Trey Yingst: The images from Gaza are devastating

Trey Yingst: The images from Gaza are devastating

FOX News’ Trey Yingst reports the latest on the ground from Sderot, Israel, as the IDF resumes its offensive to root out Hamas. #foxnews

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This is a Fox News Alert this morning on A Monday the US launching a drone strike In Northern Iraq killing five Iranian Proxy Fighters This as at least this is The fifth time the US has carried out Retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Syria Over the past month meanwhile in the Gaza Strip the IDF advances deeper into The region taking out at least 200 Hamas Targets overnight Trey yinx is live in Southern Israel with the latest so Trey The ceasefire is over what's the latest On the Ground yeah hey guys good morning the Ceasefire is indeed over just a few Moments ago we saw two rockets Intercepted just next to this position Along the Gaza border it's day 59 of the War between Israel and Hamas and the Israelis are increasing their strikes Against the Gaza Strip they say Overnight 200 different targets were hit Inside Gaza bringing the total total Number to more than 10,000 since this War Began on October 7th now the heavy Air campaign is spiking the death toll In Gaza authorities at the Hamas control Health Ministry say more than 700 people Were killed in a 24-hour period over the Weekend Israel is still going after Hamas leadership killing the commander Of the shatti Battalion in an air strike On Sunday also over the weekend they Killed wasam Farhat the commander of

Hamasa saaya Battalion farat was Responsible for the deaths of Seven Soldiers during the 2014 War and he Actually participated in the planning of The October 7th Massacre Israel is also Expanding their ground operations Starting to Target positions near gaza's Southern city of Han Yunis the Developments on the ground do come as Regional threats continue to expand Yesterday three commercial vessels in The Red Sea were attacked by iran-backed Houthi rebels from Yemen the USS Carney Shot down three drones that were in its Area highlighting the role that American Forces in the region are playing now Back in October the same guided missile Destroyer shot down a salvo of missiles And drones that were headed toward Israel it's not just the southern front That remains active also activity on the Northern front today as Hezbollah renews Attacks into Northern Israel guys hey so Trey uh it sounds like the IDF hit 200 Targets overnight uh apparently they Found and you would know more about this Than we are cuz we're over here Apparently they found uh tunnels and Weapons in a school and one of the Tunnels was booby trapped and that just Goes to everything the Israelis have Said you know they put bad stuff in good Places yeah absolutely and if it wasn't So hazy today I'd actually show you the

Area where they found that tunnel shaft It's in the beton neighborhood just Behind me across the border in the Northern part of the Gaza Strip and 58 Days into the conflict Hamas was still Firing Rockets from this neighborhood And so it gives you a sense of the Infrastructure that they created over The past several years in these densely Populated areas we saw it for ourselves When we went into Gaza with the Israeli Military many of the weapons are being Stored in schools they're being stored In these civilian areas and it's Creating a very challenging situation For the Israelis and look they are Targeting not just the northern part of Gaza now but also the second largest City of Han yunes and I've been talking With a Palestinian doctor in the Southern city of Rafa and he says There's air strikes all around that area So this is a concerted effort by the Israelis to put more pressure on Hamas Try to get those additional hostages Released but also destroy as many of Those weapon storage facilities as Possible yeah Trey they the city Han Unice is the second largest city in that Area and they've told the Palestinians There to to leave and to evacuate if They can um I know that Israel and Hamas Has failed to come up with some sort of A a deal that's why the fighting is

Continued no more ceasefire to free all Of the women hostages what's the latest On the hostages because they're saying That they have found 800 tunnels in Gaza 500 have been destroyed or sealed have They found any Hostages so they haven't found any Hostages they have recovered a couple Bodies of those that were taken into Gaza and that's changed the numbers Slightly but over the weekend there were Efforts in dohaqatar to get the Ceasefire back together after it expired After a violation by Hamas firing Rockets into Israel on Friday morning we Understand there was an Israeli Massad Team in Doha and Regional sources told Me over the weekend that the Israelis Actually returned home they wanted to Send a message in all of this that the Conversations were not headed in a Positive direction so both the Israeli Prime Minister and the director of The Mad pulled the team back here to Israel Though those Regional sources say the Negotiations continue they want to see If they can get more hostages out Through diplomatic channels Understanding that the more than hundred People still being held inside Gaza may Not be recovered through the means and The efforts of Israeli forces that are Operating on the ground yeah tro TR has Predicted the international pressure

Against Israel is ramping up I I just Wonder in Gaza since Hamas continues to Use his own people as Shields is there More pressure and I know there's been a Little bit reporting on it to get rid of Hamas uh to take back authority of the Gazen Area there's a lot of pressure on Hamas And and people are becoming increasingly Vocal about their frustration of how This conflict began and look Israel is Walking at tight RPP here in terms of American and Western support for their Efforts to find the hostages and Destroy Hamas leadership while also balancing The pressure and criticism rightly so That they are receiving for the rising Civilian death toll we cannot Independently confirm the numbers that We're receiving from Gaza because They're coming from the Hamas controlled Health Ministry but we know for a fact That thousands of civilians are dying And the images from inside Gaza are Devastating children that are trapped Under Rubble civilians that are being Killed in these strikes as the Israelis Go after Hamas leadership and as the Days go on and this war increases with Both air and ground campaigns against Gaza that pressure on the Israeli Government and Military will also Increase and and Trey to your point There's also a lot of pressure on the

Israeli government from the people of Israel because I I was reading this Morning that apparently the hostage Families they know that the ceasefire is Over uh Israel has withdrawn the uh Negotiators And for the most part it the the ground Offensive as you've been detailing is on The families of the hostages still stuck In Gaza somewhere they want to meet with The war council because they want to be Reassured that the government of Israel Will stop at nothing to bring them back Because they're afraid their people are Going to get killed in the Crossfire absolutely Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has faced a Lot of criticism from the families of Hostages today in Israeli media the Focus is on the families of the soldiers That are being held inside Gaza they're Putting pressure and they are calling For the prime minister to meet with them And so far other top officials from the War cabinet and from the government have Agreed to meet with these families but The Prime Minister himself has not we Understand that has changed and that Later today or tomorrow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected To meet with the families of those Soldiers that are being held inside Gaza But there is pressure and we even saw Over the weekend in hostage Square Intel

Families of those who were released Speaking out calling for every single Hostage to be brought home they want to Do whatever it takes whether it's Increasing the diplomacy whether it's Increasing the ground operation they Want to get these hostages home and it's Not just those individuals it's this en Entire country of 9 million people you See the yellow ribbons you see the calls On social media people want to do Whatever it takes to get their loved Ones home Trey thank you so much

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