Trump court cases take center stage as he becomes presumptive GOP nominee

Trump court cases take center stage as he becomes presumptive GOP nominee

Fox News contributor and criminal defense attorney Jonathan Turley reacts to Nikki Haley’s expected exit from the presidential race and discusses the path forward for former President Trump as he battles a number of legal cases. #foxnews

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Okay so Jonathan you you are an attorney Of course we we booked you to talk about Something else but then the news just Broke Nikki Haley is going to drop out Today at 10 o'cl this morning you'll see Her live here on Fox she's not going to Uh endorse immediately Donald Trump if At all what are your observations given What you know about how things Work you know I've had the pleasure of Covering as as as many of you have uh Presidential elections going back I Guess now six presidents and Trump is Always that unknown card you know in in 2016 I think he took the establishment Uh from The Blind Side uh they just did Not see him coming uh because they Didn't really understand what was Happening in the country but there's That old expression right that generals Too often prepare to fight the last war Instead of the next War so I think that One of the questions is is is is he Going to Pivot now the Democrats have Given him in some ways a political favor With all of these charges right they Bulldozed any moral High Ground they had After January 6th with the ballot Cleansing and all of the lawsuits and The astronomical damages I think the Public gets it I mean there is a certain Victimology that is brought into this Campaign that is is real right is Legitimate the question is whether he

Can sort of Stand Tall in front of that Storm you know I think that he has to be Able to offer something other than you Know this is a way to throw a grenade Into the establishment uh he has that I Mean I think and we saw that 2016 but I think that what we're really Going to see with Haley's departure is This vacuum that is now that he's Standing alone now that he will most Certainly be the nominee will he offer Something beyond the fact that we have To fight what they're doing or what they Have done uh and I think you started to See that but we're waiting for some Details you know he's going to have a New Administration he'll have a new Attorney general a new secretary of State um what is the Mandate he's going To give them um I think that's what a Lot of people want to want to hear so Jonathan I'm just curious so now that we Know it's pretty much going to be Wrapped up Donald Trump will soon be the Presumptive nominee do you feel this Alters the way the court handles with This I mean don't they have a duty to Let the candidate run his race and not Be in court do you see A change in some of these Judges well I think that is really the Difficult question here the Supreme Court handed down what I consider to be One of the most important decisions of

The history of that institution uh it Told American citizens and and they took That to heart yesterday that they will Choose their next leader that states are Not going to be able to unilaterally uh Cleanse their ballads not just of trump Many Democrats have called for the a Removal of of up to 200 Republicans from Ballots so that's not going to happen I But the real question is what these Trial judges are going to do judge chuin In DC said I'm not going to consider at All that you're running for president And that surprised a lot of us because Right if this if the Supreme Court rules Against Trump on immunity and sends that Mandate back to the district court and She decides to put the pedal to the Medal and actually hold a trial before The election that trial could Conceivably go through the election sure When would it start though the thing is If it's would they start a trial in September remember that unsaid rule you Talk about right we don't want to affect An election what is considered not Affect an election because they're now Asking for one case in July and the Trump team said give me August and the Question is would they take September Does do you think it September would be Except to the American People well I think that there's there That's a very good question Brian I

Think that the the really shocking Aspect is that Smith filed with the Court and said I don't consider myself Bound by that long-standing policy and I Am just I am not going to be restricted By that the question is whether the Trial judge at DC is going to say look Okay enough I mean I gave you one of the Fastest uh uh tracks I've seen look I Practice in DC I've never seen a case Like this uh get scheduled for trial in This speed as a criminal defense Attorney my hair would catch on fire if A judge said you know what I'm going to Give you a couple of months on pre-trial And we're going to rush this thing Through sure Jonathan real quick exit Question and that is this you know a Year ago you get in the way back machine A year ago Donald Trump was trailing Ronda santis in the popularity polls and Then Alvin Bragg indicted him here in New York and suddenly uh he made hay of It and you know I know he complains About the legal cases but ultimately in A weird way they actually helped Him well that's the funny aspect of this You know there's all this talk about how Much money the Trump campaign has every Time he shows up in a courtroom he's on All the network and the Optics are good For him because every time he's on it's A different city it's a different case And I don't think the American people

Like that I think that they feel like The establishment once Again is Right putting a thumb on this Scale and I think that'll get worse as It goes forward Jonathan thank you so Much for coming on with us I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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