Today’s Top Headlines | Wednesday, Nov. 8

Today's Top Headlines | Wednesday, Nov. 8

FOX News’ Peter Doocy provides details on results from state and local elections. ‘FOX & Friends’ co-host Lawrence Jones breaks down polls showing voter preferences on Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden. #FoxNews

-Virginia Democrats won full control of the state legislature, dealing huge blow to Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin
-Ohio voters approved measure to protect abortion rights in the state constitution
-Trump-backed Kentucky attorney general candidate Daniel Cameron lost his bid to unseat Democratic AG Andy Beshear
-Republican Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves won a second term 
-Recent poll shows 48% of voters under 35 years old prefer Donald Trump over President Biden

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The polls are closed the results are in In Mississippi incoming Governor Tate Reeves just defeated Brandon Presley Mississippi did not B Ohio voters Decided to protect abortion access we Must be a pro- mother party we need a National strategy J Joe has got to go Pro Palestinian activists are now Calling for a national day of action fre Free paltin prompting the Pentagon to Issue an internal threat advisory for DOD run facilities Biden's failing and Failing and Trump is on the rise things Start to get really Bleak for the Democrats among voters younger than 35 48% now supporting Trump Chicago Residents are sick of living in a Sanctuary City and they're letting their Leaders know it you as Chicago believe That we should remain C pandas living at Washington's national Zoo are the most famous and fluffiest Chinese ambassadors now they're going Home Communist Party China just doesn't Need to do panda diplomacy anymore it's A sign of just how icy us China Relations here we go Fox News Alert now Democrats secured full control of the Virginia state legislature the party Maintaining their grip on the state Senate while flipping Virginia's House Of delegates we also have our eyes on The governor races in Kentucky and Mississippi lots of results to get

Through with you on this Wednesday Morning Peter Ducey is live at the White House where Peter I'm sure the White House is taking a look at some of the Data and some of the data probably makes Them Happy for sure and we had been hearing Over the last couple weeks that Virginia Is turning red but it's not at least not Today Governor Glenn yunan took a big Step backwards his next year in office Is going to be a lot more difficult Because uh that plan to flip the Senate And keep the house in Virginia did not Work uh Republicans lost both and Yonan's Pitch was to use GOP control to Install a 15-week abortion ban now That's not going to happen voters didn't Want it and that issue was even bigger In Ohio where voters approved a measure To protect abortion rights in the State's Constitution the Republican Attorney general in Kentucky in that Race the Trump backed Daniel Cameron Lost his bid to unseat Democratic Governor Andy Basher who won again Just look at what we were up against Five Super PS my opponent's super pack Mitch McConnell super Pat R Paul super Pat the Club for Growth the Republican Governor Association all running ads full of hate And Division and you know what we beet Them all the same time there was one

Bright spot for Republicans on the National map the Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves held off a democratic Challenger we all now know what it means In a state like Mississippi when you Stand up to the National liberals and When you stand up to Joe Biden they Threw everything they had at Mississippi $13 million they threw at Mississippi Mississippi did not Bend Mississippi is not for sale Maybe this was a preview of 2024 maybe Not Biden and Trump didn't really Prominently play in any of these races But the big issues are not going away Any year before the next national Election and a lot of Voters have not Had a chance uh to vote their feelings On things like Ro v Wade being Overturned back to you Peter what do you Think the reason is that the house and The Senate Democrats grabbed both of Those in Virginia Well there was a lot of advertising on TV and on the radio and online in this Area over the last couple months uh Where the Democratic candidates were Basically putting forward that Republicans wanted to get rid of Abortion they wanted to basically Restrict it out of existence and that's Not exactly what governor yunan was Proposing he was proposing a 15 week ban But uh the Democrats spent a ton of

Money it was everywhere every single Thing uh that I would be watching in Between changing diapers and giving a 9-month old baby a bottle uh you turn on The TV the ads are right there in your Face and so uh they spent the money and It it paid off big time for them last Night because uh yunan was not really Even talking about it like this was a Possibility he was saying uh yeah the House we hold the house flip the Senate Uh now they don't have control of either And something else that we've been Hearing a ton about over the last couple Weeks in the the horse race coverage of The Republican primary is if Glenn yunan Has a big Knight and he can advance his Agenda and show that he can uh turn a a Purple State really red then he could Jump in at the last minute and be the Trump alternative well he did not have a Big night and so it seems like uh if That was going to happen uh it's they're Going to need a different argument You're absolutely right and uh Peter Mentioned his baby who you took to the B The polls with right because who sent a A picture of her voting uh she they told Her she was too young to vote she's not Country is this all right all right Peter thank you very much yeah could Have bring the footprint uh that would Have worked U all right uh six minutes Now after the hour let's expand on this

