The World of Sports I don't feel confident I stayed

Up I watched every inning of the World Series Friday night was incredible I'm So glad I deprived myself of sleep I'm So glad I only got three and a half Hours that comeback which was a game Full of pessimism with Cory Seager Hitting a two-run home run in the ninth Was glorious sitting in a hotel room in New York City by myself it was only uh Only exceeded by Adas Garcia in the left In the 11th with a game-winning home run Glory so glad I stayed up unfortunately Saturday night was Deflating Saturday Night the Rangers were just outplayed The Diamond Backs are good they play Baseball and I know you've heard if you Watch the games they steal bases they Run they're pesky they're a problem and My producers James lvy and Patrick haton Have spent the entirely of the last two Weeks talking about the how undeserved It is for Arizona to be in the World Series nonsense I'll tell you this the Houston Astros made me nervous primarily Because of Jose Altuve and yordon Alvarez but as a fan of the Texas Rangers having played the the the Tampa Bay Rays the Baltimore Orioles the Houston Astros and the Arizona Diamondbacks I don't think I've ever Felt as pessimistic as I do today tied One to One these guys play

Baseball hey speaking of Houston Let's Uh bring back the ghost of Joe J Johnny Cochran let's launch the Lawsuits this weekend in the NFL the Tennessee Titans took on the Atlanta Falcons but the Titans dressed up in Their old Houston Oilers Uniforms love you Blue the baby blue and Red with the oil DK on the helmet they Looked awesome and they won by the way As the Oilers they looked incredible and They are that name Houston Oilers that look Earl Campbell Warren Moon that Colorway that is Maybe the best alltime look in the NFL now I like retro everything you know That right now the last couple of days I Have been lost in an Instagram rabbit ho Hole of 1990s Toyota Land Cruisers 1970s GMC jimmies and uh Chevy K5 Blazers and 1980s Blazers and jimmies I love Square Boxy and all those even the '90s Land Cruisers Square boxy I like I don't care About new I don't like new cars I don't Like honestly I kind of don't even like New homes I like Old and so I like the old uniform of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers give me the Creamsicle I like the old uniform of the New England Patriots give me Pat Patriot I like the old uniform of the Denver Broncos not the usfl 1990s look they Have I like old uniforms that haven't

Changed like pin State I like old uniforms like the Cleveland Browns and I love the old uniforms of The Houston Oilers they're iconic if not The best they are top tier those others That I've just laid out along with the Pittsburgh Steelers and a few other franchises I Think the Dallas Cowboys their uniform Wonderfully makes no sense none of the Blue matches not the blue in the star to The blue on the Jersey to the blue blue On the numbers when they're wearing Their whites to whatever color that is When they I wish they'd go back to that Seafoam green pants because I like the Old but there is possibly nothing better Than the old Houston Oilers the Tennessee Titans took it with them Basically have put it in the closet and Let it collect dust as They adopted the monoculture generic Titans what are they from Athens is it a Greek Team Cleveland Guardians Tennessee Titans Monoculture Houston Oilers can only Really exist in Houston and they're Better than the I don't hate it but I Don't love it Houston Texans by the way Houston I didn't know you were so upset That we're the Texas Rangers I realized That after the ALCS Houston's very upset

It's not the Dallas Rangers or the DFW Rangers or the Arlington Rangers here's The thing Houston you're showing Insecurities on this one yeah okay I get It you don't like that the Rangers by Name become the baseball team of the State but your knowledge of Texas History which I hope is still being Taught in schools should help you Understand the Texas Rangers were Key to taming the West when they sent what was it John David coffee and these guys out they to Fight the commanches they weren't the Arlington Rangers they were the Texas Rangers how about a little difference to History I'm giving you your due here I'm Ready to launch the lawsuits to get back Love you Blue you need to get away from The red white and blue of the Houston Texans go back to the baby blue and red Of the Houston Oilers and I know that The Titans ownership has it that's why We got to get the best legal teams we Got to launch the Lawsuits we got to get get this back Speaking of the NFL the Dallas Cowboys Beautiful weekend stomping the Rams the Cowboys are e stinky or incredible we Got the incredible version of the Cowboys this Weekend Dak Prescott Was almost perfect and the Cowboys were Absolutely beautiful one last note on

Sports friend and colleague Klay Travis Over at outkick has launched a bet a Million dollars he got Twitter fight With a player in the WNBA he said that a Team of his choosing State High School Champion Varsity Boys team could beat a WNBA team I don't know if he said a WNBA All-Star team and that really upset an WNBA player who offered no argument but Simply called him a Dumbass we do know that the FC Dallas 15-year-old boys so U6 or was it U5 boys Academy granted Academy beat the US Women's National Team in soccer soccer basketball not Exactly the same but we do know as well That 19y olds so a year removed from High school are getting drafted playing Well Derek Lively Victor wimia did I say That Right he's still young enough the Spurs Stud 7 foot6 athletic slashing big I Don't think think I have to it took me a Good year before I got Giannis anmo and I am perfect at that one now I just said Giannis even when I had a daily radio Show but now I got it baby an TMO an TMO Whatevs I don't yet have Victor Wim Yaya Wim Yaya any way a team full of Wimas and Derek Livy and others a year Remov from school just back them up a Year yeah I'm going to go with Clay on That million dooll bet I think they beat The WNBA that's going to do it for today

Here on the willc podcast you can let me Know what you think willc podcast ATF and I will see you again next Time hey it's Will Kane click here to Subscribe to the Fox News Channel on YouTube it's the best way to get our Latest interviews and highlights and Click to subscribe to the will cane Podcast for full episodes right now

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