Trump could be charged with 34 felonies: Report

Trump could be charged with 34 felonies: Report

The former president is set to be arraigned by the Manhattan district attorney on Tuesday. #FoxNews

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Yeah law enforcement in New York City Bracing for demonstrations over former President Donald Trump's arraignment Just hours from now one report indicates That he will face 34 For the indictment remains under seal Fox News sources say he is not expected To be put in handcuffs that's right Fox News senior correspondent Laura Ingle Joins us live from Lower Manhattan just Outside the courthouse where about six Or seven hours from now Laura is going To be a circus It certainly is and it certainly already Is happening now we've got tents of Media reporters and cameras and security Extremely tight just behind me in the Last few hours we've been here since Three o'clock in the morning and we've Seen another row of barricades put up Behind me outside of this courthouse and To my right there is a line of people Who have been camped out since yesterday Afternoon at 8 A.M the first several Groups of people will get a ticket to be Inside of the courtroom for this Historic arraignment of Donald J Trump And as you mentioned we are just hours Away and as Ainsley mentioned Mr Trump Arriving at Trump Tower Monday afternoon Waving at his supporters lots of police Presence there we are now expecting to See him to arrive at the Manhattan Criminal Court building sometime around

1 pm this afternoon ahead of his 2 15 Arraignment the court proceedings will Not be televised and only still photos Will be permitted this after the defense Argued it will create a circus-like Atmosphere at the arraignment raise Unique security concerns and is Inconsistent with President Trump's Presumption of innocence law enforcement Including the NYPD and FBI working to Make this process as smooth and safe as Possible the Secret Service as we know Will accompany Trump at all times and That includes it processing Fingerprinting and if a mug shot happens He is not expected to be handcuffed Protesters and supporters of trump Lining the streets outside of Trump Tower yesterday where the former President is right now after arriving For Mar-A-Lago more are expected here in Lower Manhattan New York city mayor Eric Adams urging protesters yesterday to Keep it peaceful today New York City is always always ready While there may be some rabble Rouses Thinking about coming to our city Tomorrow a message is clear and simple Control yourselves New York City is our home not a Playground for your misplaced anger As we have been reporting the exact Charges are still undersealed Trump's Legal team is already planning to file a

Motion to dismiss the case Trump will First turn himself into Manhattan District attorney Alvin Bragg before Reportedly facing the more than 30 Criminal charges one expected to be a Felony his attorney ready to fight Listen They'll be a host of motions we're going To make including I'm telling you right Off the bat a motion to dismiss based on Uh selective prosecution prosecutor Misconduct there is zero zero chance Where Donald Trump is pleading to Anything here he committed no crime he Committed no wrong not a misdemeanor not A felony not a traffic ticket there is Nothing here I still can't believe this Is going to survive our our vigorous Motions to dismiss And now we've learned that there will be Yet another attorney involved in his Defense yesterday we learned that Attorney Todd Blanche who's a former Federal prosecutor and considered a top White collar attorney will be part of The legal team so we are now just Counting down the hours waiting for that Motorcade to arrive yeah he successfully Got Paul manafort's case dismissed so Many are wondering if that's why Trump Brought him on the team yeah hey Laura So he's not going to have uh handcuffs He's not going to be put in a jail cell And no mug shot uh is there a

Possibility that could change because I Read that the the judge is going to go Through pre-trial stuff first before he Decides whether or not to do it or was That already decided by Mr Bragg the D.A Right you know we we've been hearing so Much back and forth in the last few Hours since overnight about the mug shot About how these proceedings are going to Go some of the timelines have changed But we just simply have to wait we have To wait until everything unfolds uh and We'll be here to watch it all all right Laura thank you very much great Reporting through the night the reason For him the reason for handcuffs they Say is because if the defendant is a Flight risk or if if a threat to the D.A Or Personnel inside the courtroom but Neither applies here because the former President's protected at all times by The Secret Service he's surrounded by a Possible correct so it looks like the President as as right now has raised Eight million dollars since the Indictment's been announced we don't Have the details of the 34 counts it's Rumored to be 34 counts but he is Expected to speak tonight and have a Almost a jubilant approach to it a Positive approach to it people there Right I think they expect what 500 I Think it's going to be very interesting Too are they going to motion dismiss the

Judge I'm sure that'll be rejected Motion dismiss Alvin Bragg we'll see how That goes and a motion to make sure There's no gag order that's going to be Interesting I think there's if you if You say he can't speak about the case in A way I think on some level as attorneys Might be happy about that because then They can control the narrative and just Focus on what he needs to beat it as Opposed to worrying about what the President's going to put on Truth social Or say on the stump well see it and Joe Takapina last night apparently on the Sean show said that a gag order is not Going to happen uh and that could be Just wishful thinking but keep in mind The former president has already Bad-mouthed the D.A and the judge in This case and the judge can do anything He wants ultimately though if there is a Gag order it would keep the former President from talking about the case And then he could actually talk about Stuff like running for president uh CNN Across the street did a poll and 76 Percent of Americans say that politics Did play some sort of a role in the Indictment But here's what's interesting while 76 Say it was politically based or somehow 60 percent of Americans improve approve Of the indictment 62 percent of Independents approved but only 21 of