Just a little bit uh abortion seemed to Be the key reason uh there's new CNN Polls though that talked about Registered voters saying that there's no Chance whatsoever uh when it comes to The presidential election 2024 that they Would vote for Joe Biden As Trump Narrowly beats Biden in a hypothetical Rematch Lawrence you have what's going On with these two this is the second Poll in three days which is not good News for 2024 for the Democrats yeah if If you talk to Democrat insiders they Say don't pay attention to the polls and There was a lot of talk about that Washington Post poll where they said you Know this may be just an outlier well That all changed with this new CNN poll Saying the chances of voting for Biden Are Trump when you look at Joe Biden 51% Of Americans are saying there's no way In hell that I'm going to vote for Biden And when you look at Donald Trump 48% Say there's no way um but then when you Go down to the hypothetical and this is The key thing right here 45% of folks Say they will vote for Biden and 49% of Folks say that they would vote for Trump Five say other and then 2% do not plan To vote why is this critical you're Going to see a lot of candidates is Making the argument in the primary that They're the only ones that can beat uh Joe Biden well that argument has been

Stripped Away now looking at the Poland Now because it looks like Donald Trump In fact can beat Joe Biden in election Right so so Lawrence when when it's Between the two men uh plus you're Factoring RFK Jr uh that Sienna poll on With the New York Times on Monday Suggested that RFK JR could actually Beat both of them Trump and Biden with People under I think 35 years old but When if you don't look at the candidates And you look at the issues we discovered Yesterday the number one issue again for Democrats that they can win on is Abortion yeah so when you talk to Donald Trump though he has had a different Message on the issue than the Traditional Republican party and by the Way he also keeps some of the Republicans as well because he's the one Who got them that Supreme Court to Overturn roie way but he's saying look I Want to leave it with the states I don't Want to get involved from from a federal Standpoint he's gotten some criticism From Republicans but nationally it looks Like the voters are standing how Stunning is it that with all the Negative publicity on Trump they say 93% Of every story on Trump is negative uh Even with Republicans going at him and Democrats every day building their Rundowns around him he is beating the President even with January 6 four

Trials and 91 charges he's beating the President by four points that is Stunning I think because of his age Joe Biden we hear that continuously we see Him on the stage it doesn't convey Strength to other countries then we also See what's happening in Israel we saw What happened in Ukraine we saw what Happened with the Afghanistan withdrawal Plus the economy we hear that over and Over when you go to the diners when you Go to the diners it's economy and people Are not making as much money taxes are Up interest rates are up people can't Afford to buy a house or sell their House right now because they know They're not probably not going to be Able to do it um and we talked about That yesterday we're not energy in Dependent anymore we're dependent on Other countries think the list just keep In the border so what about independence Do you also have that yeah so real Quickly Ang I think the one major thing Is the last election there was so much Focused on emotions right now people are Feeling those PL the pain on those Issues that you just cited and it all Goes down to Independent voters so when You look at it Joe Biden will get 41% Donald Trump will get 45% of independent Voters and it goes back to the the bread And butter issues that we're talking to I I know people sometimes think that

We're in diners that they're all Republican there's some independent Voters there there's some democrat Voters as well there are some people That switched over to the other side Just because of Joe Biden when you talk With the folks they're saying look we're Having to sell our cars because we just Can't afford to in our family right now We all covered the baby formula Scandal Scandal and the inflation stuff that Look how this has changed since 2020 I Mean he had Independence he had he had a A substantial lead he has he still leads With women with men it's basically a Dead Heat but where he's catch where President Trump is catching up is with The black voter he's got 23% second Straight poll it's still low but a lot Better than eight that's what he had Last time more black men than black Women right uh I didn't I did not see That breakout I think you're probably Right and Latino voters uh the split 546 Think about that the Democrats were Going to say the future is ours because The Hispanic vote is ours they have been Wrong on that and what about the Jewish Community how will they vote in the next Election so what you're saying is all The minority groups which traditionally The Democrats get from the Jewish vote To the black vote to the Hispanic votes Is saying look things were just better

