Today’s Top Headlines | Friday, Nov. 3

Today's Top Headlines | Friday, Nov. 3

Trey Yingst provides details on the ‘heavy fighting’ overnight as Israeli forces push deeper into Gaza, and Jonathan Hunt reports on the growing pro-Hamas protests in the West Bank.

-Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrives in Tel Aviv to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials
-Biden calls for ‘pause’ in Israel-Hamas war in order to get humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip
-Israeli forces confront Hamas and take out top commander
-IDF says troops have surrounded Gaza’s largest city
-Hezbollah’s leader is set to speak for the first time since the war started
-Israel updates soldier death toll to 24 since ground incursion began
-Peter Doocy confronts John Kirby on the administration’s requested pause in tense exchange
-74 Americans evacuate Gaza while hundreds remain stuck
-Pro-Hamas demonstrations grow in West Bank
-House passes aid package to Israel, cutting funding for the IRS

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Good morning everybody it is 12: noon in Tel Aviv right now our secretary of State Anthony blinkin is meeting with The prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu he touched down in Tel Aviv Just a couple of hours ago and started Shaking hands and in about 15 minutes we Expect the secretary to meet with Israeli president with the is Israel Israeli president whose name is Isaac Herach and we will carry that live when It happens blinn's visit comes as the Biden Administration pushes for a pause On the war so so they can get Humanitarian Aid in and the hostages out Meanwhile on the battlefield Israeli Forces come face to face with terrorists And take out a top pamas Commander the I The IDF says forces now have the largest City in Gaza surrounded and today Hezbollah's leader is scheduled to speak For the first time since Hamas attacked Israel we have Fox team coverage with Jonathan hunt live in the West Bank with Israeli forces have been carrying out Raids but first let's go to Trey yinks Who's on the ground in southern Israel Trey what can you tell Us yeah hey Lawrence good morning we Know US Secretary of State Anthony blink Is on the ground today the Biden Administration is expected to push for a Humanitarian pause trying to encourage The Israelis to allow more Aid into the

Gaza Strip and some of those foreigners To get out I do want to show you just Behind me what Gaza looks like overnight There was some heavy fighting that took Place along the border here with the Northern part of the Gaza Street drip Lots of flares launched overnight as the Israelis pushed deeper into Gaza Engaging those Hamas militants who Popped out of tunnels and Ambush the Troops the Israeli is releasing another Name of a soldier that was killed this Week inside Gaza bringing the total to 24 Israeli soldiers killed since the Ground push began we do know they've Been using the Navy and also the Air Force to strike different Hamas Positions with the support of artillery Units along the border and all of that Fighting comes again as the Biden admin Administration is calling for a Humanitarian pause we do know that Yesterday there was quite the exchange Between John Kirby of the National Security Council and our p duy take a Listen so a pause does not help Hamas a Temporary pause that's localized that Would allow us to get Aid in and to get Our people out is a good thing for the People of Gaza it's a good thing for the Americans that are being held hostage And it's not going to stop Israel from Defending itself because the security Assistance we're providing continues to

Flow and a temporary pause doesn't mean A general ceasefire where the war is Over Peter has an important Point here Hamas would be helped by a pause in the Fighting because it gives them more time To reather their forces and continue Ambushes against Israeli troops inside The strip and so there will be some back And forth expected today between Israeli Leadership and Secretary of State Blinkin this comes as the fighting rages On in the north 3 hours from from now Hassan nasala the leader of the Lebanese Militant group Hezbollah is slated to Speak in public he normally makes video Addresses out of security concerns but The Israelis are bracing for nesa to Announce a more wider participation by Hezbollah in the fighting in the north And that does come as the Israelis keep Striking positions in response to Attacks against Northern Israel guys Trey what's the what's the benefit of Him announcing it he was just rocketing Israel without announcing it what's the Benefit of him making a formal Declaration unless it's something that's Going to be a total surprise what what Are the indications he's going to Say yeah it's a great point and look From our perspective we actually don't Think he's going to come out and Announce a declaration of war but this Could be used as another step on the

Escalation ladder last night late in the Evening I was on a call with an IDF Spokesman and I posed this question and He says the Israelis have intelligence That nesa will use this speech as a an Opportunity to at least appear like they Are throwing more support behind Hamas The second largest Iranian proxy in the Region and then be able to and I just Want to step out of the frame here there Was just an air strike behind me so as We talk about this going to have my Cameraman punch in you can see here on The Gaza Strip but he'll likely use this As an opportunity to step up on the Escalation ladder and when I asked Israeli officials about this they Pointed to the fact that yesterday there Was an increase in attacks along the Northern border and the types of weapons That were being used used against Israeli forces were were more Significant than we'd seen in the past Traditionally the past few weeks we've Seen Hezbollah using anti-tank guided Missiles and Small Arms yesterday they Launched suicide drones against Israeli Positions and that just shows they have Other weapons in their Arsenal and they Are starting to use them against the Israeli forces in the northern part of The country Trey how Trey how Trustworthy are the numbers that are Being reported back here in America

