Today’s Top Headlines | Monday, Nov. 6

Today's Top Headlines | Monday, Nov. 6

FOX News’ Trey Yingst provides the latest updates from the ground in southern Israel after embedding with the Israeli military inside the Gaza Strip. Peter Doocy provides details on President Biden’s reelection efforts as he trails Trump in key swing states. #FOXNews

-Israeli forces claim to have struck at least 450 Hamas targets after taking over Hamas outpost in Gaza
-Anti-Israel protests erupt around the world calling for a cease-fire
-Israeli air force ‘hammers’ Northern Gaza with massive air strikes
-U.S. sends nuclear submarine to the Mediterranean to send a ‘strong message’ of deterrence to Israel’s adversaries
-An estimated 100,000 pro-Palestinian protesters marched in Washington, D.C. and smeared red paint on White House gates
-Dem Rep. Rashida Tlaib highlights antisemitic ‘from the river to the sea’ chant in latest pro-Palestinian ad
-Poll shows former President Trump with a lead over Biden in 5 key states in a hypothetical 2020 rematch 
-Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is expected to endorse Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president

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Israeli forces claiming at least 450 Hamas Terror targets have been struck Struck over the last few hours as they Push deeper into the Gaza STP coming on The heels of the IDF taking over a Hamas Outpost in Gaza this as us Central Command announces an Ohio class nuclear Powered submarine is now in the Middle East region signaling a strong message Of deterrence to any Bad actors in The Highly volatile region and all of this Conflict could be smelling trouble for President Biden as a new poll shows Donald Trump leading Biden in five key Swing States in a potential rematch of The 2020 presidential elections Meanwhile around the planet anti-israel Protests erupting in major cities this Weekend many calling for a ceasefire Lawrence Jones is live across the Hudson River from where we are uh he's in tneck New Jersey this morning where one school Is taking extra steps to protect its Students also Peter Ducey is live at the White House to discuss those latest poll Numbers but first we start with Trey Yingst who is live in southern Israel With the very latest good afternoon Trey yeah hey guys good morning as we Speak the Israeli Air Force is hammering The northern part of the Gaza Strip We've been watching and listening Throughout the day as massive air Strikes near to the Border are shaking

The ground I do want to just step out of The frame and have my cameraman push in Here to the Gaza Skyline you can see Some smoke rising up there that was one Of the more distant air strikes that Took place but clearly the Israelis are Still working to hit the Hamas tunnel Network underneath Gaza and many Positions they say over the past 24 Hours they've hit 450 different targets Inside Gaza they've destroyed a Hamas Command Center and killed a number of Militants inside the strip this video From overnight that we captured shows The sky lighting up with some huge Bunker Buster bombs that are being used By the Israelis to try to get deep Underground killing as many Hamas Militants as possible I do want you to Tell take a look here though we were Inside Gaza over the weekend with the Israeli military reporting there as Battles raged on between the Israelis And Hamas take a Look you can hear that gunfire in the Distance the Israelis are trying to Engage anyone who tries to Ambush their Forces and the battle is Street by Street it is urban gorilla Warfare as Hamas is popping out of tunnels and Ambushing Israeli Troops right now we're embedded with the Israeli military inside the Gaza Strip These forces have been ambushed shot at

And lost more than two dozen of their Own soldiers still they fight block by Block in bloody Urban battle their enemy Hamas Guerilla Fighters popping out of Tunnels and trying to kill as many of The Israelis as they Can you can see the level of Destruction Inside God G the United Nations says More than a million Palestinian Civilians are internally displaced now Overnight the jordanians dropped Aid Into Gaza something they clearly had to Coordinate with the Israelis but an Indication that behind the scenes Israel Is still agreeing to let some Humanitarian Aid into Gaza something the American government the Biden Administration has pushed for guys back To you but but Trey they are getting About 200 trucks a day uh into Gaza Right and do you sense the civilians do Have a gateway to get out haven't the Israelis told them how to Leave so the Israelis have given them a Corridor to go further south inside the Gaza Strip though we're told Israel is Still striking positions throughout Gaza The saladine road that runs from the Northern part of Gaza to the southern Part is open and the Israelis say they Are ensuring there's a humanitarian Corridor even releasing some video today Urging civilians to get out of the main Battle arena as for the aid coming into

Gaza the world food program yesterday Said it's simply not enough to support The more than 2 million Palestinians That live there and again that's part of The reason the Biden Administration is On the ground sending top officials to Regional allies and the jordanians and The Egyptians pushing again today to try To get more Aid in to help these Civilians and Tre what about this Ohio Class uh nuclear powered submarine we're Being told that it's very rare for the Military to announce anything on the Submarine so to announce this means that It's uh supposed to send a very strong Message to Iran the US has also sent or Redirected more than 17,350 military personnel to the Middle East since October 7th so how is this Being perceived in your estimation by Hamas Hezbollah and ultimately Iran as Well does this have the intended Effect yeah absolutely we're talking About the USS Florida an American Submarine that's got 154 tomahawk Missiles on board it also has a dry dock That can be used to basically deploy American Marines if needed this is a Significant ific message to the Iranians And other Regional actors not to get Involved in the fight the Americans Releasing this information not in an Effort to Simply threaten but to deliver A message to Iranian leadership in tan

