Trump attorney: ‘This shows how corrupt the NY judicial system has become’

Trump attorney: 'This shows how corrupt the NY judicial system has become'

Alina Habba, attorney for former President Donald Trump, relays his response to pending litigation against him, the state of the U.S. justice system and how charges against Trump could affect him in the 2024 presidential race. #FoxNews

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For more right now I want to bring in a Former president Trump's attorney Alina Haba Alina thanks very much for joining Us what is Trump's response I think he's shocked and disappointed in The state of our country as he said he's Always put America first I think that is The best policy and I agree with Everything that Jim Jordan said I'm Really proud of what Jim's doing and I Agree with him and I think you know President Trump's doing the same thing And using his voice which is the loudest Voice right now for the Republican party To show the outrage and the shock and Disappointment we can't have politics With these corrupt ages and DA's it Can't happen anymore Let me let me get your take on the other 10 lawsuits that you are defending President Trump on I know that you're Not the criminal attorney here that Someone else but you've got 10 other Lawsuits that you're working on what are They Yes I have several lawsuits but he's not The defendant on many of them Um you know we have Leticia James that's Probably the most prominent one that I Want to discuss because that is again a Corrupt system they're going after the Trump organization poor Alan weisselberg Is sitting in Rikers Island right now Over what valuations this is a real

Estate company that has done extremely Well is successful and they're trying to Take them and all of their individuals That lead that company down for nothing Uh you know they got three years of Special preceding investigations they Interviewed almost 60 people we have Five weeks we have a complaint filed in November it's going to trial in October This shows exactly how corrupt New York Judicial system has become the DA's and The AGS Jim Jordan I hope he brings in Each and every one of them and asks them Where the funding came from and how They're they think it's appropriate to Take funding away from the city that is Now falling apart which I used to love They are taking funding away while People are dying and there is crime Rampant in the streets to go after the Leading GOP Republican candidate is Unacceptable Um that is that is for me the most Important case I have other than that You know a lot of them are are cases Where we have to defend against things Like election fraud things like I have a Case in Pennsylvania you know somebody Tweeted something and they sue Donald Trump you know I have a case against Mary Trump in the New York Times I'm Defending the case against E.G and Carroll in three weeks on trial in New York again yeah you know the same thing

Rapid rapid trials yeah I'm making the Point that there's a lot coming at President Trump even after this criminal Case right now Alina these cases take Time I mean this criminal case in the Manhattan DA's office is going to have a Long proceedings you're going to have Discovery you're going to have a motion Process and that is Way Beyond the four Months which begin the GOP Primary Process which of course the first debate Is this August will this prevent President Trump from running 2024. No I don't think so I think this is Going to strengthen him in my opinion if You look at the polls if you look at the American people's opinion he is leading In the polls and every time they come And hit him hard Maria every time they Try and take him down his base grows Stronger the American people are not Dumb they see what they are doing I Don't think so I think he's going to get Catapulted into that white house and of Course he was able to raise four million Dollars in a couple of days on the heels Of this and he is the number one Candidate in the polls we'll be watching Thanks very much Elena

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