Republicans what's interesting is since The indictment was announced Trafalgar Just did a poll and Donald Trump's Support uh rocketed up now it went from 43 to 56 percent Ron DeSantis went down 10 points and Liz Cheney is suddenly in Third place she was at five percent now She's at 10 74 percent what was that Trafalgar the Trafalgar poll 74 say Republicans 74 Percent of Republicans so three quarters Are more likely now to vote for Donald Trump in the primary because of this Yeah because they think it's politically Motivated uh the story that broke last Night was Michael izakov he's the American journalist works now for for Yahoo news he's the author of the Russian Roulette book but he was saying That he got exactly that he has a tip That Trump will be placed under arrest Today and informed that he has been Charged with 34 felony counts we were Thinking one felony count he's saying All 34 counts will be felonies for Falsification of business records the Reason bumped up to a class E felony Which is the lowest level of felony in New York uh because Brad exactly Bragg Says that Trump was intending to conceal Another underlining crime and under New York State Penal Code a classy felony Can result in prison terms of up to four Years right but here's the crazy thing

How you how do you do a poll on what do You think about the indictment well you Don't know what's in the indictment uh And you have an opinion on it's bizarre Yeah number two is on the felony Accounts for false fighting business Records it's crazy there's no plaintiff There's no bank that says he screwed me There's no building that's not built There's nobody is complaining except for A attorney general and a district Attorney that said said I'm going to run On convicting Donald Trump on something And they just want him poured over his Records they get his tax returns they Look at it and they find him a million Dollars in a case that he lost in civil Court but they say that your criminal Court always has precedence over civil Court so they try him in Civil Court They get some information and then they Reportedly are about to enhance a a Criminal court case so I think there's a Lot to fight here and in the back of my Mind in watching all this is we could be Doing this three more times we could be Doing with the January 6 we could be Dealing with the Georgia situation and We could do with Mar-A-Lago which is Heating up like you wouldn't believe They are now making secret service Testify they make his own attorney Corcoran he has to testify his own Client well what is it Jack Smith is is

Somehow rocket fueled to get uh Trump in A way that I don't I can't believe People aren't challenging this and Saying even if I don't like Donald Trump What's going on here because of the Crime we've talked about this the crime Fraud Exemption if if you get legal advice During the execution of a crime It happens more than you would believe Talk to Mark Levin about that your Attorney uh client privilege goes out The window regarding the Secret Service How many times has it happened You have an attorney and Secret Service And you flip them I am just talking About what is the law that is the law It's rarely used that is well it was Used in this case the other thing is if The I feel like it's uh open to mic Night I'm getting a Heckle over here no I'm not heckling you I'm just saying It's so ludicrous attorney your secret Brian brought up a couple of points I Just want to explain the law see I know A lot I'm just saying it almost never Happens so it doesn't matter what the Law says it almost never happens and They're targeting a former president This guy Jack Smith is out of his mind With aggression well here's the thing Regarding the Secret Service agents you If they witnessed a crime There would be an expectation that they

Would tell the crime really so JFK if You the Secret Service that so JFK Having as many trists the ones that were Witnessed that uh witnessed Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office you go where Where was that secret service Triple quadruple standard in American History Lara Trump was on with Sean last Night and she basically said the same Thing we're treating Republicans Differently than we treat Democrats look What happened with Hillary Clinton she Gets slapped with a fine nothing happens To her Donald Trump's being thrown into Different courtrooms all over the Country now for for basically doing the Same thing and my point is there are Laws on the books that are making this Possible Laura Trump says ultimately This is a a waste of how much is this Costing us yeah a waste of your taxpayer Money To see the entire New York police Department in full force mobilized Lining the streets I mean this must have Cost the taxpayers of New York tens of Millions of dollars over what over a Hundred and thirty thousand dollar Completely legal non-disclosure Agreement payment you know these things Happen all day every day in the United States of America and the sad part is That Alvin Bragg of course the district Attorney there in Manhattan is supposed

To be locking up criminals supposed to Be keeping the streets of New York safe Yet this is where all of the energy Focus and taxpayer money is going we Know their investigation has been years Long into my father-in-law they've been Trying to find anything possible on him And look at the Joe Biden investigation Well have we heard anything about the Documents they went to his lawyers Hotel Excuse me his office in Boston what'd They find they go to uh his University Of Delaware took out thousands hundreds Of boxes what did they find what about The boxes at Penn The Pen Center we saw A couple of dozen uh effort a couple of Dozen documents there what about what They found in his garage and then Everything just goes silent because I Guess there's nobody who's leaking from The Biden investigation but it looks Like Jack Smith wrote the column for the Washington Post two days ago I mean People should be outraged by this well Ultimately it is still an open Investigation and uh that seems to be What's going on there Brian you Mentioned the January 6th thing the Georgia thing the Mar-A-Lago thing keep In mind here in New York state the Attorney General is going after uh the Former president for I think uh 250 million dollars worth of corruption And then

There is a possibility actually it's on The books uh the rape trial is supposed To start in two weeks look if he's Convicted there's nothing in the Constitution that prevents him from Running for president I think he'll Still run uh you just have to be an American citizen yeah he's around here For 14 years yeah and have to be over 35 Years old I think you will run I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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