That could try to get Hezbollah more Directly involved in the fight or Proxies in Yemen more directly involved That if Israel is attacked at a broader Level the Americans will be there to Support and they'll be using Advanced Weaponry against these forces yeah and And Trey of course uh in of the Civilians who are in Peril in that area that you were talking About I saw this morning uh this Afternoon your time that apparently the Prime minister of Thailand says that uh He's been told that they've got Thailand's Got 23 hostages in Gaza they Are safe they will be freed soon but There's got to be a ceasefire so that's That's the cover now they're saying okay You want the hostages out we got to have A ceasefire right Yeah and the reality on the ground is is Much darker and and and Grim because we Understand according to the Israeli Military when we were inside Gaza on Saturday morning they told us they Believe the majority of hostages are Being held inside Gaza City in the Tunnel Network beneath the city and as You can see behind me the Israelis Continue air strikes against that tunnel Network so there's a real understanding And Hamas has publicly said this that Some of the hostages will be killed in These strikes Israelis have to make a

Calculation though about going into Gaza Understanding that if they don't destroy Certain tunnels those tunnels will be Used as positions to Ambush their forces Inside the strip and it just further Complicates the scenario on the ground We'll be back right back there in two Months I'm C yeah Trey I'm curious that as someone That's been on the ground there for Years as the Aid comes across the border Will Hamas allow the Palestinian people To to even have the aid or is there Going to be some type of issue because When you talk to the Israelis that's Part of the point that they're making is That the aid is just going to go to Hamas what do you Know it's a great question and it's a Real concern for the Israelis it's part Of the reason they're not allowing fuel Into the Gaza Strip because they know it Will be siphoned off and used to help Air condition the tunnels beneath Gaza Where Hamas militants are hiding and we Should also note that in the past Hamas Has taken humanitarian Aid that was Meant for Palestinian civilians and Stored it in their tunnels to use for Their fighters of course and so the American government and the Biden Administration keeps coming out and Saying we can assure the entire world That the aid going into Gaza is not

Ending up in the hands of Hamas the Reality is they have no way of ensuring That and Hamas is often showing up to These locations where they're Distributing Aid and taking the aid for Themselves to support their War efforts Against Israel and so it's incredibly Challenging it's a complex situation but With all of that said it's critical that Humanitarian Aid get into the Gaza Strip Even if some of it will end up in the Hands of Hamas because there are more Than 2 million Palestinian civilians There and they can't simply starve and And that is part of this equation and Part of the reason the American Government is on the ground urging Israel to allow some of that Aid into Gaza understanding that it could Complicate the battle and support Hamas But ensuring that humanitarian Aid does Arrive all right uh Trey thanks so much And keep in mind too we're still getting Rocketed we're up to 32 tax since October 17th on our Assets in Syria as Well as Iraq meanwhile earlier today uh The voices from Gaza producer Joseph Browdy joined us so what he's been doing Is by holding uh their identity back He's been interviewing people 18 months Before this whole War talking about the Talking to the people of Gaza leaving Their uh their information Anonymous Finding out what they think of Hamas and

What they think of their leadership ship And they've been blown away by how much They hate Hamas but how threatened Hamas Is how threatening they are to the Families in Gaza who are mostly Palestinian here's the creator of Joseph Browdy if Israel and its allies commit To a reconstruction project of the strip Most go gazin will go along with it if It's serious if it's about uh Reconstruction giving them a chance for A better future that doesn't mean They're supporters of Israel but it's a Matter of pragmatism they want to live a Better life since the war has now Started and they understand Hamas Started it they don't want an outcome to This war that would leave Hamas in place They want Hamas out they see the Protests as pushing for a situation in Which Israel and Hamas cut a deal that Leaves Hamas in power so they feel the Protesters are not helping them wow That's that is fascinating yeah he said That they will kill your family so if You speak out against Hamas and say uh Uh you know I don't want them in charge You're the cause of all this they will Come and kill you and your family well That's the thing um and one of the Somewhat confusing elements to the story Is how Palestinians Palestinians really Feel about Hamas because it is the Elected government in uh in Gaza and

There's reporting that if in the West Bank there was an election that was held Today Hamas would beat the Palestinian Authority but is it a situation where a Member of Hamas slaps a gun on your Dining room table and says who you going To vote for so from his estimation and Hamas really isn't as popular as others Would say that they are well the Question is how popular is Hamas with The prop Palestinian demonstrators who Were on the streets of American city and Around the world as of yesterday there Were protests in London uh protests here In New York City uh with a couple Thousand winding up at the UN there were An estimated 100,000 in Washington DC uh And one of the chance uh was F Joe Biden And the other was from the river to the Sea Palestine will be free and what That's referring to is essentially from The Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea wipe the Jewish people off the map Uh Rashida Talib actually is one of the Congress people who repeated that chant And she also referred to the genocide of The people from Palestine at the hands Of the Israelis and she's gotten a lot Of blowback listen to This Mr President the American people Are not with you on this [Music] One we will remember in [Music]