Because if you go on social media you See both sides arguing the numbers and How one side has big numbers the so Muchly these numbers are coming though From officials in Gaza can they be Trusted the death toll Yes we should definitely be critical of The numbers that we're getting from Inside Gaza we can report that thousands Of civilians have been killed in the Israeli responses against the Gaza Strip Since October 7th but to quote an exact Number we have to attribute that to the Hamas run Palestinian Health Ministry I Will say traditionally they have been The only source of information from Inside Gaza but there is no way for us To independently confirm those numbers So we attribute to the Hamas run Palestinian Health Ministry but remain Critical of the specific number of those Killed with that said as well the Palestinians have released a list of Every person killed inside Gaza but Again there is no way to independently Confirm each and every name on that list So we remain skeptical of the number but But we will say thousands of Palestinians have been killed in the Response launched by Israel since that Massacre in southern Israel that's right And Trey we split the screen we were Actually looking at the Rafa Crossing Along with your report you can see that

Aid is coming in so so it it sounds like Blinkin is talking to Netanyahu he's Pushing forward this humanitarian pause To get Aid in and some people out of uh Gaza one of the other things Apparently he's been press he's Pressuring Netanyahu for is to get uh to Allow Israel to allow some more fuel Into Gaza but of course the fuel can be Used for rockets and so far Israel has Said no is there any chance he's going To say okay sure they need it for the Hospitals let's give them some Gas in terms of fuel entering the Gaza Strip what we've heard from Israelis is Very simple no they're not going to Allow fuel to enter Gaza with that said Is there some sort of deal that could be Cut behind the scenes to allow some fuel In in exchange for hostages in that case Maybe they they would bend a little and Allow some fuel to go into Gaza but we Should be really clear about if fuel Goes into Gaza inevitably Hamas will Take it to to fuel their generators that They use to pump air into the tunnels Beneath the strip and provide air Conditioning for the Hamas leadership That is hiding beneath Gaza and that's Why the Israelis don't want to provide Fuel it's not that they they don't want The Palestinian civilians to have fuel In in order to survive they understand That Hamas will siphon some of that fuel

If not the majority of it off and use it For their own efforts to continue the War so Trey it's clear that the leader Of Hezbollah wants people to know that He's alive uh he wants to recruit and it Goes the same for Hamas as well so I Guess the big question is we we see the Impact here at home we see the protest The people that are rallying behind that Movement but I'm curious on the ground The actual Fighters that they're trying To recruit how's that going on the Ground do you see more men coming out in Support that are sympathetic of Hezbollah sympathetic of Hamas or is There anger at the Leaders it's a great question and we Talked about this yesterday and I I Found the clip and watched it again that I referenced when we spoke yesterday on Fox and Friends about a mother inside Gaza and we weren't able to confirm if It was her her child or or one of her Relatives but she was there in front of A a body of someone who was killed in an Israeli air strike and she was screaming Out those Hamas dogs they did this this Is their fault and and someone comes Into the frame and puts a hand over her Mouth as to not let her say any more Negative things about Hamas but it gives You a sense that even Palestinian Civilians inside Gaza understand they Wouldn't be here today if it weren't for

That Massacre on October 7th and so There's definitely growing frustration We also know we can't confirm the exact Number but we know that tips have been Provided to the Israelis after a leaflet Drop inside Gaza and they were Encouraging people to provide Information to help Israeli War efforts Inside the strip and so that's one part Of this equation the other part is is Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and there Are reports that indicate Iranian Militias Iranian back militias from Places like Iraq and Syria are starting To push their Fighters into Southern Lebanon in preparation for this to Expand and so Iran has has tentacles as It's been described before across the Middle East and they are trying to push Push the the meter as much as possible Here to see how How Deeply they can get Involved without drawing a broader Israeli response but they're playing With fire the Israelis are only using a Portion of their Air Force against Gaza And they've maintained a lot of Firepower that they could use against Iran Iranian regime if it does come to It Yep they're behind everything uh Trey Thanks so much and to the north Israeli Forces involved in deadly raids in the West Bank let's go to Jonathan hunt who Is live on the ground in Raa which is One of the territories controlled by the

Palestinians Jonathan uh we know it's Hard to get in and out of Gaza was it is It hard to get in and out of the West Bank no uh frankly for us it is not that Difficult at all Steve uh but the great Concern is here uh that the protests the Pramas protest Are growing much stronger throughout the West Bank now uh overnight there were Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli Forces nine Palestinians across the West Bank were killed that brings uh to more Than 100 close to 140 by some counts the Number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank since October 7th and there Have been something like 1500 or so Arrests of Palestinians made all that is Feeding into growing frustration here Growing Ang anger here growing support For Hamas now we are just after noon on Friday here which means the mosques Throughout the West Bank here in rala Obviously are full right now it is Friday prayers the traditional day of Prayer but that also has always become The traditional day of protest too and Authorities here are and in Israel are Expecting perhaps some of the biggest Protests uh we have yet seen in the West Bank we will shortly be moving uh Towards where we believe one of those Protests will be gathering we'll bring That to you the next hour but there is Great concern here and I speak to

