Trump may be issued gag order by NYC judge: Report

Trump may be issued gag order by NYC judge: Report

The former president could be issued a gag order by a New York City judge, which would hinder remarks he is supposed to make Tuesday night following the arraignment. #FoxNews

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Former president Donald Trump is set to Arrive in New York City later today Ahead of his arraignment out of Manhattan courthouse tomorrow this is a Live look at his plane down in Palm Beach at the International Airport which Is expected to depart around noon that's Right heading our way Alexandria Hoff is Following the developments from our Nation's capital Alexandria good morning Well good morning yeah former president Trump is planning a quick round trip to New York then right back to Florida Writing on social media that he's going To leave Mar-A-Lago again at noon today Before being formally arrested tomorrow He adds there America was not supposed To be this way this follows Manhattan District attorney Alvin Bragg's 34 count Indictment against the former president That indictment does remain sealed so we Don't know the specific charges According to the Associated Press and Their sources though this includes at Least one felony Trump's attorney said Yesterday that he expects to make a Motion to dismiss We will take the indictment we will Dissect it the team will look at every Every Um potential issue that we we will be Able to challenge and we will Challenge And of course I very much anticipate a Motion to dismiss coming because there's

No law that fits this Now for days groups of mostly supporters Have been rallying around Mar-A-Lago at The same time the New York Police Department they've been installing these Barricades outside of the Manhattan Courthouse the department says that Officers have been placed on alert and Are ready to respond in the event of Protests at the same time the former President's lawyers may be gearing up For a challenge to a move that could Potentially bar the former president From talking about the case The Daily Mail cited an unnamed Source in Reporting quote the Trump legal team now Thinks that the Manhattan judge will Take the unprecedented step of silencing The presidential front-runner with an Unconstitutional gag order tomorrow Breaking the order could trigger a fine Of one thousand dollars and a prison Sentence of as much as 30 days now Fox News has not independently confirmed uh This but if a gag order were to be put Into place that could disrupt a speech That the former president intends to Make tomorrow night after returning to Mar-A-Lago Steve Ainsley Brian that's Right Alexandria thank you very much so The president former president said Yesterday that he would make a speech Tomorrow at 8 15 after he is arrested And arraigned here in New York City but

If there is a gag order wonder what will Happen because as you have seen ever Since he was we heard news of the Indictment he has been talking about the Judge and it's a Witch Hunt and stuff Like that what's interesting is uh Donald Trump and his own lawyer are not On the same page because Joe tacapino Does not refer to it as a this guy as uh The judge who's going to preside over This one Merchant he says I don't think The Judge is biased at all I think he's Going to be fair oh really yeah that's What uh the the Trump attorney says About the judge in the case the judge is The same one who presided over the Criminal tax fraud case against the Trump organization and that cost the Organization 1.6 million dollars in fine So we'll see the president you're right Does not the former president does not Agree with uh takapino on that issue Because he tweeted this out on social on Truth social he said the corrupt D.A has No case what he does have is is a venue Where it's impossible for me to get a Fair trial it must be changed and a Trump-hating judge hand selected by the Soros back D.A he must be changed also Has the doj working in the DA's office Unprecedented so the question is there's So many questions one of which I could See the lawyers kind of being his Lawyers being happy if the gag order

Came down because if you do violate the Gag order you get jail they'll just put Round you up and put you in jail that'll Be out of everybody's hands so that Might the president not speaking about The case probably works to his Advantage But the president does what he uh always Does and he likes to work he likes to Work the rest it's gonna be hard for him To not talk about it but here's an Example like what would the gag order Look like would it be I can't bring a Specific to the case and go well with The if he says they're doing something Terrible to me in New York City can't Talk about it we're ready to fight is That is that a violation and the other Question is about the mug shot they say Traditionally I didn't know this you Don't put out mug shots they don't put Out mug shots in New York City will they Put this one out does Trump even want it Out well you remember what Pete hexath Said he said this will be the campaign T-shirt you know spread around the Country if he does have a mug shot yeah Absolutely he's going to walk through The front door and walk out through the Front door of the courthouse so we were Expecting maybe that tunnel underneath The courthouse but no What's in the indictment so is the Indictment going to include anything About a payment to Karen McDougall is it

Going to be uh any type of the Playboy Uh mate that uh evidently uh got some uh 130 000 catch and kill story on the Inquiry you're right uh Ainsley also is Brad going to show an intent to fraud When it comes to falsifying business Records and you know just listening to All the legal aspects this was already Tried in civil court you know you got to Find the you know he took the fifth in a Bunch of things where he was advised to Do it it was charging civil court now to Bring that down say intent to Freud well Who the banks aren't complaining who's Intended to fraud the things that he got The things that he paid a fine was done So this is the judge I do understand how He would be have some reservations about It too because of the same judge that Was all over Steve Bannon for his build The walls uh thing that he was doing Privately that got himself in trouble he Got pardoned for he was the one who put His CFO in jail and Rikers Island a 75 Year old where you look at those Wicked Woos there is is a joke how stiffly he Was sentenced so I do understand it Tactically I don't know how it works to His benefit to bring it up well and and Here's the thing we don't know what the Charges are going to be and we won't Know until uh tomorrow after he is Arraigned uh I I was I yesterday I was In Palm Beach on Palm Sunday and I as I

Was flying out I saw a trump Force One Screen left right there uh the doors Were open uh it looks like it's got a New paint job and they've got a new flag On the on the back tail which is Something new and it was exactly where They always parked Air Force One when he Was president of the United States now Uh got to explain one of the reasons That Donald Trump has been talking about The judge and the D.A is because they're Trying to get a change of venue here in Manhattan like 90 percent of the people Who are registered are Democrats he Would like a change of venue into the More Republican friendly Staten Island That is not going to happen but at least He can ask meanwhile Mark Levin on last Night he doesn't like anything that's Happening It's time for we the people who love This country That people who are patriots It is time for republicans Moderate Democrats Independents people Of good will To stand up and be heard of course I'm Not talking about violence that's the Other side I'm talking about Democracy I'm talking about the founding Of this nation You look at these issues that are being Raised against Donald Trump it's not

About the law It's not about taxes It's not about business filings and did He put Hey Issue in the right credit or debit Column or anything of the sort This is a effort To destroy Donald Trump our civil Liberties are under attack the Democrat Parties attacking separation of powers They reject the Constitution and the People who wrote it unless they can use It to attack it the Democrat Party is a Tyrannical party that is dragging this Country in the tyranny Meanwhile when it comes to timing when Will this trial occur well if you read a Bunch of there were a bunch of stories Yesterday that said that a common Donald Trump tactic is to delay an appeal his Lawyers will ask for all sorts of delays But the judge in the case has made it Very clear he wants to see this before a Jury before the election the problem is Michael Cohen Michael Cohen is still Lying he's lying about oh he went to Jail for his uh for his tax returns Falsifying tax records goes oh no I Didn't do that no no you admitted to it So you the stuff that you admitted to That you said you're a reformed man You're now backtracking off and the more Interviews he does the better Trump's

Case looks this is all based on what Michael Cohen Isn't for lying and he's still lying Yeah Um okay so Trump arrives today the Arraignments tomorrow afternoon and then He's flying straight back to Mar-A-Lago And will be speaking at 8 15. maybe Tomorrow night maybe unless he says he's Going to but if there's a gag order Maybe he'll speak up Way exactly we'll see I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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