Tim Scott responds to the liberal media’s attacks on him: ‘Vile and disgusting’

Tim Scott responds to the liberal media's attacks on him: 'Vile and disgusting'

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., says the radical left will try to do anything they can to silence the truth on ‘Hannity.’

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Texas deals with the Border crisis Joe Biden he took a quick trip North to Wisconsin you as usual you know mumbling Bumbling stumbling and slurring his Words Whispering into the microphone uh Yelling getting confused as he always is And then lying about the economy just Like he lies about the border for three Years being secure and closed take a Look Tim thank you for the introduction I got to met I got to meet his Twins and His wife and uh no wonder he's here I tell you what they're going keep him Here and thanks to the outstanding Senators Tammy Ballwin Wisconsin Tamy and Amy katar and Tina Smith from The state of [Applause] Minnesota if I have all three of them on My side I don't worry about anything I'm Proud to announce $ 1 billion from the Bipartisan infrastructure law will be Used to build this new bridge by the way Used to make the beer brewed here it is Used to make the Brew beard in This oh Earth Rider thanks for the great Lakes I wonder why he's my professor uh Well I won't get into my Professor but look my predecessor though He chose a different course they're Still making 350% profit it cost 10 Bucks to make it 10 bucks to make It it's like listening to great great Great grandpa rambling anyway Biden then

Took a fun picture with Amy kachar at a Local bar but apparently put on his hard Hat backwards meanwhile the American People they suffering the effects of Biden inflation Biden's High interest Rates but the left they seem to only Care about personal attacks some of the Most repulsive vitriol directed at Senator Tim Scott take a look Tim Scott Was behind Donald Trump the entire time Grinning like a shire Cat last night What did you think about the Tim Scott Moment on The stage with Trump I mean I've called this the the Great Emasculation of the Republican party I Know Tim and I are both practicing Christians but I don't know if he could Pray like that to to the other side I Mean it was humiliating to watch what Tim Scott did Tim Scott he's this big Man what is he so afraid of what are They so afraid of is Donald Trump going To punch him in the nose you know if he Doesn't suck up to him like that I mean There's plenty of job all right there's A lot more here now to respond South Carolina Senator Tim Scott you know Senator um identity groups in America You're not allowed to attack them but There seems to be open season on one Group conservative African-Americans I'm Sure you're sick and tired of it because

I certainly am uh some of these comments Are Repulsive absolutely they are vile and Disgusting comments coming from the far Left Sean the most racist in the country Are liberals the bigotry that comes from The far radical left it's just normal These days why because they're trying Not just to attack me but they're trying To make sure that any other minority who Will think for themselves and consider The GOP they want to send a message to Every single one of them step out of Line and we'll attack you too that level Of intimidation doesn't work with me and To every single African American Hispanic Millennial anybody in the Majority population or minority Population if you believe in Conservatism stand up and be counted if You want to make America the greatest Nation on God's green earth Step Into The Fire because we have to save this Nation we better save it right now Because the radical left they're so Afraid of people like me people like you Sean thinking for ourselves speaking out And speaking the truth that they will do Anything they possibly can to silence The truth but it doesn't work with me It's not going to work with Others you you're going to be on Anybody's short short list to be a Potential vice president of our country

That's just a fact is this a means of Just trying to intimidate you threaten You or maybe they're threatened by you Just asking they are certainly Threatened by me absolutely Sean they're Threatened by me and they're th Threatened by people like me here's what They refus to say they refused to say The truth under Joe Biden crime in Devastated neighborhoods crime in Impoverished neighborhoods crime in Black neighborhoods has Skyrocketed when you remove when you Defund the police disrespect the police What do you expect we've seen Devastation after Devastation in big Liberal Democratic city after big Liberal Democrat City what they're Asking for for is the same thing Conservatives are asking for a Restoration of Law and Order they want More policing not less policing these Are law-abiding citizens that under Joe Biden crime is high inflation is high Unemployment is devastating you can't Even afford to buy a house in biomics so You add together high crime High Inflation low opportunities and Minorities Millennials and women all Looking to our party for hope we're Bringing it GOP coming your way by way I I just happen to know you personally I Know that this engagement has been a Long time coming I'm not going to give

Out any more information than that um And they're even attacking you on that And it's pretty disgusting they should Be ashamed of themselves but I don't Think they have shame uh we're very Happy for you and Senator we' love Having you congratulations hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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