Today’s Top Headlines | Tuesday, Oct. 31

Today's Top Headlines | Tuesday, Oct. 31

FOX News’ Trey Yingst reports live from southern Israel on the latest developments, and retired U.S. Navy SEAL Cameron Hamilton weighs in. #FoxNews #israel #gaza

– Israeli forces push deeper into Gaza
– Hamas commander killed after directing October 7 terror attack
– Female Israeli soldier rescued in Gaza
– Israeli forces under attack in the north by Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon
– Shani Louk, 23, confirmed killed by terrorists after being kidnapped from music festival on Oct. 7
– Son of Hamas founder says terror group’s leader likely hiding under hospital in Gaza tunnels
– IDF releases computerized images of Gaza tunnel network
– U.S. forces in Middle East attacked 24 times in recent weeks, airbase in Iraq targeted by drones
– Iran’s foreign minister tells American forces: ‘you reap what you sow’

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Alert this is a live look right now at The ruins along the Israel Gaza border Right now the IDF is pushing deeper into Hamas control territory meanwhile Overnight Israeli forces killed a Commander who directed portions of the Major attacks on October 7th meanwhile The IDF is hunting down Hamas targets Inside their 300 mile tunnel Network y Trey Yanks is live on the ground in Southern Israel with the latest Trey yeah hey guys good morning I do Want to start start with some breaking News two separate times this morning There have been suspected drone Infiltrations into Israeli airspace in The southern part of the country Israeli Media is reporting these were drones Likely fired by houthi rebels in Yemen That came toward Israel through the Red Sea here along the southern border Between Israel and Gaza the fighting Continues I do want to just show you the Scene behind me as we talk here you can See a lot of activity in the ruins of The northern part of Gaza we do stand According to Hamas the group in control Of the strip that their alasan brigades The main military wing of Hamas has been Engaging Israeli forces that are Currently operating in the strip there That you see yesterday we saw those Israeli tanks that were going back and Forth along the border we also have some

Information from the Israeli military That we can't reveal yet about the Battles that took place overnight but as That information becomes on the record We will bring it to you later in the day All of this comes as we are learning More about the hostages being held in Inside Gaza 240 people that does not Include the four that have been released To American citizens and two Israeli Citizens and of course that Israeli Soldier that was rescued just yesterday As part of the ongoing Israeli efforts Inside the strip we're talking about Private Ori Meades who was freed from Captivity she was originally taken on October 7th from the nalo base that sits Along the border with Gaza the Israelis Say she is in good condition and that She was able to meet meet with her Family just yesterday this does come as The Israelis say they conducted a strike Against one specific Commander from Hamas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip we're talking about nasam Abu aen Who directed one of the attacks against Israeli civilians on October 7th yet Another member of Hamas that has been Taken out by Israeli forces as they do Tell Fox News the efforts are focused Around trying to destroy Hamas Capabilities and the leadership command Inside Gaza guys back to you hey Trey You did report earlier that there are

Highlevel Israeli officials in Doha Trying to work with these uh to get the Hostages out does that have anything to Do with the rescue that the IDF pulled Off so we understand there are two Separate issues the Israelis tell Fox That this was a joint effort to save This private who was captured on October 7th and this effort had to do with the Shinb BET Israel's intelligence service And also the Army on the ground they Were clearly acting on specific Intelligence they were able to conduct This raid and rescue the private that Was being held and we actually saw this Photo of her with her family yesterday And you could just see the relief on Their faces they had their daughter back Home after so many weeks of waiting with No information whether she was alive or Dead yeah and and Trey I can tell you're Being Cy about not revealing operational Details but uh was she in a tunnel Because if she was in a tunnel she's Going to be able to tell the IDF okay I Was in this tunnel and I saw this stuff And this is how they Operate yeah I'm being very careful with The details here and I'll tell you why This morning I met again in Tel Aviv With Israel's defense minister yav Gallant and we talked about this Specific situation and also the battles That are taking place behind me inside