2024 so it's a threat Joe Biden change Your policy it is a threat but we will Remember in 2024 what does it actually Mean so you're not going to vote for bid Who are you going to vote for the Republican candidate vote at all which Would support uh former president Trump Or whoever the Republican nominee is she Also posted a tweet that said from the River to the sea is an aspirational call For Freedom human rights and peaceful Coexistence not death destruction or Hate so I would say that actions speak Louder than words on that one and there Has been nothing peaceful or harmonious About what she's been saying I remember When Hillary vaugh asked her how she Feels about um how Hamas murdered babies And she remain silent so silence in that Instance speaks volumes Lawrence I I me It it's such a good point Carly um I I I've been talking about this for a while And and some people don't like me to Talk about it but there is a difference Between reformed Muslims and radical Islamists and a lot of them exist in our Country and for the Americans that are Listening you're nothing more than an Infidel to them they will lie they will Deceive they will say they don't stand What Hamas but still spew their talking Points they will quote lines from the Rivers of the sea they will have the Hamas flag flying as they protest in

This country they will say anti-American Sentiment as they protest in the country So we we have to take them at their word We have to take them at their actions You know I I understand what the Administration is trying to do they have A lot of pressure within their party That says hey you know put put put the Handcuffs on Israel don't let them bomb People well the this is a part of War This is a part of you know how many People how many children died in Iraq And Afghanistan as casualties but you Know what there were also children that Didn't have a have a problem putting on A suicide vest out there and murdering Our guys as well we need to be serious About the ideology that we're facing if We're not more Jews will die here in America more Americans will die as a Result and we can have the next 9911 This is not an ideology that you can Negotiate with this is not an ideology That that you can pray with and think That they're going to change their mind It is deeply rooted in who they are and We should confront them the same way Absolutely Lawrence is in tneck New Jersey he's going to be speaking to some People who uh have a vested interest in What is going on there and he'll be with That in a couple of minutes but in the Meantime let's switch over and talk a Little bit about uh politics because

Later today Iowa governor Kim Reynolds Is expected to endorse Florida Governor Ronda STIs for president in the very Important state of Iowa uh Reynolds has Said to give the high-profile Endorsement at the an event in De Mo Today it comes despite former president Trump's dominant lead in The GOP Primary Field and consistent Edge over President Biden in key States Peter duy is at the White House with more on this hi Peter Good morning and the things this President is doing making the case for His reelection are not working because This President Trails the former President by Five Points in Arizona in Georgia by six points in Michigan by Five Points Nevada by 11 points and Pennsylvania by Four Points Pennsylvania Is the state Joe Biden has visited by Far the most other than Delaware because It is so close to his house there these Are New York Times Sienna polls that Have Biden ahead in just one Battleground right now Wisconsin where He leads by two and it's got David Axelrod who helped Biden get elected VP In 200 8 writing only Joe Biden can make This decision if he continues to run he Will be the nominee of the democratic Party what he needs to decide is whether That is wise whether it's in his best Interest or the country's there's been No movement towards Biden dropping out

And no major Democrats are signaling They are going to get in to challenge Him and it's possible this White House Knew the numbers were going to be soft At this point when they convinced the Democratic party to skip Iowa and New Hampshire so South Carolina could have Their primary first first that is a State Biden does much better in back to You and and Peter in this New York Times Uh Sienna poll the number one most Important issue to people in the United States is the economy and that is why Joe Biden is always talking about bid Nomics is the genius who came up with That name bomic are they still working At the White House well he says that They ripped it off of some op EDS uh in The Wall Street Journal and other places Where the economy was being and his Policies were being described uh Derisively as bomic then they kind of Tried to own it but he just is he is Calling the same policies that he's Pushed for four years since the last Campaign uh just something new it's Biomics and you know he wants to talk About how much he supports unions and How unions have always supported him and He doesn't like trickle down economics Uh but whatever it is it just people are Not buying it according to these polls And Peter the whole way in which you run Against Donald Trump if you're Joe Biden

Will be to say how unelectable Donald Trump is and you could tell if he's Going to run the attack Adge will start Just don't worry about me Donald Trump Could be president and then what but if You look at the CBS poll and you go deep Into the Sienna poll almost on every Issue people rather have Trump in Charge and what's extraordinary about That is Trump has a ways to go before he Is the nomin we know that he's got a Dominant lead in every early State poll But there are still uh prominent Officials like Kim Reynolds in Iowa Today who are trying to figure out who The Trump alternative is and it it seems Like uh all the reporting over the Weekend in these early States it's a Race between uh DeSantis and Nikki Haley They're trying to get people that don't Like Trump on the Republican side behind One of them and it it's it is uh still Early but uh two months till the caucus Is it's going to be here before we know And the election is one year from Tomorrow it's earlyish we're getting Into that teritory thanks thank you so Much we're going to cover the election Right we'll be all over that we're going To cover it tomorrow uh in Virginia oh That's right there you go that's right You're going to Virginia I'm going to a Diner in Manasses taking the train and Going to the diner

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