In the last Administration and they're Showing to Angel Point interest in the Republican party what the president the Former president has to do now how does He get those people to the polls right Now um it's easy to say look they like Me they would vote for me but how do you Get them there register to likely voters That's exactly right and by the way Haley beats uh Biden by six in the same Poll and uh DeSantis uh beats Biden by Two yeah yeah and uh there's You' got Another number with the young folk yeah So when you look at the young voters This this is my generation right here Traditionally goes for the Democratic Party only 47 uh% 47% will vote for Joe Biden 48% say they will vote for Donald Trump when you look at these mortgages The interest rates these young people Were planning on buying their first Houses uh they're not able to do that Anymore what they're paying for gas uh Is hurting them so it comes back down to The issues that are imp though could you Believe that that Trump won with the Young voters because I think young Voters in college in their 20s they're Taught to be Democrats they're taught to Be more Progressive care more about the Environment than n you know National Security but they were also sold to bill Of goods because when Joe Biden was Running he said I'm going to do

Something about your school loans and I'm going to take care of you and then Of course the Supreme Court said you Can't do that Joe but to your point About the diners yesterday the number One issue and uh one lady I talked to in The 8 o'clock hour she she summarized it Perfectly regarding you know are you Better off today than you were you know With the last Administration and she Said no I hurt a lot and it comes down To gas and groceries because when you Can't put food on the table or gas in Your car you're thinking I I need a new Horse well Brian the the president made A gamble he made a promises he said if I Just punt it if I just put it out there For it to be out there then they're not Going to blame me well it looks like These young voters are saying you told Me that you were going to get it done You didn't get it done right and it's Just total bribery and by the way he's Still trying to do it he's trying to go Around the courts economy number one Voting rights number two crime number Three gun policy tied with that Immigration foreign policy abortion Working down the line now the Democrats Are saying themselves do we have a party Problem or do we have a Biden problem And that's what they're going to decide Because you Axel Rod coming forward Tim Ryan coming forward saying Joe don't run

So these are two Democrats you got to Figure at the White House today they're Going okay we had bad polls earlier in This week but we had a really good Election night and as long as abortion Is on the ballot and we had uh David Carluchi with us a little while ago a Democrats strategist and he said Democrats are trying to put abortion on As many state ballots for next year as Possible because it's a winner for Democrats and it's very problematic for Republicans you heard they're doing your Own son who lives in the Washington area Virginia area every time he's watching TV that's the message they're sending Out and the ad that was a killer ad for Cameron against Cameron was a Nine-year-old was pregnant and he's Going to make her have the baby and they Kept running it he had no answer he Chose not to Arizona Nevada Colorado South Dakota all say they're going to Put abortion on the ballot they're going To try so they're try if not the President why didn't they learn from What happened with tutor Dixon and why Didn't they learn from um what was his Name mastriano that's right because they Were saying no abortion no exceptions And they they lost and that was really The issue the former president is the Only one that has a message to combat This in in in a general election don't

Talk about it but but Nikki Haley also Said don't even talk to me about a National ban to get 60 Senate votes has Happened very few times in that would P It's impossible to get 60 people to to Vote the same be an issue and yesterday Glenn yunan lost ultimately because he Thought that he could come up with a Moderate plan that could be a model for Other Republicans going forward at 15 Weeks but you know to Peter's Point People yesterday morning were talking About president yunan today they're not Saying that because he will not be last Minute after the Nikki Haley debate when She said both sides look we don't have The 60 votes we don't have this don't Vilify but I'm not in support of an Abortion but I'm also this is an issue That we you know we're not going to win Either way and I had a friend up to me Who she works for the Democratic party She tries to raise money for candidates And she said we love Nikki Haley she has To win I think major Democrat I think It's also important to know as we go That the Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves he ran on abortion uh and he Still won in that state and Democrats Were expecting to pick that up uh he had A message for the voters Ronda Sanz ran In Florida on it as well um it just Looks like it depends on the candidate All right Lawrence great analysis over

Yeah now I know he was stretching out Before the show I go why is he Stretching out I didn't know he'd do so Much walking yeah you taught me how to Do this right we don't want an Aaron Rogers thing happen you come out and you Is that why you were playing Rocky in The corner squats well we see you're Okay right I feel a little tight this But I'm I think I'll make it you did Great Lawrence I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Killme and I'm Angley Airhart and click Here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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