Trump begins testimony in civil fraud trial in NYC

Trump begins testimony in civil fraud trial in NYC

FOX News’ Nate Foy reports the latest on the trial from New York City. #FOXNews

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Fox iser we said we'd bring you President Trump here he is so while Israel is being attacked while Ukraine Is being Attack while inflation is eating our Country alive I'm down here and these Are all political opponent attack ads by The Biden Administration their poll Numbers are terrible you saw what Happened today the New York Times and CBS came out with a poll that I'm Leading all over the place but it's a Very unfair situation this is really Election interference that's all of this This tral is ridiculous the numbers are Much greater than on the financial Statement and we've already proven that They said marago is worth $18 million Marago is worth anywhere from probably 50 to 100 times more than that and it's A terrible terrible thing these are Political operatives that I'm going to Be dealing with right now you have a Racist attorney general who made some Terrible statements and we just see some More that came over the wires today it's A very sad situation for our country we Shouldn't have this this is for third World countries and you know it's very Unfair it's very unfair but in the Meantime the people of the country Understand it they see it and they don't Like it they don't like it because it's Uh political Warfare as you would call

It or political lawfare another name I Got a lot of names for it but usually it Takes place in third world countries and Banana republics nobody's ever seen that To this extent we've never seen it here But we will go along and we will Hopefully uh do very well in every Regard and we'll win the election and We'll make America great again that's What we're going to do we're going to Make America great again but we have to Take away from the thugs that we deal With and the horrible people that Actually must hate our country to do This but we will uh we'll fight very Hard for our country thank you very much Everybody so there you have it president Trump gave some brief remarks and didn't Take questions today he has entertained A few in the past but given the fact That he's going to be taking the stand I'm assure that his lawyers and he Himself wants to concentrate because he Said he'll get through today he did call It a political attack Warfare or even Law fair he called it but then wraps it Back around and brought up the point That President Biden's poll numbers are Terrible that this is from The New York Times poll and other polls and he said We will win the election we will make America great again and said this Usually only happens in third world Countries yeah remember the judge in

This case has Already rendered his Verdict right uh he's already found him Guilty in this case and um we'll see What the president has to say on the Stand keep in mind he's under oath and He's calling this a very unfair Situation as you point out the AG calls Her racist uh he has said that Repeatedly and so we're about to find Out how he does understand and how he Characterizes is uh his real estate Properties you mentioned Mar Lago yeah I Mean the real estate property in Palm Beach has gone through the roof over the Past 5 years right so as we wait on that Let's get to Nate Foy outside the Courthouse today uh Nate going to be a Fascinating day let's uh see what's Going on there if you got us Nate we're On the air live now hello to you set the Scene uh bill yeah good morning former President Donald Trump is here right now Set to take the stand at any moment uh To defend his business Empire that New York attorney general Leticia James Claims was at least partially built on Fraudulently valued properties the Former president along with his two Adult sons they all deny any wrongdoing You were mentioning some of the truth Socials uh that former president Trump Has put out this morning he again Characterizes this as election

Interference uh and again claims he's Done nothing wrong he posted just Moments ago getting ready to head to the Downtown Lower Manhattan Courthouse to Testify in one of the many cases that Were instigated and brought by my Political opponent crooked Joe Biden Through agencies and surrogates for Purposes of election interference now Trump has voluntarily attended multiple Days of this trial as a defendant but This will be his first time actually Taking the stand other than a brief Moment when he took the stand in Relation to a partial gag order after he Made comments that the judge found uh Were about his law Clerk and that's been Something that not only former president Trump has dealt with but also his Lawyers as the judge expanded that Partial gag order to include lawyers to Prevent any comments uh related to Members of his staff the former President main maintains that his Properties are actually more valuable uh Than were listed in financial statements At the Trump organization and last week Of course Don Jr and Eric testified both Of them said that they signed statements Of financial condition uh at the Trump Organization but they didn't they didn't Prepare those statements themselves Don Jr said he relied on accountants uh to Do the accounting and then president

Trump's uh daughter of Vanka is set to Be the Final witness that the state will Call in this case a state court denied Her request to avoid taking the stand so She is set to testify on Wednesday uh Again after she is done testifying the State will rest its case uh and then Former president Trump's lawyers uh will Call their own Witnesses and present Their defense attorney general Laticia James tweeted about Trump's testimony This morning writing quote Donald Trump Might lie but the facts and the numbers Don't uh James also spoke on her way Into the courtroom saying that she Anticipates former president Trump to Continue uh name calling and what she Views as race baiting uh but again Saying that the numbers and the facts Don't lie in this case whereas former President Trump says that this entire Thing is election interference and that He's being politically persec uted that Uh the Attorney General ran campaigned On going after him and that's what we're Now seeing play out uh in this courtroom Uh the former president will be free to Speak to the media when he's done Testifying today when he he leaves the Courthouse his testimony uh is expected To wrap up today so uh he's been Outspoken throughout the case it's a Little bit different now that he's Actually on the stand rather than just

Sitting uh at the defense table but We'll see what the former president says After his testimony concludes bill so Nate this is a civil case he has been Found liable I understand right um so we Are waiting to now see from this inside The courtroom what happens and I'm Curious if you could tell us in the Minute we have left how do you get Information from the courtroom today so That we can get it to the viewers what's The process since the cameras aren't in There so we have uh a reporter who is in There and tracking every single question Uh that the state will ask former President Trump and then She's transcribing his answers and then She lets me know essentially uh Point by Point exactly what is happening on the Witness stand that has been how we've Done things throughout this entire trial Including last week when Don Jr and Eric Were testifying uh so again I I wouldn't Expect former president Trump to speak To the media perhaps during the lunch Break or you know the morning session Will wrap up in the early afternoon and And resume at 2 uh 2:15 I wouldn't Expect any comments in the middle of the Day but perhaps after he's done Testifying I would expect to hear from The former president himself how he Feels today went okay and we have a few Um shots from inside the courtroom this

Is what they they sort of allow Everybody to get a scene Setter on video Uh so we're we that's been consistent Every single day so there you see President Trump this is you know history Making bill as you said yeah unpressed Ented right yeah seen it before and is Also the leading nominee and the Republican Vibe for the nomination far Yeah I had some words over the weekend At a rally on Sat an event on Saturday I Should say and um I he made mention of It walking in right polling shows I'm Leading this is called election Interference he said that repeatedly for The past uh several weeks and he also Said this is an unfair situation so Similar comments that we've heard prior And he's got a very determined look on His face right he's focusing and I would Say also one of Defiance so if you listen to some of These legal analysts and Brett had a Great constitutional attorney on last Week she was very knowledgeable about All this she's a fast talker right we Like Fast talkers uh and what what she Was making the case that even the judg Has found him liable already she thinks This case is ripe upon appeal uh because The valuations in real estate are are Not entirely B Concrete a lot of the Stuff is subjective and that was the Reference that she was making uh last

Week so we'll see whether or not I mean But we're going to get to that point the Question is what will happen what will Happen indeed so the two Eric and the Two sons Eric and Don Jr testified last Week he testifies today and then Apparently the last witness is going to Be Ivanka Trump president Trump's Daughter and she's tried to defy that And she was denied and at some point NP You'll show that's right whether Tuesday Or Wednesday we'll find out then and as We said Nate Foy is there reporters in The courtroom you'll have everything you Need to know today as we take you Through it I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kill Me and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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