Politically connected people here Steve And what they are telling me is that if There was an election here now the much More moderate Palestinian Authority Would be kicked out and they believe Hamas would win the an election in the West Bank just imagine how terrifying a Thought that is how terrifying a phrase That is to say to any is Israeli we are Also hearing talk that Islamic Jihad is Becoming a stronger and stronger Force Particularly in the northern part of the West Bank around places like Janine Where we have seen some of the most Intense clashes between Palestinians and The IDF so if his lamic Jihad is growing In power here if Hamas is growing its Support here it is of great concern for Israel so politically uh the future is Of great concern today the potential Protests are of great concern Steve Angley Brian Lawrence and Jonathan real Quick anyone who says oh a two-state Solution that's the answer like the President United States it would be in The West Bank and what country what sane Country would say it would be okay to Let a terrorist Nation form on the West Bank well I'll I'll tell you this uh Briefly Brian I've been coming to uh Israel for some two decades or so now And to the Palestinian territories in The West Bank and in Gaza uh I've spoken To a lot of moderate people who have

Always talked about a two-state solution But particularly in Israel now that is Very much not a subject of conversation For anybody uh they cannot make peace They cannot even think about a two-state Solution obviously with Hamas so if Hamas were eventually to come to power In the West Bank then yeah it's Absolutely off the table as far as every Single Israeli is concerned so the Political path forward is fraught right Now Brian uh nobody knows what shape That might take and that's one of the Problems it's one of the things that Secretary of State Anthony blinkin wants To talk to the Israeli government about Somebody has to start coming up with Ideas for what comes next now is that Going to be an international Peacekeeping force in Gaza quite Possibly would that involve US troops in The on the ground quite possibly so There's a lot of scenarios being Discussed none of them very good at the Moment though Brian all right thanks Jonathan appreciate it all he just Mentioned Secretary of State uh Anthony Blinkin as you can see in the corner of The screen right there we are expecting Him he could pop in in about a minute uh And as soon as he comes out to announce What he and Netanyahu talked about we Will take you there live meanwhile let's Go down to Washington real quick uh as

Predicted the House of Representatives Under Republican leadership voted to Give the Israelis military funding to The tune of about $4 Billion uh it does not include Humanitarian Aid or assistance for Gaza It's interesting before the vote the White House is actually calling Jewish Democrats urging them to vote no but Ultimately at the end and you just saw On that scoreboard 12 Democrats voted With the Republicans however two Republicans voted no as well yeah Thomas Massie and Marjorie Taylor green said no So it it will cut funding from the IRS Remember the IRS got the $80 billion Boost during the inflation reduction act And uh Kevin McCarthy his debt limit Deal stripped a little bit of money away From the IRS but they still have 67 Billion and the speaker the new speaker Mike Johnson said the IRS has the Largest pile of money so this makes Sense fiscally to take it from from them Right but the White House said you know It's it's a bad idea and Joe Biden is Threatened to veto it he said it's a bad Idea if you're going to get emergency Money money by cutting some money Somewhere else because if it's an Emergency you need the money right now I Think most Americans don't like the IRS So it was the easiest thing to do to get American Support I think the other thing

Brian that the president is upset about Is that it didn't have Ukraine funding Um he wanted to put all these bills Together to get one package but although The president has been able to make the Case for the support of Israel he hasn't Been able to make the the case to the American people on why we should Continue to fund uh Ukraine and this is On the heels of even information coming Out in from zelinsky's administration of Corruption and apparently they've been Spending the money like crazy in Ukraine It's not for the war right well They do have to put some find out how It's being spent but you cannot let Ukraine die in the vine because the Generations will pay the price but Having this 14 billion Democrats are Floating an idea they think they would Get the Republicans interest and that is On the border floting proposals to Change the Asylum rules and maybe Bringing up remain in Mexico and getting Some money and some changes there is There anything more important in our Country than getting our Southern border Under control and believe it or not you Would think it's in the president's Interest to do this anyway not as a Favor to Republicans but that's what They're putting out there because they Know these Democratic Mayors went to see Him yesterday and they have the same

Complaints as Republicans and that is my Cities are overwhelmed your policy is Absolutely awful we have no money to Take care of these people what the hell Are you doing so they think they they Put together a package to entice Republicans to expand the package a Little bit it's dead in the Senate and The President says they'll veto it I Don't know where it goes from here yeah Cuz the Senate wants the Aid for Ukraine in there as well by why Is green against this what did she say Why is Thomas Massi well I understand Thomas Massie he he he's a spending Hawk The sense of he wants it uh a Conservative Pro to do this so he's been Consistent I'm not surprised by his vote Paid for it's paid for what is he wor I Mean well nothing is paid for if we have Debt going on right now so I think he's Always had that position of that I'm not Surprised by margerie I am surprised by All right so that happened in in DC Yesterday and we'll continue to talk About that

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