Tom Cotton warns of ‘very damaging’ US intel docs leak

Tom Cotton warns of 'very damaging' US intel docs leak

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., on leaked intel documents and showing financial and military support for Ukraine and Taiwan. #FoxNews

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Foreign Do you think you'll get the weapons this Year we are going to get the weapons Delivered from time to time and if you Look at the when you if you look at the Last four years we have received weapons Delivered uh night times and the United States has announced its weapon delivery To Taiwan so we will get those weapons That we would need in using those Weapons for our self-defense All right taiwan's foreign minister dead Serious he's confident the U.S will come To the rescue in the growing tensions With China as he warns there's a risk of Uncontrollable War the Communist Nation Using the largest show of force yet in His third day of drills Senator Tom Cotton sits on the Senate armed early Services committee and it's probably the Most insightful person when it comes to China specifically Senator how serious Should we take these drills as actual Threats Brian we should always take China's Drills around Taiwan seriously it Doesn't just degrade taiwan's military Readiness because they're diverting from Operations and training and maintenance To uh defend their Island but also as a Way of kind of camouflaging or probing Taiwan's defenses and lulling the world Into thinking oh it's just another drill So that one day they go for the jugular

In Taiwan uh people may be slow to Answer the Bell one thing I want to Point out too is that communist China's Initial response is to speaker McCarthy's meeting with President Sai Last week was fairly consistent with Their historical practices then you had The French President Emmanuel macron fly To China take a bunch of French Businessmen with them trying to hustle Up business with the Communists in China And then president macron basically said Well if there were a war in Taiwan we're Not sure we need to be a part of that we Just leave Taiwan in the United States On their own and then China begins to Step up the intensity and the extent of Their military Opera operations I think It's a very good example of how Dictators like Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin respond to weakness and Appeasement and signaling from Western Leaders that's one reason why it's so Important that President Biden signal Strength and resolve in defending Taiwan If China ever does go for the jugular we Did send a uh I think a destroyer by one Of their man-made Chinese man Islands so The Navy is acting somewhat boldly but Would you like to see some drills with South Korea and Japan uh coordinating With us since they have no problem Displaying how they would war game it Out against Taiwan

Right I think military drills with our Partners in South Korea and Japan Against the common threats that we Face From communist China are always Appropriate I think we also need to do More not only help arm the Taiwanese Defense Forces but also prepare them for A potential Invasion we have small Contingents of Americans who have been Training with the Taiwanese military for Some time I think we should Substantially increase that training We've seen for instance how much better The Ukrainian Army became from 2014 to 2022 because we had small contingents of American troops training the Ukrainian Military to become more professional More capable and more lethal we should Be doing the exact same thing with the Taiwan Defense Forces and of course the Whole world knows how we train them Because it turns out since January Intelligence has been leaking from our Pentagon of the way we've been spying Been able to acquire the communications Of Russia find out how bad they're Actually fighting be able to possibly Leak the plans Ukraine has for a surge In the spring how damaging these per These perceived leaks how are they how Damaging have they been to the Pentagon Into U.S security Ron the first point I want to make is It's hard for us in Congress to assess

That because the administration once Again is uh hiding the ball from Congress I'm on the armed services and The intelligence committee as you Mentioned as of last night I'm not aware Of those committees being apprised of The sources of these potential sources Of these leaks or for that matter even The documents available now I've seen Some of them as you probably have and Others have on the internet but you Would think that the administration Would provide this information to Congress it's just another example of Their politicized approach to classified Information or other sensitive documents You know we still don't know what they Supposedly found at Mar-A-Lago or at Joe Biden's mini Mansions they're continuing To stonewallis on other inquiries but Second even if these documents are Authentic or for that matter even if They're altered or doctored they tell a Story that I've been making from the Very beginning because I support Ukraine But I don't support Joe Biden's Ukraine Policy because he's been slow rolling Our support to Ukraine for over a year We shouldn't be surprised at Ukraine may Be running a little low on ammunition They have been telling us for a year They need more they need more air Defense systems they need missiles that Can destroy so a Russian firing

Positions just across the border and Russia now I wouldn't take all this as Gospel either I mean of course our Intelligence assessments a year ago of Ukraine's Army turned out to be Significantly wrong when we said that Russia would roll over Ukraine I think That Ukraine has a great shot having a Very successful spring offensive but It's vital that we provide them rapidly The weapons they need in that offensive Weapons that we should have been Providing them at a much faster rate Much higher volume over the last year Yeah unfortunately they don't do that And there's no Democratic push to do it Right they all want to go over and show Up and say we support Ukraine but they Don't want to push the administration to Do the right things but on Saturday U.S Officials and foreign allies who began Scrambling because this communication Seems valid everything from Israel to South Korea we still don't know how they Got it who leaked it who the new Edward Snowden is or do they just hack into Computers but this was on Telegram and It could have been put through the Russian system to make their casualties Look less and maybe the ukrainians look Uh look like it's greater so Senator This it's unbelie it's unquantifiable How much damage this is this story is Percolating this could really be big

Final thought Yeah Brian you're right that it could be Very damaging again it's hard for Congress to make that assessment because The administration continues to Stonewall us but we need to get to the Bottom of who had access to these Purported documents how they could have Leaked what potential compromises they Could be but we also again need to have Confidence that if we provide the Ukrainians the weapons that they've been Uh urging us uh over the last year that They can defend their own territory That's something that's been the case For the last year we should not be Gloomy and doomy about the assessment of These documents right time is not on Their side let them win uh we trained Them let them win uh Senator cotton Thanks so much

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