Trump campaign: Hunter Biden’s conviction is a ‘distraction’ from the ‘real’ crimes

Trump campaign: Hunter Biden's conviction is a 'distraction' from the 'real' crimes

The ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discussed their reaction to the fallout of Hunter Biden’s conviction after he was found guilty on all three firearm felony offenses. He faces possible fines and a maximum of 25 years behind bars. #FoxNews

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Thank you very much the cover of the New York Post first felon faces up to 25 Years after historic verdict um and I Heard on one of the other channels that Apparently you know the the jury got the Case a couple days ago at 3:30 in the Afternoon they deliberated for about an Hour and they were 50/50 at the time They were it was split 66 and then by The uh you know a couple hours into the Second day uh they were like okay he Broke the law and here's the thing we Knew he had broken the law because he Signed that thing and we know he put That X there so it's one of those things Where if he were not convicted on this Uh what does it take to get arrested and Convicted in Delaware well I I guess When you look at the other channels and You look at their coverage of it there There is this reaction to compare what Happened here and the justice system What happened to Trump and they said This is the legal system uh make doing What it does this is the right thing but I I think they skipped the important Step W this wasn't going to go to trial At first this this was not this there Was an unprecedented deal and if they Weren't shame both the prosecution as Well as the defense with this deal then We wouldn't have been here now you take That versus Donald Trump where you have An unprecedented prosecution not a unpr

Unprecedented deal and I think there is A clear difference in the Justice I'm Glad that it worked out at the end of The day but the judicial system Shouldn't be shamed into following the Law and treating all Americans equally Uh I I get that everybody has someone Probably I know I have family members That have struggled with addiction and We are all sympathetic to that cause but All of our family members should be Treated the same and it looks like hun Hunter Biden is finally being held Accountable like most Americans would Have well you know um and Brian we're Going to bring you into this too um the Trump campaign said this is just a Distraction from the real crimes the Real Crimes of the Biden family which Has raped in tens of millions of dollars From China and Russia and Ukraine and What we learned in this court case is That the laptop really was Hunter Biden's we knew that before but this was Just additional verification of that Which means we were lied to by those 51 Intel individuals that signed that Letter back before the election and Joe Biden who lied to us about it and NBC And CNN and NPR who lied about it you Had social media individuals or social Media platforms that were censoring this Story so it didn't get out before the Election so it's not just about

Addiction and lying on a government form This goes beyond that the coverups the Money that the Biden family possibly Made from all of this before the Election and burying a story so that you Didn't know about it you the public the Voter didn't know about it before the Election Brian yeah a couple of things number one Out of everything on that laptop it's Absolutely insane that the one thing That they get is the gun charge out of All the uh on on uh unsavory Behavior That's witnessed there that they all Told us we're crazy for believing and it Have definitely affected the 2020 Election also I think it's important This guy Kevin moris who's funding all His legal defense is literally out of Money how do I know that's not hype his Daughter evidently raged at Hunter Biden You're taking advantage yeah you're Taking advantage of my dad who's writing Checks for you yeah your dad his dad's The president of United States he can't Write the check But some obscure producer who made money Early on a sitcom nobody watches could Empty his account for a guy that can't Get off crack and obviously loves Hookers the other thing is the big story Is uh coming up in the fall is going to Be the tax case and what about the made For TV moment I'm sorry my heart does

Not go out to Joe Biden who has to go Back to his house and stand in front of His driveway and hug his son who got Convicted of a buying a gun and having Haley Biden throw it out while by the Way an hour before he was telling us the Need for gun control who booked that gig For him the day his son is actually Actually convicted of a gun violation The dumbest thing ever but smart to have The hug in the driveway so MSNBC has Something to talk about and they want to Say it's no dual path to Justice because Trump got convicted and he got convicted It's totally different this guy actually Scripted his conviction seven years ago They made up charges on Donald Trump and They did didn't even tell us the charges Until they handed it over to the jury And when you come up and speak about a Jury decision and don't like it that's Called an American free move to do You're not being anti-American by Criticizing a jury decision does Everyone happy with the way the OJ Decision came out are you anti-American By saying Oh by saying OJ pretty much Got away with murder no I don't think so So uh yesterday really uh bothered me Because he comes off as a sympathetic Figure where everything he's done is his Own personal Behavior you know speaking Of that Brian this is the media's Reaction to that watch this has to be as

A as a parent um the worst nightmare Come true Joe and Joe Biden have been Role models for parents of addicted Children you're seeing sort of such a Such a sad day on a personal level but You're seeing such an uplifting day in Terms of sort of heroic action in terms Of what it means to live a principle you Know Republicans have really struggled To make this line of attack uh stick Because most people see this and feel Sympathy it is not an unfair verdict They followed the law but it's a sad Verdict this trial was so personal and So painful for the Biden family the Details in this case Sarah as you well Know are really ugly and they're really Sad all right so just we don't have Audio here but just know guys that msnb CNN say it's a very sad day for the Family which is true but it's all Self-inflicted uh and we'll see where How you guys feel about it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm angart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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