The Gaza Strip the majority of our Conversation with a small group of Journalists was off the record I'm Working to get some of of that Information on the record so I can bring It to you next hour but very sensitive Details that we're talking about and I Will effort to get them approved and and Able to bring them to you later today Understand Trey you've covered a lot of Wars you've been on the ground for a lot Of conflicts is it fair to say the The Invasion has Started yeah this is the the second Stage of this war it was something that Was part of that conversation we we had Today trying to get clarity on whether This is all part of an expans raid or Whether or not the Israeli forces are Operating inside the Gaza Strip and Intend to stay there I have information On that but I I just have to wait to Give it to you until we can get this Cleared by Israeli sensors and ensure That we're not giving away any Israeli Positions I do want to just let you know Right now my producer is telling me that Sirens are sounding in Matula Matula is In Northern Israel an indication that The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah is Once again getting involved in this Fight in firing on Israeli troops in the North it gives you a sense of just how Active the Southern and Northern front

Is in this conflict those Iranian Proxies not just in Gaza but also in Southern Lebanon engaging in this fight All right Trey thank you so much uh he's The soldier that he's talking about was Rescued is on the front cover of the New York Post she's wearing a Marvel t-shirt And then there's a picture of this young Lady the 23-year-old Israeli German Citizen her name is shaie Luke and they Did confirm that she was found dead she Was at that music festival and she uh Back the truck zoom in uh yeah she was In the back of that truck and um her Family said or the IDF is saying that She had been abused and um and they Found her severed head they tested the Skull a piece of the skull and did match It to her DNA but her mother believes That she died that day and that she was Shot in the head and she believes that She she was she took solace in that Knowing that she says her daughter Didn't suffer how about this Ang how About those people protesting for H uh And in Colombia those 100 professors had Signed a letter saying our people have a Right to uh support Hamas on our campus That that's what they did uh what did She do wrong she went to a concert and They cut off her head so what what is Going on with the logic of some of these People the babies their heads were cut Off too yeah I know it um in the

Meantime let's talk a little more about Hamas uh we were lucky enough an hour Ago to have the son of one of the Founders of Hamas on our program and and Well we were talking a little bit about How overnight our time they took out one Of these uh commanders who was Responsible for the aerial operations The drones and also uh the paragliders Uh in looking for the ultimate leader Though where would they look well the Answer is under Gaza here he is listen To the son of the guy who founded Hamas senoir most likely is under alifa Hospital some 30 m in deep in the sand Which sand is very resilient to bombing It's not easy to get to him and in order To kill him probably we will have to uh Uh destroy the entire hospital but he's He's not going to hide forever you know We're coming after him we are going to Eradicate them There Is No Escape There Is No Escape it doesn't matter even if He escapes Gaza we are going after him He later makes the point that although a Lot of these command are beneath this Hospital in the tunnels that a lot of The organization is not even there They're not there so the notion that we Can just um keep attacking and they just Won't replace a commander with a new Commander is just not going to work and He also said Brian Angley that um that He doesn't see any way where the US

Can't get involved with this because These guys are our enemies as well and We already know that they're firing up On on our bases you I actually when we Were interviewing him in the 6:00 hour And he said that that the leader was There underneath the hospital in the Tunnel system at least we know he's There and he's somewhere in that Territory he's not in another country Being you know in a safe house in Another country the political Wings in Doha the military is there uh so for the Most part they're there uh with a lot of Cowards are trying to sneak out with the Civilians I imagine let's bring in Cameron Hamilton former US Navy SEAL Also trained in the IDF Special Forces Unit first off Cameron are you uh what Do you what your how you characterize Their land invasion they seem to be Going 100 yards at a time they're about Two miles in uh they're doing it more Measured than a lot of armchair generals Would have thought how do you feel about It hey good morning and thank you for Having me unfortunately that's a reality Of what you have to engage with when it Comes to urban conflict like this even The US forces that was as we move Through different parts of Iraq um you Know what you found in different you Know Urban and geographical regions it's Just difficult there's so many threats

So many areas when you take a building You take a city block you then have to Keep that terrain you have to ensure That you don't have other Personnel That'll pop up behind you so you have to Leave deterrent forces and aerial denial Tools so it's very complicated Especially with such a densely packed City I can say though that the israelies Are being very intentional and Purposeful just because you have a Mainline assault though that is on you Know moving at a specific rate doesn't Mean they don't have probing elements That are moving forward Behind Enemy Lines trying to find vulnerabilities Scouts Special Operations dogs you name It so there's a variety of sophisticated Tools that they use so as to ensure that As they make this progress they're doing So in a coherent fashion Cameron let's Talk about Iran because they have Attacked Iran's attacked US military Bases in the Middle East um more than Two dozen or two dozen at this point Iran's foreign minister is saying this The attack on American bases in the Region especially in Iraq is the result Of wrong American policies in the region Which we hope it will correct you reap What you seow what do you make of that Threat again what we're seeing full Scale on the international stage is They're testing the resolve of the

