This proves Dems’ green agenda is not ‘sustainable’: Expert

This proves Dems’ green agenda is not ‘sustainable’: Expert publisher Marc Morano joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the sudden cancellation of New Jersey’s offshore wind project. #foxnews

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A global energy developer is axing two Major offshore wind projects off the Coast of New Jersey dealing a serious Blow to President Biden's green energy Agenda but the but the reason appears to Be Bomic Danish energy firm orsted blames Quote high inflation Rising interest Rates and supply chain bottlenecks Impacting our long-term capital Investments adding quote as as a result We have no choice but to seize Development of these wind projects here With reaction climate Depot publisher Mark Morano Mark what's behind all of This because I do know in New Jersey and By the way welcome to the show um I do Know in New Jersey there were you very Brave activists who were fighting these Wind farms off you know that were Offshore getting no support from Environmentalists um who should have Been helping because of all the dead Whales that were caused by the project So what's what's going on Here well the story isn't as simply Simple as you're hearing from orad the The windmill maker it's not about Supply Chains and infl okay it is a little bit About that but this is a larger issue This proves that the green New Deal Agenda isn't even sustainable with Hundreds of billions of dollars of Federal money this round with Obama's

Around and what's happened here is the Local politics along the east coast has Had an impact as well some of the Environmentalists have actually started Coming out protesting the whales I was On that fisherman boat we had fishermen We had some leftwing environmentalists We had uh whale activists we had uh Conservative groups all out there with Megaphones shouting at OA we went 25 Miles off the coast of Rhode Island near Off of Martha's Vineyard and it proves That the whale issue is resonating now We have 50 Mayors along all the the Coastline there opposing this offshore Wind so they were heading the headwinds Of politics but Biden is failing on this Green agenda and it's not just the wind It's happening in the EV world it's Happening uh throughout the entire green Agenda I mean look at them they're so Ugly they kill birds I have a friend Mark up in Michigan who says we have a Mosquito Pro problem now because they're Killing the bats who used to eat the Mosquitoes I mean there's so many Effects of it that we don't even know About the the most unforgivable impact Is the fact that they just don't produce Any energy compared to fossil fuels That's what solar and wind combined are Less than 5% of our energy production But the most important thing is they're Out there in the water in areas where

The boats aren't even allowed in many Cases and they're pile driving using Hydraulic hammering they're doing Soundings they're drilling to put on all These windmills on an animal where Whales that rely on sound in order to Find it so we've had a record number of Increase of beachings all throughout the East coast and I just think this the the Optics of this was horrible this is Happening in real time remember defund The police was an idea that us pretty Much dried up within 2 years the green Agenda is taking decades we're seeing it Now here what's happening in Europe Germany's already bailing out there wind Energy and by the way that's going to Come here Rachel when the failure of This wind looks obvious they can't allow It politically the more they fail the More they're going to double down the Money and bail them out well and that's My fear because even in red energy States like Oklahoma and Texas you know They're being incentivized by all this All these subsidies and tax breaks so Even in those States they have these Huge wind Farms yeah just it's all it's a Politically correct power source it Makes no sense energy-wise meanwhile you Have the Biden Administration begging Venezuela Middle East uh relying on China for all the rear Earth mining this

Is all politics it is destined to fail It's just not there you can't ban energy That works oil gas and coal and mandate Energy that's not ready for prime time Not even close to ready for Prime Time Mark really fast how once one of these Farms you know these windmills is are Built how do you dispose of them isn't That another environmental Issue that's a huge problem for both the Solar and wind industry very difficult To do remember they're made from fossil Fuels they're made from the reare earth Mining and they use oil actually the Windmills have oil in them to run them So there's all of that but it's all the Reare Earth Mining and other minerals in Them that are difficult to uh recycle so It just creates a problem and again They're not producing energy per unit of Energy they're some of the lowest we Have solar and wind compared to anything Fossil fuel related yeah well some People are getting rich from it though Mark Morano thank you so much go to Climate Depot and get more from him Always the best thank you I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley airheart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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