American people and they're testing most Importantly the resolve of our American Government leadership what we saw during The Trump Administration I will say to His credit was a much stronger tone and A very clear line that you would not Engage with US troops without Swift and Brutal repercussions right now we have Some of the most amazing service members Serving in uniform and supporting our Military un un fortunately there's a Huge amount of concern over whether the Leadership of our military and this Current executive branch has the resolve To mitigate this threat so I think what We need now no one wants to see the United States get drawn into a massive Conflict of the region I think that's a Terrible scenario on almost every Circumstance however when our forces are Targeted we need Swift and and righteous Rebuttals to to those kind of actions we Need to be very ruthless and unwavering In our effort to defend US service Members so we're not putting them in a Position of greater risk sure Cameron You know um the the tunnels under Gaza Have been there for years uh you know That's where uh they would smuggle Goods Out of Egypt into Israel through those Tunnels but now Hamas has been really Good at creating what is known as the Gaza uh Metro because there are tunnels Everywhere and we saw a moment ago we

Saw that the schematics of that hospital We know the bad guys were under the Hospital they know That the Israelis are coming for the Hospital they're eventually going to be Down in the basement how long tell they Scaddle well I think likely they've Already moved resources and people away From that region and into other parts we Found efforts and also reports that They've been trying to smuggle hostages Out of Gaza into Egypt and into other Regions even Al by sea because they know That that's where all the eyes and focus Are so if they can just bring them into Another area where there isn't as much Attention then they can be potentially More successful so they still have Operations working there they've spent a Lot of their money from infrastructure Building out those tunnels building out The technology the phone lines the the Uh you know surveillance systems that go Into it bringing new air but likely They've already probed and they've Already moved three or four steps ahead Into different regions different Buildings and different locations so I Will say one thing that is UN just how Resolved these Hamas militants are They're very calculated they don't do Things haphazardly and they're very very Much understanding the more outrage and The more Bloodshed and the longer they

Drag this conflict on the more International sympathy and plating to Their efforts they'll receive great Point but Cameron you you know that the IDF they're trained for this and I I Think the big giveaway was um the HR Rescue that they just did and of course That's Special Operation these are guys That have gone through multiple Simulations they've fired thousands and Thousands of rounds can you talk about Some of the training because I know you Trained with them the type of training That that those operators are going Through underground yeah absolutely so Ultimately we have a we have a a Personnel base with these different Units that are highly trained highly Sophisticated they go through sensory Deprecation they go through advanced you Know reconnaissance training they go Through Urban Assault training I mean a Variety of different factors but they Also have one thing that's unique about Israel is their simulation Based Training they they use training with Actual living breathing counterparts With less than lethal rounds uh but to Really replicate some of the Environments and scenarios that they Would that they would experience they're Also incredibly methodical about Capturing video footage from existing Operations and then analyzing it and

Putting their kind of armchair Quarterback you know how could have Things gone differently what could we Improve on so they're very very very Resilient with how they actually use Their after action reports so as to Modify their tactics and strategies Really remarkable um and I will also say They put their their individuals through Significant degrees of stress and sleep Deprecation Really astonishing so that as you become Tired as you become fatigued your Ability to reason and to kind of Understand challenges becomes more Difficult uh so they they inculcate Their soldiers and their troops with That kind of training so as to prepare Themselves for the ultimate stressers of War um so really remarkable they also in They also synergize really remarkably With other services which is just again Astonishing with their canine services With their intelligence and even their Aviation and artillery platforms be Great if they continues to rescue Hostages as they move forward uh thanks So much Cameron very impressive resume Cameron thank you for serving our Country we should also yeah we should Also give ourselves credit we go through Sleep deprivation training every day and Uh and we're ready to take on a tole to A Navy

SEAL yes everybody by the way in the Control room same thing in the camera Every

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